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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to today’s reading.  Yes, I shall read instead of Feralbulb.  I have no doubt you will understand that after his performance pre-Bob Geldof’s reading last week, I had to take action.  I just locked him up in the toilet (the only room in the house with a key – and don’t worry, he’s got plenty of fodder: there’s a number of bookshelves in there with a good supply of celebrities magasines so he’ll survive for the time this reading is going to last).  Besides, I had to do this reading for Ms Turner.  I’m her biggest fan.

Now, Ms Turner. You are born on 26 November 1939 and you’re a Sagittarius.

Well, Darling, Ms Turner.  It is just incredible that a successful woman like you still has to deal with men like ‘that’.  Even now, when you know who you are, what you can do, life seems to bring back its weaving to haunt you now and again.  I absolutely not mean this in an awful way.  It just means that the past comes back in unexpected ways to present you with situations you have already lived through again and again and again, and that even though you’ve learned how to deal with these situations, it brings back those old emotional wounds to the surface.  The good thing in this for you is that the cards show that you have reached a high level of awareness.  This means that your wisdom and skills in dealing with this type of situation (and I’m thinking of some business people) make you react and walk out on those very people who are just out there to hurt you with their toxic ways and manners.  History repeating itself, the big circle of life and its smaller circles… Ms Turner, if you worry about that particularity of life, please let me advise you not to because we all go through those loops that life throws at us and that for each of us, it’s a particular set of loops prepared for who we are individually and that there’s nothing we can do but to gain some wisdom and perspective over it to learn how to deal with it differently over time, until those loops aren’t as big as they were in the beginning and fade into the background.  Having said this, it is clear that you are learning from it and that you are able to look at those issues with know-how.

Currently, there also appears to be hesitations as to whether to go on a trip or not.  Well Ms Turner, Darling, it would do you a lot of good, for both: your physical and your mental health.  You’re forever loving, good and generous heart needs a rest.  Let go of these irate people around you, let go of their fights and look after yourself.  It isn’t a selfish thing to do at all.  They won’t be able to do anything without you around and you’re going away will ‘settle the dust’.  You’ll feel replenished and this trip holds a few surprises for you (in terms of synchronicity and meeting people).

Ms Turner…  I agree.  Men aren’t worth it.  But shush!  Who am I to say this?  A sexist, I, a die hear feminist?  No.  A scientist with ever so slightly bitter comments to make… (Only Feralbulb would say it so I will not utter one more negative word).  And who am I to put words in your mouth?  It is just that I feel men’s heart – from your point of view – is often a disappointment.  Your singing, your dancing your life is one belonging to the gods; you’re the best as your song goes.  But men…  Ms Turner, there IS a way for tackling the men theme in your life: take it as it comes… every small pleasure appreciated and noticed in its own right to enjoy life as one big pleasure.  As I look at your cards, I would suggest you keep your heart open only for those close to you, your family, real friends and if you really want to, contact me so that I may help you see the secrets of hearts displayed on the cards in order for you to be able to see very clearly into people’s heart, there’s a way to do this even if you already know that much about it… If you’re interestedJ.

Of course, instinct tends to take over when it comes to matters of the heart and it is always so difficult, at any time of our lives, to differentiate between passion and true love.  You still believe in the chance encounter and that the first impression is the one that counts.  Yet at the same time, you fear that the people you meet and like or love aren’t so much interested in you as in what you represent.  You love the spontaneity brought by new opportunities but you appear to feel dejected and your needs as a woman, ignored.  You long for taking the time to look into the heart of things, of others, of yourself and for decisions to be made with careful considerations in regards to emotions and not to the regular, usual business way.  You would like to incorporate it in your life but the road you’re on is so well travelled that things happen (like organisation of events) and flow from one to another without anything needing to be said or changed any more. You fear that to change that routine would just throw a spanner in the entire works.

