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Hi folks!

No news from Rosie.  She’s definitely up to no good.  But I miss her… no one to argue and fight with…  I’m sure it’ll end soon and that I’ll pay for it dearly.

But today, folks, let’s get down to our reading, that of CARYN ELAINE JOHNSON aka WHOOPI GOLDBERG, born on a 13 November 1955, a Scorpio, one I love to bits and admire.  Will you marry me Oda Mae Brown?  Please my beloved Celie, I will make your life a happy one, it’s not too late, it’s never too late.  O.  But here we go, ready?

Dear Ms Johnson-Goldberg,

Your current life is packed with incredible and never-ending changes.  It feels as if you’re on a path to change absolutely everything in your life and the more changes you bring to it, the more changes occur.  I mean that not only you’re changing your life but your life is changing at a faster pace and in ways you don’t expect.  It is also changing you.  It’s like your relationships have all been undermined by what happened when you were young.  It made you strong and independent and gave you determination.  Yet… it feels as if you wish to think with your emotions more than using your brain and that you want to transform and understand each and every single little thought that may pass through your skull and label it with an emotion, as if you wanted to feel more than think, for now.  It’s one thing to be an intellectual, a cerebral; it’s another to understand things from the bottom of your heart.

You are blessed with incredible energy and while most of the world sleeps at night, you think, dream and think more which makes you an unstoppable worker in your own creative field.  Currently, it feels as if you wish to travel and see the world in a different way, because this is who you are: always willing to try things under a new perspective.  You’re no longer looking for opportunities, you are the one creating opportunities and so it should be although I’m not sure I agree with this (more below).

You have achieved a lot already but you’re unstoppable and you wish to accomplish more.  Currently you know what you want but your inspiration has stalled a little and you’re looking for ways to bring up new original ideas.  Your intuition is remarkable and people fear you’re being outspoken as they don’t know how to react to the sheer truth coming out of you.  It embarrasses them and creates controversy as people enjoy twisting and deriving meaning to their convenience and for their own agendas.

It is clear that you’re aware of your gift and that you don’t need to meditate or do anything for your intuition to come out.  You dislike and hate meanness and the mundane bits that involve looking after finances.  You fear people around you stealing from you because they know of your generous and careless nature when it comes to finances.  This creates conflicts within you as you can see what is going on and you wish to dismiss those petty grievances but you can’t and you mustn’t.  You mustn’t Oda Mae, you mustn’t.  Life is such that you must fight for what you own.  You know where to stand and even if it feels like thin ground, trust yourself and make the necessary enquiries to see through your material world.  Our friendly Madonna would sure help you with some advice if you’d care to ask her.

You fear your own desire to travel and discover more of the world as you fear letting success pass you by.  Interestingly, Ms Elaine, you also fear the trappings of success and you wish to combine both: you travelling the world and you still doing what you like with your craft.  You fear your own power, that of saying what you think and behaving against the flow which is in your nature… but let me tell you Ms Goldberg, this is because you live in lovely, gorgeous USA, which is also puritan country, as you, Ms Sarandon, and a few other outspoken US citizen have found out at their expense at various stages of their lives.  It’s a free country, yes, but a judgmental one too.

You wish that people, each time you say something wouldn’t come back to pick a fight with you.  You wish they didn’t beg for your silence and that they were less hypocritical and more open.  It’s in your nature to say what you think, to voice it loud and clear and since you’re a famous member of the worldly community, you wish people would listen to what you have to say and embrace it in some way because you believe in what you say and you wish for respect.  You are convinced that if people listened to you, the place would be a better world, and you might be right Ms Caryn, you might just be right.

You come from a place where your natural talents – including that of speaking your mind – were nurtured.  It was mixed with a strong spirituality on both parts (your mother and father) and beliefs that were grounded and which also nurtured your gift of second sight and great wisdom – talk about you playing Oda Mae Brown now, isn’t it uncanny?  Your sharing your insightful knowledge through your craft is one way for you to feel you exist.  One side of you I’m surprised to see is your love of nature and of being in peaceful surrounding outside any city.  You like to walk for hours on end.  Don’t stop this, it’s good for you not just for the exercise, but it inspires you.

Ms Goldberg, let changes take place, trust your instinct and do what you want: go and travel despite any indications to the contrary, despite any commitments you may have.  Pack your bags, dress the way you like, don’t pay any attention to others and do it for yourself.  Walk through mountains, deserts and places filled with people.  Take a good friend with you or family members and go, please go.  The sun will shine upon your travels.  Be Gulliver, be Frodo, be a free being, change your name, change your life, change everything during that time, it’s allowed.

Your finances are sound, there’s nothing stopping you in whatever it is you wish to do.  Also, your intuition isn’t foolish.  You are your own ruler and there’s nothing stopping you listening to what others have to say and to listen to their advice, but you and only you know exactly where you wish to go and how you should think.  Doubt isn’t part of your make-up, so don’t start doubting now, there’s no reason for it.  You’re young at heart and always will be which is much more than others can ever dream of.

Madame Oda Mae Brown, free yourself from others’ hesitations and burdens, they are not yours to take.  You need time for yourself to let new ideas come to you and come they will.  Surround yourself with nature, be a giant, be a dwarf, travel incognito if you wish (and if you can – because I know what I’d do if I bumped into you in the street – aside my asking you to marry me) but go out there and discover the world the way you want to.  Talk to people, make good.  Spread goodness.  Spread your word, your knowledge and your experience.

As to your next movie, yes Ms Goldberg, you’re still an actress despite your belief to the contrary, I’d say that once your travels are over – or it as being part of your travels – you will play a part in Dr Who (you only need apply) and in British TV series (yes, this implies your moving country for a little while and possibly longer) but Britain could do with people like you and you could do with the UK – not that the US don’t, but Hollywood & Co are too wound up looking at their belly buttons to notice you and they’ve always suffered from their eternal youth syndrome… but not in the UK, look at Maggie Smith and Dame Judy Dench this would definitely be good for you.  Even Australia could do with you spending some time there; a stint in their “Home & Away” series would liven up their local industry as well as put some gloss and shine on you as an actress as well and I’d give anything to see this.  Having said all that, if you come and see me, I promise you you’ll have a good time and that I won’t act all hurt if you don’t take up my marriage offer.  Yes, I’ll show you around.

…and one last thing…the material world isn’t your motto any more – not that it ever was but even less now – listen to what’s inside you, take responsibility for who you are and help people the way you wish to help then…

Bless you Miss Goldberg Mae.