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–           Are you ready, Astro-Cop?

–           As ready as can be.

–           Ladies, and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Astro Cop, the best astrologist for the stars as can be.  Astro-Cop, previously known as Cop Watnot, has been a friend of the family for a long time.

–           Thank you, Rosie.  I specialise in translating the cards into astrological signs, planets, houses and I work from there.

–           What is it that made you change from being Cop Watnot to Astro-Cop.

–           Err, the world, the state of the world, Rosie.  In my days, I could take it all and tell people what to do.  I felt strong, I believed I was strong.  Remember when I arrested you and then Feralbulb for lies and deceit?

–           How could I forget?  A real witch hunt right here, right there, at the beginning of the 21st century.

–           You got released quickly.

–           …and you and Feralbulb ended up in the same cell.  But that’s another story.  Are you ready to take over from my poor sick brother for a few weeks?

–           Yes, today, I’m going to talk about Jane Campion, a Taurus dedicated to the arts and born 30 April 1954.

Dear Jane,

You are now in the midst of intense negotiations to start something new, another bright and original idea that popped in your head not so long ago.  Your current inspiration derives from emotional hardship you suffered for the past nine months or so.  It is like people didn’t not want to agree with you but you are very strong and since you’re a well-established person in your own field, they had to compromise and come to see things the way you see them.

It feels as if, workwise, everything was stuck in futile debates (as if the moon was moving backward and forward repeatedly – which it can’t really do but that’s the feeling of it), that you came in there and argued your way with the necessary cold mindedness and got everyone to find a compromise and agree with you eventually.  This gave you the power you needed.  You are a leader.  Your experience and knowledge combined give you a fantastic head start over everything you currently undertake.  You have both: the power over the emotional and intellectual wellbeing of the people you work with and those with whom you live with.  You have been flourishing as a woman, professionally and personally like few women can and it being unending (like try and reach Pluto – I mean the planet – that’s how long unending is).

You look back over the difficulties you had and the knowledge you gained from them and it’s empowered you to take charge, now with you clearly always knowing where you want to go and lead others towards your goals too.  No one can steal that power from you.  You never let the power you own to get back at you in any way, nor to get to your head.  You have that gift of balancing your tremendous power for the better good and for people – though they mostly don’t realise how you do this – they respect you for it.  Looking back and learn from the past is your greatest gift… and if you turn around and shed light on the future too, the enlightened vision you’ll get will be to your advantage… don’t forget to turn around to look at the future too.

It is clear that for a while you feared what could/was being done to you behind your back and that you hesitated for a long time before you resolve the situation in a bold manner, which was the way to go.  For a while there, it is felt that you weighed everything in a balanced way but that, as time went on, diplomacy, tactful silence and not acting became impossible.  You acted on instinct and talked your way to resolve the entire issue.  And if you didn’t do this, then you are about to.  This is one of those situations where experience and instinct, rather than theory is/was the only option.  It is a bit like Graham Greene’s quote: ‘One it to take sides if one is to remain human’.  You chose your side, you did it in a grand way and the battle is no longer.  Well done, Ms Campion, well done.

Curiously, you fear missing any opportunity that comes your way and your fear lethargy most of all.  Doing nothing brings you nowhere and you fear taking a rest to gather inspiration for fear you might become stuck in the non-doing time-warp…  Well Ms Campion, just remember that despite your great and endless energy, your body needs rest and that there’s nothing wrong in taking a nap, a rest or do a little meditation.  If you can’t apply this motto for yourself, then just please be aware that others have different body needs and need more rest than you do.  It is also indicated that you fear emotional blackmail and that this sometimes confuses you as it may be difficult to differentiate emotional outbursts from your peers from pure emotional blackmail.

You wish to help the world recover from poverty and wish all had food and opportunities to have a fulfilling life.  Sometimes this is too hard to look at, to confront and you try and avert your eyes from the sight of world poverty and misery to avoid getting hurt.  You feel this very deeply.  It makes you a modest person as you won’t let the laurels of your numerous victories as a professional and as a person ever get to your head.  I, we love you for this, Jane.

It feels as if life has granted you the gift of contemplation and that of feeling deeply what others feel.  You come from a family of artists.  Your father had a way of making you look at the world in a very open, altruistic and original manner.  Nothing was ever set in stone with him.  All was moving.  He tended to change who he was at will or unconsciously – you’ve never quite worked that one out – as he kept his seemingly rare emotions to himself – your father bears all the hallmarks of a Pisces mixed up with a Capricorn.  The thing is, he knew (and still does if he is still here) who he was and had great control over his emotions thanks to his great intellect and spiritual way with which he approached the world.  The rich world of imagination your family gave you is what made you.  This is a blessing.

You have a strong mind and therefore it is requested that you allow for weaker people than you are.  By that I mean, people get depressed…  you don’t.  You have very good control over your emotions, which makes you the great leader that you are in your field, but not everyone is like you and – no offense meant – it is recommended you allow more lenience and tolerance for those around you who don’t have your gifts and skills.  It is indicated that you love looking at the past and living in the now but that there is a little fear from you looking at the future.  Really, Ms Campion, you hold the light, it’s all to do with the direction in which you shed the light and the way you look at it… there’s nothing for you to fear… nothing like Luke Skywalker in that grotto where he met himself.

Looking at relationships, you’ve seen what you needed to see so fear not, once again, to live your life as you intend it to be.  You won’t get hurt again and there’s much for you to be gained from new relationships.

Let your instinct take over a little as younger people look at you as a role model when it comes to generating emotions in the broad public.  Be brave, be bold and if I may insist, there’s nothing for you to fear from the future.  Your experience has taught you all that you need to learn and it shouldn’t stop you looking forward.

There are very strong planets influencing you at the moment: Neptune and Pluto combined as well as Jupiter and Uranus.  Changes are taking place in your life at a fast pace.  Your career is far from ending and you’ll be writing / directing movies till you take last breath.  There are more original ideas popping up in your head.  So many that you sometimes have trouble delegating.  Don’t let it get to you, take that little rest here and there and create, create, create.  It’s not just movies you’re going to do but fantastic new TV series.

Your next TV series (not written yet) will touch the bizarre, the extraordinary and the absurd all at the same time… David Lynch’s type of stuff only better…  and with your touch: that of the heart and emotions.  You will combine peoples’ various gifts in life (various existing ‘proven and demonstrated’ psychic skills with those people living simple lives, not having much materially but helping and teacher others) – not as exaggerated as in the X-Men, far from it – to make a series that could be based on reality/real people.  Feralbulb would love you for it, Ma’am, and me too.

– Me too Astro-Cop, me too!  You finished?

– Err… Rosie, yes.  I’m finished yes.  Till next time, mates.