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Miss Tilda,

–           I’m so impressed by you.  I’ve seen most of your movies and—

–           —No, Feralbulb!

–           I told you to leave me alone.

–           It’s Mrs Swinton, show a little respect… and don’t forget to get rid of rude—

–           —Get the f…. out Rosie! This works every single time.

Ok now Miss Tilda, me first thought is that you have the world at your feet. Besides, you’re born on Guy Fawke’s night, fancy that… 5 November 1960…

First thing coming up is that you need to slow down at times.  You have to gather some pace to yourself to regain your energy and your thoughts.  You’re more psychic than I am.  Angels… There’s a big angel around you – fuck I hate this type of comment but this is what this card is pointing out to.  Your spirituality needs an outlet.  It almost feels like you’d want to be a priestess or a minister at some point in your life if you could, Miss Tilda.  Let me know if you do, I can help you get there.

You’re so sharp, Miss Tilda, you never fail to impress, you’re fucking fast, awesomely witted.  You get sore bones and need to look after them at times, a masseuse will work wonders for you, even on set.  You fly everywhere and you’re all over the place.  There are lots of changes in regards to work and decisions to be made, you know what you want and your experience dictates what must follows, you’re not scared of changes and managing your constantly moving life.  You’re thick skin, even more than I am (fuck!) You know how to play the public but your real depth is only visible to your family and good friends.  Else, you play the fame game without being affected by some of its twists and you always have a joke – huh! Not as good as mine if you ever come this way, Miss Tilda, hell, I’ll show you a good—

–           —F… off, Brother!

–           What?  What was that?  Is that you Rosie? Anyways, I was sayin’ you always have a fun word for any unplanned situation you might find yourself drawn into.

Emotional renewal is on the cards.  You dislike stagnant waters, Miss Tilda.  Feelings and emotions have to be renewed.  It’s like they have their own cycle and you know that when everything has been explored and every option exhausted, a new game has to begin… no, not a new game, but you feel you need to express emotions through new role playing and not just on set, but within your family too.  What you do is to get close to a child, then to another, then to an aunt, then to a cousin.  You love to know them so well and spend time with each individually.  You like to be appreciated for what you do and especially for who you are.  You are blessed because you are fulfilled as a person.  Yet you know that you can’t just sit there but you must keep going to keep the cups filled, everyone happy, including yourself.  Sometimes, you worry about how to keep it all together and not being worried by unexpected changes.  Your family is your life even if you spend time away from them.

You enjoy communication, debates, as long as it is productive.  You fears what is hidden and what is out of control despite having much control.  You fear destructive revelations.  In fact, you needn’t fear what you fear the way you fear it: newspapers revelations and nasty gossip?  Nope.  You’re strong and whatever comes out, you’re a lady.  If it ever occurs, you’d have no trouble getting sound protection from the legal team.

You wish to be able to tend to more activities.  You like to spread knowledge, you love nature and tending to gardens, not to mention, you love anything spiritual.  Do you swim for hours?  It brings comfort but there’s not enough time.

I feel you come from an intellectually rich family, the teaching of your craft done to you early by various things your parents used to get you used to.  There is abundance and a very stable background that promoted your well-being and learning.  Fortunate beginnings.  Was Mum or Dad a Judge or in law? A teacher? (I purposely didn’t look this up on the world wide web so if I’m right, then it shows you how good I am at this and if I’m wrong you know I didn’t cheat).

You need quiet times to make day-to-day decisions and to restore your energies.  Moments in nature by oneself, reading, as simple as this is needed.  You also need time to prepare your craft.  It’s like changes and other people’s energies make you tired sometimes, despite your strength.  You don’t like hasty decisions.  You often incorporate quiet times in beautiful surroundings.  You also need warmth, the sun’s warmth, vitamin D.  You like to ponder about chance encounters with people and synchronicity.  I hope to meet you one day, Miss Tilda.

You wish to have more time for your current relationship and family.  It is within you to care about others.  Knowing that life isn’t always happy for everyone and that people need to look up to something or someone… that your craft isn’t lost in the eyes of us common mortals as I, we, derive lots of culture and valuable entertainment from what you do.  It pleases you knowing that people can be enriched from the arts even if they have nothing else.  You think in a fair, just manner.

You try and incorporate lightness of being, spontaneity and you like to share your knowledge with others.  There is a new opportunity to work overseas, some new movie… I get Egypt or some medieval battle ground in a hot country and by the sea.  It would be about some love story gone wrong where you would meet a poor ending.  It is a movie in a challenging environment and you would love doing this.  On set, you show a spirited being and take things lightly.

Well Miss Tilda, I’m done.  If you read this, I hope you like to know what I know about you and that—

“—that’s enough, Feralbulb, it wasn’t bad but you sound tired now.”

“D’you think Miss Tilda will enjoy my reading, Sis?”

“There’s no telling, Brother.  In time, it might get better.”