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Good Day Mr. Firth,

If you don’t mind, since you’re blissfully wedded to Ms Austen and Co., I might call you Darcy for ease of speech and connection with you.  Mind you, with Rosie being away, I can call you any name I like because as soon as she’s back, it’ll be over… the fun, the fooling around and the freedom.  You are born on 10 September 1960 and you’re a Virgo.

Well, if I may begin Mr Darfirth, it’s not that the cards are lying, but for today, I’d say their timing is conflicting and presenting me with some mind boggling dilemma.  You see, the cards are showing a situation which is either to do with how you met your present partner and mother of your children, or else, something very new, surprising and life changing is presenting itself on your doorstep and knowing what Rosie would say if I dared say a word about it, I dread to tell you the good news because even with good news, there’s always one part that is heart wrenchingly sad, not to mention Rosie’s acrimonious resentment isn’t worth my while.

I will therefore limit the beginning of this reading by saying that you are going through life changing events which you didn’t expect, that through a new job opportunity you can expect – very soon – renewed professional commitment, interest and revived fame (not that it was waning in any way) but it feels like you are going to not only act but take part in the making of a movie/series you have at heart to do.  With it comes a new love interest and commitment and this is the part I will shut up about as, this could be considered as mere gossip and thrash throwing which isn’t, Rosie might be right, what I’m about.  I can only wish you the best in those times of upheaval and if you wish to know more about it and it not being displayed for all to lap up, you may knock at Rosie’s door – as a common mortal (I’d suggest you use a pseudonym) and pay your way to a private reading done with the necessary and required discretion.  Sorry Mr Firthy for having felt that I should bring this up with you.

Mr. Darfirth, I don’t know why and how a man like you can put yourself through a time like that.  There are several contradictions within you at this current point in time of your life.  It’s like you are feeling inspired and like everything is good for you at the moment but deep within you, it doesn’t feel so nice.  It feels like you are showing up a good front, but you’re not fooling yourself and a few others around you (your acting skills aren’t fooling your closest family and friends).  Your mind is somewhere else.

Now I know you dislike a feeling of contentment that lingers on for too long because you fear self-delusion and taking for granted what you have and those you love.  Yet you fear acting on impulse and being foolish.  You’re a thinker and it tortures you that your subconscious and instincts are telling you to follow them when you analyse everything and believe that ‘jumping off that cliff’ is deadly because you can’t see what’s at the bottom.  Yes, it is about you being reasonable, because no one in the right frame of mind would jump off without a clear vision of the bottom and without a parachute but the point is that if you can’t feel any real danger, why not jump?  Life’s like that: if there weren’t any fools amongst us, we would be stuck at square wheels, the earth being flat and having our heads cut off for thinking differently.  Think about it less, Mr. Darcy.

Ah Mr. Firthyfirth, what is it that can be done about those relationships without pain?  You wish for a stable home and family life despite hidden matters of the heart which I mentioned above.  You know, it doesn’t matter how old we are – life has a way of bringing back old and buried stuff back to us in unexpected ways.  I think it forces us to rethink, reconsider and rework the way we do things and act upon what I call resurfacing loops within loops, if you see what I mean.  You wish for the end of war and peace for all, from within your relationships to world peace.  You’re a nice, philanthropic man, Mr. Darcy, but is wishing sufficient?

You come from a very bright, enterprising family and background, Mr. Firth, you’re never afraid of debates and taking sides with worthy causes.  If feels like your intellect is at times too intellectual, Mr. Darcy, I mean once again, and you know this, you would like to let your instincts and spontaneity take over but it appears you refrain from it because in the past, it took you places you didn’t wish to visit and therefore you don’t trust your instincts.  You act only on the condition that you have a clear vision and debatable argument in your head.  Well, Mr. Firthyfirth, trusting your instincts at the expense of your intellect requires experience, and the skill to trust your instincts comes from practicing and getting it wrong often enough…

There are many things available to you right now, Collie.  One is not to let others influence your decisions and for you not to fear their judgement and what they think of you and your actions.  Once again, you fear acting on impulse when clearly, you feel like jumping ahead and doing what you feel is right for you now.  My recommendation would be that, if you can take a few days off or even a week, it would help you get the necessary perspective to decide what your next step should be by feeling the situation rather than thinking it.  Possibly, go for a week on a health farm where your body rather than your mind is attended to so you can feel your body and whatever comes from it rather than your mind ordering your movements and whereabouts.  Get it Colls?  You can do it, like the rest of us, you CANJ.

Mr. Firth, your personal values are important and worth their weight in gold.  Keep them and leave hesitations aside.  It is indicated that seeking some external help to enable you to sort out and unravel those dilemmas that are troubling you within would also do you a world of good.  Yes, you are intelligent.  Yes, you are emotionally in tune.  Yes, you think before you act.  But no, you don’t let your instinct drive you and motivate you enough.  Go and talk about it, along with the health farm.  Trust me.  It’s good.  I’d do it just for the mind & body clearing & refreshing it would give me.  Go Collie, go.  People who love you won’t mind.  I certainly won’t.  Do let me know about it, I’d love it.

Currently, at this very moment, minute and second, it is best to stop the longing and the thinking and let what you already have empower you.  You are reminded that small opportunities coming your way now are always worth considering, even those coming out of nowhere and seemingly feeling like you might want to brush aside.  Do let your inner voice speak to you.  Don’t leave the country, just leave the city and sit under that tree and look at what you’ve got already.  For now, you need to be a hermit and breathe.  I can only come back to suggesting and recommending that you go and attend to your own very needs and feel everything around you.  It will help whatever decision you make.