You’ve entered the world of Feralbulb Lightosterone aka Mrs Rosie Milligan-Blurb-Jones. Feralbulb is a psychic prone to mood swings and various forms of attention deficit disorders. Fortunately Rosie, a psychic too, but a wise one, a proper and old-fashioned type, is able to control and dampen Feralbulb’s antics. Yes, they are one and the same person… but their personalities are so distinct and so opposite that it is best to talk about them as separate entities, they prefer it that way. Both have in common their need to never-stop-the-chatter and possess the unusual gift of not being paid attention to. This is about to end, they hope, thanks to this blog. Despite being visionaries, the two don’t have visions, don’t hear voices nor do they converse with ghosts. Their abilities lie in their gift of empathy with people, pets and pears. Lately, Feralbulb and Rosie have come to a truce after years of in-house fighting: Feralbulb will read cards for all who are actors, actresses, TV personalities, writers, singers, musicians, royalty and his neighbour while Rosie does the background work and attends to requests for readings from visitors to this site. Now, Feralbulb’s readings will be free and Rosie’s will be done for a fee.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post, Feral and Rosie. You two make such a fine pair of writers. Really happy to know some people are just like me. Haha. Cheers! =)

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