–           You’ll do it right, won’t you now, Feralbulb?

–           Don’t start, Rosie.  Let me do me job.

–           Mrs Bonham Carter is British, a real lady, remember?

–           Rosie, I did well with Ms Tilda, didn’t I?

–           Yes, but that’s because she was the first.  It wasn’t bad at all but there’s still room for improvement.

–           For fuck’s sake, you’re never happy, it’s never perfect enough for you!  Besides, I’m no light speed particles’ scientist.

–           You’re far too sensitive, there’s not need to take it that way, Feralbulb.  All it is is that I wonder why you make so much difference between the way you talk to men and women?

–           Huh!  That’s your excuse is it?

–           You know what I mean.

–           You’re too complicated, woman.  Get the fuck out and let me look after Ms Helena only I know how best to do it.

–           And gone she is.  Ha! Ha! It works e-ve-ry time.  Go to Hell, Sis!  Now, Ms Helena, let us begin.  Your birthday has just gone past… 26 May 1966…  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS HELENA!!!

You are one fortunate lady.  Everything smiles at you at the moment.  It feels like you didn’t expect to win a role you very much coveted but just did.  Not only that, but the financial rewards is a lot more than you would have fathomed, had you even thought about it.  It is obvious there is still plenty more work that is coming your way and that you are ready to tackle it even though it sometimes worries you because you sometimes are worried about your health.  It’s as if you worry that your body is not going to follow your pace of mind (fast) at times and as if you worry you are growing older and that you should be careful.  But let me tell you Miss Helena, that no, you are healthy and there is still quite a bit of energy in you and that it needs to be spent and slowing down isn’t quite the time for you to even consider.  You also worry about your family and relationship life and you worry that your pace of life might leave you with nothing in the end when you can’t be with your loved ones as much as you want to.  But this is not true.  What worries you at a deeper level is the amount of constant changes that you must bring to your life in order to do all the things you want to do and still maintain the emotional bonds and closeness with your loved ones.  You worry you’ll end up with nothing if you can’t spend the time them.  This is not true.  You must look at what you have and this isn’t going to go away.  Of course life changes but love renews itself in ways you don’t expect.  Please Mrs Helena, do not let fears take hold of you like that.  There’s plenty more to come, I mean, life is coming with many more gifts for you and the closeness and bonds you wish for will transform themselves without cutting any emotional bond: it will be the gift of independence for your children and a great respect and understanding between you and your close and very close ones.  You are considering several jobs and even think of moving abroad for a little while.

Mrs Helena, your question is complicated.  I don’t quite understand.  On the one hand you feel like you might have lost so much and you can’t seem to be able to see what you still have and on the other hand, you stand proud, ready to tackle new projects and examining in a thorough and structured way.  There is a duality, it also appears that you fear going on a trip, more than that, it seems you are afraid to move, as if you intend to move house and build your life in a different way.  It is obvious that in the first option, you are not thinking right because your emotions are spilled and all over the place, whereas the second option shows you standing proud and in control of how you feel.  So in regards to these two cards, I must direct you to the second option and advise you to collect your thoughts and emotions and not let them run amok within so that you can gain the control you are accustomed to.  I said it was complicated but now that I’ve gone through these two cards, it wasn’t so hard and I pick up that this is how you will feel soon, that, after all, ‘it wasn’t so hard’ once you’ve sorted out what needed sorting out.  I should also like to make you more aware that you are surrounded by people who love you and that any form of help is at hand, should you feel the emotional pull of the first option to be too demanding.

It is interesting to note that you fear instinct and passion because they tend to overwhelm you.  Your intellect is strong but your passions are stronger and can lead you to trouble and indeed they could (you’re just like me Mrs Helena, I feel before I think but you know, it’s not so bad, we’re human after all).  I feel it is clear that you wish to let your passions come through and to express them through your craft but also in your day to day life because you want to be who you are and not what others want you to be… or rather what the pressure of the world you live in expects from you.  I feel you feeling smothered somehow and needing to escape.  It’s as if you’ve always been so eager to please family, friends, and your bosses that you need to get some fresh air and time for yourself right now and not later.  Oh Mrs Helena, I can feel the pressure on your chest and you looking for fresh air.  Nature is good for you.  I know I keep saying that to everyone.  Also, you like old villages, medieval places with old houses and castles… I recommend you go and take a stroll in those places at your leisure.

