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–           From the first cards, Chris, Man, it’ obvious that your career fulfils you at all levels.  It’s like it doesn’t matter what happens in your private life, you’re able to disconnect because everything that happens on set fulfils you with every satisfaction imaginable, emotional satisfaction, professional satisfaction and you make friends for life.  You are very open and love nothing more than mateship after a hard day’s work.  When you hesitate over stuff, you just need a day’s work for the dust to settle in your head and then you can decide how things should be organised.  It’s like your work is your spirituality and in acting, you find the answers that apply to your life.  You love Shakespeare, (I don’t to be honest and Rosie says I can’t appreciate it because I couldn’t speak English when I was little, but then no one can speak anyway when they’re just born… she’s just a dumb old fart).

–           Chris, Man, you’ve come such a flaming long way and so fast…

–           Feralbulb, when will you learn?

–           I use to see you on Home & Away every night after work.  I don’t like sitting on a couch with XXXXs so instead I used to sit on a couch and watch you on that show.  Were you in it already when Kylie was around?  I like it that you always had some chick pregnant didn’t ya?

–           FERALBULB!

–           T’was just an act, ROSIE!  Hey, Chris, Man, I wanted to be in the bloody damned show meself but me stage training in Sydney wasn’t enough.

–           Feralbulb, you weren’t good at acting and I’m quite certain Mr. Hemsworth isn’t interested in any of this.  Get straight to the point, Brother, like the good Aussies we can be.  What’s the question?

–           What question?

–           What question are you going to work on for Mr. Hemsworth?  What is it you think he’ll want to know from your reading?

–           C’mon, Rosie, it’s going to be just like for Johnny Dude and Miss Tilda, a general reading.

–           I think you should focus on one particular area of their lives.

–           Fuck, Rosie, I can’t talk about death, diseases, drugs, prostitutes, and private juicy stuff or else you’ll lose your hair, what is there left for me to talk about except but do general readings?

–           Gossiping is bad.  Nasty gossip is an intrusion into someone’s private life that deserves capital punishment; paparazzi ought to be burnt at the stake.

–           FUCK, SIS!  You ever heard about ‘moderation’?

–           Focus about what artists do best, Feralbulb, acting in this case.  And don’t get so angry, will you?

–           Do you trust me or not?

–           I don’t know.  Sometimes I think that—


Haaa.  Silence at last.  Ok Chris, Man.  Let us begin on your acting career.  You were born on 11 August 1983.  That makes you some Leo or some similar animal close to it.  You know, I like what you make of any emotional hardship you might have suffered.  You keep going.  Because it’s all that it is about, the ‘keep going’ bit.  We all try and do it.  But some do it best.  Like you.  Sorry Chris, Man.  I just think you’re awesome, awesome and that’s an understatement.  You’re so rich inside.  You spiritual, Man.  You know things keep changing, that life is about change and you take it all in your stride, even when you’re in the hollow of the wave.  When things don’t look good, you colour them up… you can spot the good stuff even within the deterring bad stuff, always.  You like painting? You should when you can take the time… or taking photos or filming?  Because I can feel you’ll be behind the camera one day.

It looks like at some point in your life, you decided to let go of anything that didn’t suit you, that you made a conscious choice of not letting ‘life’ or whatever it was that was troubling you at the time get to you.  You looked down within yourself and rose from your own ashes if there’s such a thing as doing that, (your unhappy circumstances then) and you keep doing this again when necessary.  This is how you confront anything that frightens you: you remember the difficult times and you keep going.  Good on ya, Chris, Man!

Hey, I can see you’re learning on two fronts.  You learn your craft – which you already do quite well – and you try and understand the people around you because deep down, some day, you’d like to manage things too, to make your own films, to be a director, just like Clint Eastwood, another of me good Men I must talk about.  A flaming good example that Clint!  I’ll meet him one day too.

Once again, looking at where you’re coming from, it feels like you had to learn the hard way.  Some very meaningful even occurred that has made you who you are now, it wasn’t easy at all.  I’d love to talk with you about this a little more but Rosie will put a stop to this blog if I do, so all I can say and repeat is this: well done, Mate!

It feels like you need to take time in nature by yourself…  that you should take walks or be active – you already are sports wise – but incorporate nature.  You have cats?  You love animals and maybe you could do, if you can have the time, with having dogs, cats and what not at home.  Of course, you’d need to have someone look after them… one can’t be foolish.  Pets need time… they would do you a world of good.  Maybe you can get someone to look after them when you’re away for lengthy periods of time?  Anyways, enjoy time in the mountains or by the sea… get on expeditions…

You’re a lucky man, Chris.  You are surrounded by people whose presence and company you enjoy.  Let them enjoy your being present around them.  Time is of the essence, I know, get a time management consultant to help organise yourself at times.  What I’m trying to say is that you learn your lines and parts more easily than you think… and you can afford the time with people you enjoy.

Well, before I finish off, and it’s been a bloody good fucking delight getting to know you (don’t tell Rosie I said this in such a polite way), let me tell you that everything you want to do or attempt to do can be done.  There are more opportunities right now for you to grab and there is no stopping you.  There’s this big blockbuster you’re showing a great enterprising spirit for or in which you want to get involved more than as an actor but possibly as a one of the producers… go for it Mate, it’s your time now (and get that time management consultant to ward off any worries you might have)…  Let your inner child seize the day and do what you want because at this point in your life, the world is your oyster (I’m not saying that just because you could be me best mate, Chris, Man, but because the cards say it).  O, and I see you in a movie with beasts, demons, dragons and that sort of world and you as a King ruling them all, the beasts, the people, the other Kings and even the Gods.  I’d love it, that if I happen to be right, you’d get me a couple of tickets for the première of that epic movie… (hush now, don’t tell sis).  Very best wishes to you, Chris, Man.

–           Hey, Sis!  I’m finished.

–           Already?

–           I was good, ya know?

–           Really?

–           You should try it sometime.