Indeed, you wish for nothing more than having the time to make decisions and review everything that is being done to your heart’s desire.  You have had enough of the cold and calculated precision always applied to everything you do.  You want people around you to do just like you: see things with their heart.  It is difficult because of course, if you display too much of your generous ideas, then people want to take advantage of your generosity.  Your heart is a curse and a blessing.  But remember, Ms Turner, it is your life and a beautiful one at that.

Now Ms Turner, although your life has been depicted in movies and by the media all over the Universe, there’s a strong feeling that you suffered from being a loving woman more than is generally understood.  Forgive me for laying it out there once again… you’re kind of immune to comments but I wish to bring to light that what you felt for the then man in your life was true love and that this is why you’ve suffered so much and still do; you know this, but you find it difficult to make people understand that despite the abuse and psychology’s progress and your seeking help then, you still love the man who was and who made you and you wish this was respected, even though you moved on a long time ago.  The past may be the past, but the heart lingers.  O I wish I was able to love the way you do, Ms Turner.  I know what Feralbulb would say here:  You’re GRAND, Ms Turner, just GRAND.

What to do?  How to live on knowing all that you know now and moving on keeping dear memories in your heart without too much suffering or make others suffer nor repeating old mistakes?  ‘Let the sun shine in’ as that song goes.  You are aware that you want to have fun and not be an emotionally defeated or bitter woman.  It is clear that you know how to live, how to have a life and how to live life to the full.  You are blessed with a still incredible amount of energy and you must take advantage of it. ‘Get on that horse’, Ms Turner and enjoy being in the limelight again.  There’s no stopping you.  You still have it.  Ms Turner: you still shine, you still shine and you still shine.  So let the shining happen again.  The entire world is your stage, where exactly you should start this world tour is up to you.  You decide.  Don’t let ‘them’ (you know, the managers and even good friend) decide for you.  At your own pace, wherever you want.  Bless us with seeing you on stage again.  I’ll be there for sure.  Please Ms Turner.  Please, I beg you.  (And don’t tell Feralbulb I begged).

How to go ahead and keep on living your life to the full when most people think that may be you had your time and now is the time to rest a little…  You are wise beyond imagination and you’re gifted with some deep perceptions… you can ‘see’ Ms Turner (that is why I suggested earlier to come and visit me, so that I may be able to help you claim your visions as your own, understand them and put them to good use).  Listen to your dreams and if I may, listen to your nightmares because the latter indicate to you what not to do and how not to think.  You currently have a few nightmares and my interpretation for them is that they occur because you’re not listening to your heart in what you want to do and listening to other people’s advice constantly.  So please, Ms Turner, shut the outside voices out and do what YOU WANT.  Yes, it means some people close to you are going to be hurt in the process, but do it with your usual smile and know-how and sooner than later, they will have forgotten about it, especially when they realise that you can still claim to be who you were as who you are now and this, for years to come.  I am looking forward to your new songs, Ms Turner; I am from the bottom of my heart.

So now is not the time to rest.  Grab life, grab your foolish self, free it and let go of all those inhibitions that time and people impose on you.  It’s all relative.  Time is relative.  Distance is relative.  We, as a race of human beings, are relative.  I know this all too well because I am a particles’ engineer, and gifted at that (forgive me my lack of modesty).  One minute we’re here, the next we’re not.  I want to see you back on stage, Ms Turner.  You don’t want to wither before your time has come.  And the fact is that the time to rest hasn’t come for you, yet.  Besides, wisdom need not be attained through churches, convents and peaceful, restful places.  Each of us can reach some form of enlightenment through our respective activities.  You were born to sing and entertain us.  This hasn’t left you, even now.  Take the trip you’re thinking of, Ms Turner, and think of all that I just said and let me know, please, when you sing again, that this is how you feel and that you will bless us with your singing for years to come, so that your heart will be filled like ours will be, and that, for eternity.

Sing, please, O Ms Turner, sing.