Indeed, your wishes take you to a moment in your life where you would like to contemplate and do your own things.  Mrs Helena, I feel you want to sing.  You don’t need the riches to secure your future anymore, you would like to sing (opera?) and shine in a slightly different way.  It looks like you deserve some reward for all that you have done… no.  No, no.  Not a reward but some recognition for all your achievements as a partner, mother, friend and gifted actress.  For all that you have accomplished so far, you deserve the Oscars of the Oscars (or some similar reward you would fancy best), just like there has been the Bookers of the Bookers prize for writers.  I also feel that you would like to be part of an onstage production where you would play one of the greatest love story of all time.  It also feels like you are going to shine your brightest and that you are going to host some show/be on stage and get rewarded for it (in a big way).

Now I can see you come from an incredibly good background where you were loved for who you are and that this very fact made you confident and you went looking for what you wished for without shame or shyness.  You come from a family of altruistic minds and you are like that too.  You love helping those less fortunate than you are in many ways.  I would say I could see you, someday if you haven’t already started this, open theatres where the disadvantaged can learn the craft at almost no cost at all, around London and then spread it around the UK; possibly, you want the government to make it free for all because you believe that culture should be free.  I love your spirit Mrs Helena.  You’re a hero (even if you don’t want to be labelled that way).  You would want to see the arts be available to all and raise the entire of Britain’s spirit with offering this opportunity to all who wish to perform.

To do this, you not only need to put your foot in the water but you also need to immerse yourself completely in these waters to get the feel of how you could do it because part of you can’t feel the scope of how to handle it and bring it to fruition.  It looks like you fear dangers but you know there is help at hand and that as long as you’re in control of your emotions, all will be well.  It also looks like you need to enrol the help of a powerful and loving man with your endeavours and that this man needs to fear less the water he might step into if he is to agree to all this.  Mrs Helena, funding will be available if mental health, the wellbeing of people and spirit become the argument.  If you and this man are convinced that creativity is the way to go, then your own creativity will come into place to lead the way in your quest and get the help that you need to achieve these seemingly impossible goals (help from other creative people, from well off art lovers, from the government and high places you have no idea at this stage you could get funds from).

You know that impulsivity and too many intellectual arguments ought to be left aside and hidden under your skin to go and ask for what you want and if you do just that, then the ‘Gods’ are with you to supply you with whatever it is you ask for.  On another note, it is also shown here that your wish to unite and feel complete is on your doorstep if you apply the earlier principle at the beginning of this paragraph.  Also, it shows that when you are able to leave aside your intellectual rigour, your gentle, quiet emotions (as opposed to those strong urges) govern you in a stable manner and synchronicity makes you meet various unusual circumstances, people in a most pleasant manner and everything flows for you in an unexpected, happy manner.

Be pleased, be happy, Mrs Helena.  Not that you are not, far from it, just that, to reiterate what was said earlier, what you have accomplished so far is absolutely outstanding, you have riches inside and outside that are worth always putting at the forefront of your mind when you are not sure where life is taking you.  It is recommended that you fear not seeing the world upside down and let destiny take you where it wants at times even if you feel like the wheel is turning backwards and that it may be stuck.  It is suggested that to make things move forward again, you look at the world from an upright position.  I make no sense here, I realise, I mean that if you feel it is easier said than done, then seek the help you need to – and I don’t mean to say times are difficult at the moment, not at all because this isn’t dramatic, just meaning to help you by reminding you that your close friends are only willing to set you straight again through a quiet chat, a drink or whatever it is that makes you tick and feel right again.

I hope my reading has been of help to you Mrs Helena.  You are a wonderful, wonderful woman and I wish I can one day look at all the movies and stage performances you’ve been in, even meet you… (but don’t mention to Rosie, you know what she’s like).