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Hi folks! And here’s the next reading, for Zadie lovely and gifted Smith, a Scorpio, being  born on 10 October 1975.  O boy it feels so good to be free from Rosie’s pedantic remarks..  Let’s begin:

Dear Zadie,

You are in the midst of new opportunities being thrown at you and about to sign a new contract over a new book, if not a series of books which are once again going to throw you into the limelight.  Aaah, so young, so smart and so successful.  How can this be?  I reckon the Gods just like you too much.  That’s the thing with the Gods… they’re unpredictable, choosy and biased as can be (but this is no bitter rant, just a little jealous).  Your success is being observed from seemingly afar – yet very closely – by other successful authors and screen writers.  Some of your stories can be put on screen, as well as plays on stage; it’s just a matter of putting your pieces into shape.  You’re more interested in writing books, but this shouldn’t stop you from expanding your emerging empire and letting tree’s branches grow everywhere whilst at the same time remaining within your control.

Why wouldn’t you employ other writers’ skills within your own business?  Why not?  Tell me please.  I know I would if I had half your brains Ms Smith, but then I’ll maintain I’m a simpleton as my reason for using others, not a lack of ambition and a fear of expanding.  I know, I can be blunt like that but if you don’t bear any grudges against me over this, then I won’t either.

Relationship wise, you appear to have been at a cross road and having had to make several tough decisions, but fair ones.  It is more satisfying like that now but I won’t extend into it unless you wanted me to, or Rosie insisted from afar (she’s Down Under for a while remember?).

The question is ‘where to go from here?’ I hear you say.  There is a powerful man who holds some of your destiny in his hands.  He is strong, sharp and, under his hyper-sensitive demeanour, a ruthless fighter determined to get things done at all cost, but only if necessary.  I have a feeling that this may not just be a man around you but also that this may be you.  Your emotions and intuitions are what you show.  Underneath those is your shiny armour, should you need to fight or defend yourself.  No one can get to hurt you because you know yourself too well and you have an answer to everything when it comes to personal attacks aimed at you and though you are still young, you have so much life experience and emotional intelligence mingled within you, that you know exactly how to handle most situations life throws at you.  If you’ve ever been on the couch of a psychotherapist of some sort, you probably had him/her sussed out before he/she could begin the first session and you would have left within the first five minutes.  You are aware of and gifted with an imagination so powerful that you can’t help but wonder where to go from here, as I said earlier.  There are so many opportunities at your disposal that you fear dispersion and scattering yourself into aimless pursuits.  But fear not, O Zadie Smith, Ma’am, because your clarity of mind will not lead you astray.

Talking about fears, I should point out that you fear being self-contented and so satisfied with what you already have achieved and with the way your family life is, that inevitably – so you think – it will end in strife and you’re having to defend your way of life and go into some protracted battle.  Not that you don’t like a good old battle but you don’t want to fight in the name of mundane pursuits that don’t matter that are thrown at you without much regard as to how you feel about it.  It is a contradiction within you; one that sees you not wanting to rest on your successes yet one which you feel you ought not to be challenged about.  There is nothing more you dislike than the pettiness and jealousy of others over your deserved achievements.

Such is life in the limelight.  O Zadie, ma’am, even I get a tad bit envious, it’s just that I’m a common mortal, you know?

Somehow, it feels as if you feel restrained by your activities, your lifestyle and other people’s want of your creativity and work.  You don’t want to have limiting orders on how and what you write and there seems to be around you, either: one person or some organisation, who do just that.  Your freedom to think is limited by what you perceive as biased and blinkered views on the part of others.  You wish to be free from emotional pain – which you are – but you wish you didn’t have to go through what you’re going through right now.  It is as if you found yourself in a square at the moment and you hate squares.  You like circles and soft, round shapes as your creativity is allowed to stretch, extend to infinity and beyond boundaries whereas square shapes – and that includes any shape with straight lines and strong angles – are limiting.  Just remember Ms Smith, emotional pain makes you grow and just as shiny as the armour might be, it’s good to take the armour off now and again: emotions that seep through the cracks and corners just make you sweat more and in the end, you just end up like a boiled albinos chicken, featherless, very pink, breathless and unable to comprehend what just happened.

Your life until now has been blessed with the making of you, you as a queen, the queen of inventions and the creating of worlds within worlds within worlds.  It was marred and marked by separation and as a result, you felt you had to seek the unlimited power of your world within.  It feels like you wanted to do many others things in your life before you became a writer and that you explored other areas such as painting, growing plants, science, social behaviour, etc.  This exploring contributed to who you are now and the richness of your writing.  You still carry your childhood and adolescence with you in everything that you do now, not that the rest of us don’t, but you in particular because you draw your stories from your strong experiences then and you treasure them for what they have to offer to you now.

Currently, it feels like you are about to, or that you have just won some argument over the signing of a contract and that you got what you wanted.  If this hasn’t happened yet, it is indicated that you ought to keep up the fight for what you want and not give up even if at times you feel like this is a ‘lost cause’ because what you want isn’t what is usually requested and you fear that no one is going to allow your ‘futuristic and off the wall’ ideas to come through and be accepted.  Rest assured that they will and that you should not give up on any idea you have which you wish to put forward.  As usual, stick to your values and be the queen that you can be.  The world is at your feet wanting for more.  Have the world seat at your feet and beg for more.  You go Zadie, ma’am, you go.

What you have right now is the ability to see where things are coming from and where they are heading.  You fear, at times, missing the good opportunities as there are so many coming your way and it is difficult to choose.  Yet you have a very good insight and wisdom and cannot possibly, Ms Smith, ma’am, you cannot possibly believe you are going to miss anything in your life because there is abundance showing and opportunities will keep coming your way.  It is also a time for you to ponder and consider how small opportunities you have already undertaken can take shape and open bigger doors than previously thought.  Only you can do this.  And the best for you is to sit in that big chair of yours and let your soul being overwhelmed with the rich surroundings you evolve in.  Take the necessary time to be by yourself to rethink what you want to rethink and don’t let others influence you – not that they do usually, but that at this point in time, you may be more vulnerable to suggestion.  You should rest by yourself to think, dream and create.

What I strongly recommend is that you avoid mixing your thoughts on relationships with your work, nor should you mix friendships with your projects, for now.  Also, partying hard is one thing, but your body need to rest and recover.  Furthermore, it is indicated you should not consider the trip you are considering at this current time because it is a distraction.  Travelling with your partner is something you both need, yes; but – sorry Zadie – just not now as you are re-organising writing schedules and events in your working life as a writer and that you need time to be by yourself, as simple as that.

In summary, the last 18 months have been a battle from which you emerge as victorious.  Decisions are to be made now.  You’re going to be the center of attention once again and you need to be prepared for it.  A new contract and rich new opportunities are coming your way.  There is incredible energy around you, a very positive energy.  You are very cautious, acting with restraint and smartness.  You are overly concerned and anxious over what is going to happen to you.

Nice to meet you Ms Smith, very nice.