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–           Sir Bob.  What a man.  What a gentleman.

–           For once you agree with me, Sis.

–           I’m looking forward to you doing the reading, Feralbulb.

–           Our audience isn’t going to like this.

–           Huh?

–           I mean… us.

–           What, us?

–           …Us not fighting from the beginning.

–           Why should we fight? What are you on about?

–           We always begin with a fight.  It makes things interesting for the audience.

–           But Feralbulb, we’re not ‘it’, we’re not the ultimate goal here.  It’s the readings and feel good outcome the audience wants.  You’re off your head again.

–           Our audience likes us to argue and bicker like we’re an old couple.  They get tremendous enjoyment from us when we’re at loggerheads.

–           Feralbulb: the readings are what matter, NOT US!

–           Precisely, so next time you let me start from the beginning, you spare the audience any comments.

–           I was only voicing my opinion.

–           You’re taking the shine off my show at any opportunity.  It’s mine and mine alone.  You don’t interfere nor begin, Sis, comprende?

–           you and your ego.  It’s not my fault if you never made it to Uni.

–           Get the fuck out of here, Rosie!

–           Here we go again.  I go.

–           OUT!

–           For God’s sake.  When will she ever get the picture?  That woman, I’ll say…

But Let us begin, here: Hi there, Sir Bob, it’s me, Feralbulb.  You got funny names: Frederick Zenon?  I’ll stick to Sir Bob.  You’re born 5 October 1951 and you’re a Libran, an air sign.

The first cards drawn show that at the moment, you enjoy to be fully independent and that you love doing what you do, workwise.  It feels you don’t want to be tied down by emotional bounds anymore and that you don’t wish to compromise over it.  Your life is yours and yours only.  You have your daughters to think of, even if they’re independent, and anything else is incidental and you won’t be controlled by that ‘anything else’ that happens in your life.  You like the ‘as good as it gets’ and ‘take it as I am’ mottos and nothing else.  Quite rightly, you’re at a stage in your life where you don’t need to take any shit from anyone … not that you have been willing to do so ever since you were put on the planetJ  Take it from me, Sir Bob, I think you’re right.  I wouldn’t like to commit to any lady, should any ever present herself in my life.  But anyway, back on to you.

It feels like your current world has been thrown upside down because you didn’t want to and didn’t mean to upset someone close to you by your independent streak.  It feels like a person, a very nice person, very sensitive and very pretty felt rejected by you because you were O so blunt with her.  In no way didn’t you mean to push her away from you yet at the same time you felt you wanted her to know exactly what you’re like, wanting to be honest with yourself….  Only in doing that, it got misunderstood and now you’re to pick up the pieces and try and patch/fix things up.  It may be in the choice of words more than anything that upset the other person. Oh dear, oh dear, see what I mean by not getting committed? Not worth the trouble if you ask me, Sir Bob.  I know, I know.  It’s you own damn business.

Incredible Sir, Bob.  In that context as the one above, it is transparent that you fear being controlled and manipulated.  This stems from your long term past, not just from your time with the mother of your three daughters, but much earlier.  You have a need to feel entirely reliant upon yourself and never to be tied up by emotional bounds by anyone.  From a young age, you’ve always resented women having any form of control over you.  The more independent the woman, the more you were and are still attracted to her.  Even now you act with your emotions upside down in order not to get controlled.  Yet… don’t you think you ought to break that pattern a little and delve a little deeper into it?  I understand you can’t be bothered about nuisances any more, yet it would do you good and improve your relationships with women, including your daughters.

Interestingly, it is felt that you’ve had enough to fight against yourself like this, that you don’t want to appear as enemy no 1 and that you do wish to show your soft side, your feminine side and the commitment you could bring to a relationship without being so fiercely protective of your independence and of what you want to do with your life.  You’re a grown man, it is evident that you know what you want and that you can do anything you apply yourself to, so don’t let your fear of being ‘gobbled up’ by people you love by excluding them of your life.  No need to push them away, they know you and love you as you are.

It feels like you had an extremely strict father, and if you don’t have a father, it would be your mother carrying the male will into her head and heart.  You have this very strong, authoritative male (yet may be female) parent figure by whom your life was ruled.  That person has a very strong and powerful mind/intelligence which most of your siblings, if you have any, and yourself, inherited.  Also, the presence or absence of that person taught you all you need to know about life.  This is why you got through life, up till now, tackling your load of work seemingly effortlessly, even though some of the tasks you accomplished weren’t so easy.  Whatever you set your mind to, you accomplish without having to go through some of the struggles some of us common mortals have to endure because you just believe that you can do whatever you set yourself to do and the word ‘obstacles’ isn’t part of your vocabulary.  You are both: cursed and blessed by this strongly minded parent figure from which you draw your strengths and weaknesses.

Now, surprise and spontaneity need to be incorporated in your life.  It’s as if you need to let go of some ties, those in your head and heart we’ve been talking about, to reclaim the love of those you care about, in particular the upset person.  This will come as a realisation from ‘above’ quite soon and you need to talk to that person and show you are willing to improve that side of your being but that you need time and patience.

Consider travelling, Mate.  The world is your oyster, always has been.  Even if the old bone may be starting to creak and squeak at times, there’s no reason to let it stop you, you’re in good health.  Your patience and clear understanding of the way people work give you a head start in getting your own world organised, as well as others.  People listen to you.  You have charisma and becoming older isn’t going to change that.  In fact, your experience adds to your gift.  However, you may need to practice oratory skills again to maintain and improve it.  Let’s face it, Sir Bob, your Dublin mumbling may be one of your original trademarks, but not everyone can clearly understand it.  Let your wisdom, as it always has done, carry you where you want to go.

There is an extremely strong and powerful suggestion for you to let go of your current inhibitions and be playful and show your loved one how much life can be fun with you.  Be a ‘magician’, grab all the skills you’ve accumulated over time that you can muster and go for it, Mate, Sir, Bobby.  She’s waiting for you.  She’s nice and in no way manipulative or controlling.  She’s a spiritually gifted person, go for her.  Have fun, you’re lucky, lucky, lucky.

Now, please hush… don’t tell Rosie anything about this reading or she’d get furious as I talked about your love life.  Please.