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–                      Are you ready, Brother?  She’s young, you realise that?

–                      I’ve got affinities with youth, Rosie.  What do you take me for?  We’ve got to start with younger stars too, else it’s some form of discrimination.

–                      Think before you speak!  Don’t use big words when you don’t know when it is appropriate to use them.

–                      Like you had children, did you?

–                      Don’t take it so personally.

–                      Fuck off Rosie!

–                      Ha, ha.  Gone again.  Let us begin, Miss Stone.  You’re born on 6 November 1988, you’re a Scorpio.

First, you must know that this reading is an honour for me.  I’m blessed with reading cards for someone who is blessed with a deep and caring soul and for whom I can predict fortune for as long as she will live.

You will act for the remainder of your life, just like Dame Judy Dench or Maggie Smith.  This is the type of actress you are.  You are very young yet so well groomed and prepared for life as an actress. You’re fearless facing the media, and nothing will come out in this way.  You’re no attention seeking person – except as an actress seeking her next movie – and no such thing as your modestly photographing a part of your body and it being all over the news will occur.

You will not be spared the ups and downs all of us have to go through because you care and because love that becomes undone affects you deeply – no, no, not everyone feels it as strongly as you do.  This isn’t about your relationships becoming undone; I’m merely speaking of those you care about whose relationships will break down irremediably.  You will not be spared seeing many of your friends go away (not because of you) and seeing people leave this world – each time this will happen, you will need time to rest and grieve – more than us common mortals do – because your heart is that large.

Currently, there are so many opportunities being offered to you, you wish you had more time to think through your decisions.  It is indicated that you feel like your agent – be it an agent or a member of your family acting as such – pushes you strongly sometimes.  That agent is very good for you and you know it because indeed, when you find it difficult to decide, the agent’s word is one of reliability and honesty.  However, there are moments when you would like to ask for time to think and it is near to impossible as directors set the deadlines….  Possibly, once or twice you might just inform your agent that you want x amount of time after you finish on a movie set to decide of what comes next and ask them to stick with it, no bull.  The opportunities will be there for you, even if you won’t be able to do all those that will be proposed to you.

Funny that, you know who you are already and you are strong, but your youth still makes you hesitant to ask for what you want at times.  Well, Miss, go for it: state your point and ask.  You love Sigourney Weaver and intelligent actresses and your looks, though as gorgeous as can be, show character and they aren’t everything to you: it shows in your acting – another blessing.

Love:  Rosie forbids me to talk about your love life so I didn’t look into it.  I was tempted to have a peek just as mouth-watering a good gossip might be. I promise, Miss, I didn’t, not really.  You’re a young beautiful flower in my mind and you will always stay that way.

Money: Your heart rules and in that respect, you need to – and you know that – avoid acting impulsively at all cost; yet at the same time, you can’t ignore your emotions and be cold and calculating.  There is a clear conflict within you on that subject.  It is good someone else attends to your pecuniary affairs for now until you become more familiar – or decide to become more familiar – with the world of finance.  It is important for you to give to those who have less and you are proactive, or will be, with funding charities and getting involved in some of them.  My hat down to you Miss.  You will not go without but try and remember what I’m telling you: don’t overdo it on the finance side of things, unless this is really what you want – and I’m not worth contradicting for the sake of it, Miss.

Career: You keep happy and you’re wise in not resting on all that you have achieved already as there is so much more to be gained from making movies out there.  Again, you feel blind and you wish you could give more direction to where you want to go.  If only you had more time…  It is suggested that you try and act a little more according to your instincts: you do have what it takes to ask for what you want – you can be fearless – so use your youth, fearlessness and sheer strength of spirit to go out there and say it out loud.  I’d say that if you don’t say what you want out loud, you’re procrastinating.  So once again: GO FOR IT MA’AM!

Next movie: Now this is incredibly interesting: your next movie, or one of the best movie you’ll do in the next few years, is one based on real life where one person (possibly a family with lots of kids) will rise from being born in poverty to making good for himself/herself/themselves and distribute that wealth wisely to others like them, to research on disease and for ecological purposes.  This movie will be an inspiration for the world – we all need being carried by inspiration at the moment don’t we? – twill be a movie like ‘Sea Biscuit’ or ‘Erin Brokovich’ or the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ which will show that we can do anything we want if we try hard enough.  Could it be your own story?

I loved you in the “Help” – I’d never seen you before.  To me, you didn’t just act; you also lived through who you’d be if this had been real life.  As to Spider Man, pity it was a poor flashy remake… yet you couldn’t help but shine in what you did and you made me feel like a teenager all over again.

–           Well, that’s it folks!  But before I forget, one last, tiny itsy thingy: Emma, you’ll meet an Aiden…  It will be a beautiful encounter and—

–           —Feralbulb!  Did you just put a name to Emma’s future boyfriend?  We had a deal, an understanding, you and I: no mention of love, especially with the young, smart and the beautiful.  Besides, being accurate with names is too much of a gamble – we’ve got to be seen as good at what we do, not foolish.

–           Better a witty fool than a foolish wit!

–           Don’t you dare dribble Shakespeare all over me as an excuse!

–           O, err…

–           When will you learn, Brother?  You’re schizo!  Aiden is just another one of your imaginary friends, isn’t he?

–           You’ve got a split personality, Sis, that’s what.  Aiden is a guy I happen to know, he wouldn’t put up with your crap!

–           What crap? Feralbulb, what crap?

–           You’ve forgotten who you are, you’ll never admit to the real you any more… you’re like that Glen Close character, that Albert Nobbs dude, you’ll die misunderstood and lonely.

–           You’ve just crossed the line, Feralbulb, once again.  Sorry folks, time for today’s curtain close!