–           This is ‘D-Day’, Ladies and Gentlemen.

–           What are you up to, Feralbulb?

–           Nothing, Sis.  Today is a special day, that’s all.

–           What’s cooking, c’mon?  I know you only too well.

–           I’ll tell you but you must promise to leave in peace afterwards and not to interfere.

–           I’m listening.  Enlighten me.

–           I’ve prepared a reading for a President.

–           You have, have you?

–           And it’s going to be good, Sis, you’re going to enjoy it.

–           We don’t have a category for politicians.

–           I know, but it’s for Barack Obama.

–           I’ve no choice but to stop you right here.  You can’t—

–           —You promised!

–           You assumed I did.

–           You said ‘I’m listening.  Enlighten me.’

–           Precisely.

–           The promise was implied.

–           You presumed it was.

–           You BITCH!  You can’t do this to me, not now and not in public!

–           Yes, I can.

–           FUCK OFF!

–           It won’t work this time, Feralbulb.  NOW LISTEN TO ME: you can’t do Obama or else our blog is going to be cut off.

–           But I’ve got plenty of useful information and tips for him.

–           Brother, I’m not creating a category for politicians on this blog.

–           Obama is a president, not just any politician.  That makes him a celebrity.  Besides, you know what they say about actors and politicians?

–           No.  What do they say?

–           Only if you promise.

–           Don’t do this to me.

–           You wanna know, truly?

–           Yes.

–           Give me your word.

–           …hm.  No way.  Reading cards for the president inhibits his power, his free will and any belief people may have in him.

–           It’s been done since the beginning of time… Politicians, members of Parliament, lawyers, rulers, popes, generals, kings… they all look for some solutions in the moon, in the planets or in tea leaves.  I don’t just interpret the cards and predict some outcome, I look outside the square for a ‘resolution’ to sort out these people’s important problems.  You know this as well as I do.

–           It’s just not appropriate to read Mr Obama’s cards.  He didn’t ask for it.

–           Well, it’s up to him whether or not he chooses to read this.

–           I’m willing to compromise if you let me do the reading.

–           Huh! So that’s what it is, Sis?  Now I recognise what’s been motivating you all your life, what you crave for, Sis.

–           Out with it, Feralbulb.

–           Your need for control and power, you hypocritical fuckwit!

–           Feralbulb, there’s no need for insults.  Do you want Obama on this blog or not?

–           This blog is my idea in the first place.  GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!

–           Let’s do it together then.

–           Nope.  GET OUT!

–           Give me this!

–           Hey, what are you doing?  You can’t resort to violence.  It’s not like you.

–           Watch me.

–           There was no need to tear my paper like this.  Look at what you’ve done.  You’ve lost all your damned composure.  You’re not making any sense any more, Sis.  Besides, I’ve still got a copy on my Mac.

–           You do?

–           Yeah.

–           But right now, you can’t remember a thing of what you were going to say.

–           Well—

–           —I rest my case.  Come, we’ll do Obama another day.

–           But we must replace Obama now.  We can’t leave readers without feeding them with nothing?

–           I think that readers who’ve stayed with us so far today are either mad or in need of some cheap gossip.  You coming?

–           You go, Rosie, I’ll close the curtains.

Now, Ladies & Gentlemen, forgive my sister’s lost ways.  Here’s the little bit you wanted about Obama.  He is born in Honolulu on 4 August 1961, which is exactly one year, six months and one day after me.  We have a lot in common him and I.

Dear Mr. Barrack, you are going through numerous changes and putting on lots more reforms, controversial or not.  No matter what others say, you keep going at your mission and people respect you for this.  Your power lies not just in what you say, but in what you don’t say.  Your opponents fear your intuition and no matter what, can’t get you to say what they want to hear.  You rule for peace and to sort out the USA and Bush’s blind and destitute legacy.  Power is important to you but not what makes you want to rule your country.  You will do another term, at least.  Trouble is to raise funds, as always, for all your endeavours and projects and you need to watch your health, your bones.  You’re about to meet a very powerful woman (a head of state) with whom you’ll form a powerful alliance and she’ll help you and support you in promoting all that you plan.  You don’t hide any aliens in your secret office.  You’ll—

–           FERALBULB?

–           Coming, Sis.  See you later guys.