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–           Yes, Sis, I heard you.  I promise, next time I’ll discuss everything thoroughly with you.

–           And you won’t buy a ticket for anywhere in the world in advance.

–           I won’t.

–           The toilet is in a disgusting state.  Go clean it.

–           But, Rosie, I’m about to—

–           —after the reading, deal?

–           I…

–           You what?

–           I will.

–           Pffff… she’s gone.  Mother would never have treated me like this…  besides, we had servants.  Mom and Dad are no longer here and times have changed, I guess.  Anyways, Ms Weaver, you and I have gotten better things to do, haven’t we?  Now, you are born on 8 October 1949 and you are a most wonderful Libran.

To begin with, I’m just astounded as to the first cards that have appeared.  All the way through your life, a major star above you keeps shining.  It is the sun in all its splendour and energy accompanied with that of the whole wide Universe.  It will never fade and right up to the end, you will bestow upon us the grace of your onscreen presence and your generosity as a human being.

But enough of the vague and widely esoteric bits; for now, it is clearly indicated that you are in the midst of thousands new activities and, being the dude-lady you are, you know how to stay afloat without wasting your energies as opportunities arise and as you create new ones.  It feels like, at the moment, you are teaching people something and making people aware of some situation you have very much at heart.  You are a Queen bee, Darling, a leader of people and you are not just smart but your intuition is remarkable.  It also feels like currently, you just cut through a deal for funds to be released for a matter which you hold close to your heart and that you didn’t expect it to go so well.

Ms Ripley, if women and actresses are to become president of the United States, then you would do well up there with the like of Lincoln and Obama, although I understand that you do not wish to be that politically involved as you like to stick to matters that you have at heart and to only be seen for an actress on stage rather than permanently, (you know who you are and we love you all the more for it).

All righty Ms Weaver, it is clear that not all can be had…  I mean a busy life filming, being social, taking heart for matters you care for deeply… and have a steady home life…  Where do you want to live, where do you come from and where exactly do you belong?  In the midst of all these activities, sometimes you feel at a loss as to where you should be and what you should be doing.  Even though you have great clarity of mind, sometimes, it is too much.  You are blessed with so much and you wish to give back so much to the Universe you that sometimes you lose track of your sense of purpose and belonging.  The answer is rest Ms Weaver, because even the most energetic of us need to rest, body and mind.  I suggest massages and red wine… and remember, life is never perfect, you can aim to have an excellent life but there are always flaws and you know this…. Just keep it in mind and not let it drag you down in any way.

It is indicated that you are sharply aware that you do not wish to let yourself down with negative thinking and depressive moods.  You have seen first-hand the devastating effects of alienation people suffer when they are separated from their loved ones (through working afar, war or death) and you always remind these people when you can and remember for yourself that even though all seem lost at times, what has already been gained is not to be dismissed or ignored.  You’re a true optimist and one hell of life coach when you want to be.

You wish for the unexpected to not creep up so often and not having to decide on issues that don’t interest you.  Sometimes you get contacted for matters that don’t really matter to you but for which, given your clout and celebrity status, you cannot simply dismiss.  You don’t like to act on impulse and everything you do, you wish to have the time to think about it and to decide when required.  You don’t enjoy your boat to be rocked by others’ foolishness and you don’t tolerate any lack of stability in the mental/intellectual make up of people.  Fair enough, Ms Sigourney; I hope you won’t mind me saying all me insights to you (I say this because Rosie thinks of me like you would think of me: a fool with not much of a grip on reality).

You come from a peaceful background.  It feels like you have been blessed with the gift of communication, insight and that you might be a medium if you don’t already know it… possibly, you dismiss your abilities or use them only when it comes to your craft, not realising that your acting gift is reinforced by the strength of your sheer intuition.  It feels like in your past, be it you or your parents, there was a lot of movement, such as emigrating from one country to another and that there was a lot of debate as to where one felt most comfortable to live and belong too and that this latter issue is still living within you.

Well Ms Ripley, Darling, I’d say you need to face your fears when it comes to that alien monster, that of unexpected surprises because you know exactly how to turn any unhappy situation into a positive one, yes you do.  I insist.  Don’t be frighten of whatever it is that is being thrown at you that you don’t like, put on your famous thinking cap and let your intuition – the one you do feel deep down and that you tend to dismiss – guide you because if you do, currently it is shown that whatever you do turns into abundance.  Use your famous tools: intuition, emotions first and then use your brain, not the other way round and you’ll see.

And of course, what you have at hand to help you is you not acting impulsively and considering every opportunity with the clarity of mind that is necessary before undertaking new projects, using your awareness, skills and tools at hand.  Now, Ms Weaver, I feel the presence of a very lovely man around you who is a little down on his energy.  He is tired even though he keeps going at whatever he does.  He needs to rest.  This man is a very emotional man, very close to his feminine side and always ready to help other, just like you do.  He helps you greatly with your environmental endeavours in regards to water and what lives in the water, but he is tired and that in itself may prompt him to say or do the wrong thing when he doesn’t meant it.  With a bit of help and understanding, he could be back to his old self and he could help you greatly with your projects again.

It feels like sometimes you wish you could do a lot more to help the destitute and that this is something that gets you down a little at times, that it lowers your moods and your view of the world.  You wish you could give a lot more and get a lot more given those you care about on a big scale.  But you do, Ms Weaver, you do because you use your spirituality and your life-coaching gift for those people without even realising it.  So become aware of what you can and cannot do even more and empower the people you feel you can’t help (materially) as much as you wish to, have them believe in you or whatever it is you wish them to believe in and that will help them move on and accept their lives as they are (like you helped me to face and tackle my inner monsters when I saw you in Aliens – and I never felt the need to give up and jump into hot boiling soup to kill myself to save humanity… remember, Ms Ripley?)

As to your next movie, it will be one very successful movie – I barely feel the need to tell you that, this is just in case you ever wondered.  You’ll be playing someone with a gift, I think, to see the dead.  That or you’ll play a ghost who comes back to help the living and it might be based on a true story.  Fairly unusual a role for you, Ms Weaver, but one that you will enjoy all the same and which might open those channels within you which you’ve been dismissing for all but too long when it comes to your psychic gifts.

It’s all well now.  I hope you enjoyed this reading, Ripley.