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Hi folks!  Well, Rosie’s given up on me for a while…  She’s no longer talking to me so I’m free to do as I please…  That’s because of last week’s reading…  I should have known all along; being myself as a reader at last forever and ever and ever.  No more arguments, no more battles, no more fucked and sick interferences from her.  Let me take advantage of this incredibly fortunate opportunity and read cards me own way.  It might not last anyways.  You can bet Rosie will come back with a holly-macaroni-hell-of-a-vengeance after all, and something tells me I can’t be wrong.  In the meantime…

Dear Ms Lily aka Lily Rose Beatrice Cooper,

Ah life is constituted of twists and twirls.  To some, it’s rare, to others it’s now and again and to others like you, it’s just what their life is about: twists and twirls and twirls and twists and nothing else.  Guess what?  Yeah.  You got it…. So if you’ve ever been looking for peace and quiet, then it’s not for you, even if you wished for it temporarily.  The thing is, you always bounce back and if you didn’t get the opportunity to use your gift of ‘bounce’ then you’d be bored and unhappy.

Right now, and although you’re being strong, there are changes coming your way which means you’re to go away for better opportunities and you just don’t feel like it.  Just as wise as you are, having to decide between this and that is the equivalent to decide between THIS and THAT, i.e. in your case the THIS and THAT are not only in capital letters, they’re also life changing, life defining decisions you have to take.  It’s like some people around you have not acted as honestly as they should have and you are confronted with a tricky situation.  I would say you have voiced some new ideas – songs you’re intending to sing and that someone might be taking advantage of you over your new songs (either making money that should go to you or stealing your ideas and maintaining it is theirs or both).  It seems you may need the help of legal people to make a rational decision and decide exactly how things should be handled – please do this and give those legal eagles a strong hint of the direction you want things to take.  Keep a cool head over this and everything will be resolved smoothly, within 8 to 16 months.

You are blessed with a lot of love in your life and your current relationship is keeping you strong.  In fact, there are lots of happy moments coming your way in terms of your family and home life and this will help you go through the petty grievances you’re having to go through over business bits.  I say you have a strong protection around you, a strong spiritual protection and the way you think is paving the path to a lengthy and most wonderful relationship with your current partner, and this, for a very long time (let’s say a lifetime).

O love.  O beauty.  O life.  Methinks I feel your subtle and invisible life force to creep in at mine eye.  Miss Lilybloomstones, you are blessed with true love.  I have seen it with you like never before.  Not an easy thing to deal with, or as easy as it may appear because you know deep within you that in order for true love to live forever, you must give up something, because you must give up a part of yourself, because you must go away, because you can’t always be there for those you cherish, because you have to be you at times or else you might die too much.  Love is complicated and simple.  You understand it.  I feel fortunate to do this reading for you.

As I’ve told you earlier, life always comes up with the unexpected, and you’re one of the selected few for whom this is a constant.  Why be fearful of it?  Embrace it.  You’ve matured Missy, just because you love taking events as they come doesn’t mean you should feel trapped.  You’ve got a wild instinct and imagination and there are things in life you can’t resist… so what the fuck?  But you can Miss, if only you’d try a little harder.  Get those blindfolds out, get close to your soul and let it speak to you.  In fact, I can hear it say ‘Big fucking deal, woman!  Get yourself up and move on.’  Yeah, Miss Cooper-of-the-never-never, just do this, right?

Listen Miss Beatrice, fear not the ghosts of the night.  They talk to you.  There’s nothing wrong with you and there’s nothing wrong in your past that you have done.  It’s ok to live and to have lived, it’s ok to make mistakes and to have made mistakes.  Learn from them and don’t fear them.  I tell you.  I know.  So believe me when I say listen to your dreams, especially the bad ones.  They give you cues.  They will give you a key to your freedom.  It will help you shine more and do things you didn’t think you could do.  You will gain as a person and in popularity (even if you don’t care about being popular anymore).  It will just flow from you.  You will find your inner soul is deeper than you thought and it will release strengths that are dormant within you at the moment and about to burst out.  I repeat Miss Lily-pad, listen to your dreams, all of them.

You have come a long way now and have risen from the making of you to the young woman you are now and who is incredibly creative – do use all your ideas, spread yourself – and it feels like what you wish for most will be given to you.  Just trust it, trust your life despite the dark corners here and there, it’s part of our lot, the dark corners for us humans.

You feel your emotions aren’t quite stable at the moment and as hard as you try, you don’t feel you have full control of how you feel and where your life is leading.  Still, don’t be scared of and don’t ignore that side of you you’re frightened of – confront those hidden feelings (only you hide them from yourself) and incorporate them to now and to your perhaps contradictory better feelings (don’t be ashamed of your ‘dark’ side).  Release those ‘dark’ emotions and listen to them to learn to live with them.  You don’t have to act on them, just to be aware of them and then try and give some meaning to them.  Seek the help of a professional to help decrypt them if you’re unsure.

Well, one thing’s for sure Miss Allen-Ballen, your fighting spirit is there within you.  Reach out for it and confront yourself and those others whom are confronting you.  Be fearless like we know you can be.  You also have intelligent people on your side, only willing to protect you because they respect you, use them.  Born on 2 May 1985, you’re a Taurus.  This makes you an inherent fighter and a sensual being.

So right now, rise and shine Miss Lilygee.  Your creativity is bursting out of you.  Travel where you must, spread your knowledge and inspiration to others, move on and keep doing more of these things you want to do.  I think you want to play an instrument on stage too, not just sing, you want to write songs to save the world.  You want to raise people’s awareness of the planet’s poor health state and you want to help people.  You want to be a mother to all.  You want to embrace life.  So go Miss Allen, Miss Lily, Miss Beatrixy, show us your tricks, show me what you’re made of, I know that whatever you do, I won’t be disappointed.

Hope you enjoyed this Liliy-Flower-Bloom.  And now… please, please, sing me a song.