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–           Be happier, be funny.  Doing a reading for a celebrity should be fun, not like the boring police work you had to go do.

–           Actually, I enjoyed my line of work and never as boring as you being confined to doing the back door readings.

–           No need to take it that way.  Just make your next reading fun, right?  Who are you going to read for?

–           Guy Edward Pearce, another ozy just like you wished for

–           Great.

–           Another great one to make it big, yep.  Guy’s born on 5 October 1967.  That makes him the arty, multiple facets balance he is, a diamond of an actor.

Well, folks, so you know, Feralbulb is recovering well.  He’s popping up pill after pill under Doctor Fetchya’s protective wing.  Between you and me, shhh… I think Feralbulb is crazier than ever but Rosie thinks the opposite so as long as she’s happy, Feralbulb will be and all will be well.  True, it could be that Rosie is just as mad as her brother…  I remember the days when I had to arrest them both for being a disturbance in a public place.  Rosie had spotted this diamond in a shop window… She insisted that she could see things in it and that she needed that diamond.  Feralbulb entered the shop and tried to distract the shopkeeper in order for Rosie to steal the diamond.  But Rosie being the prim and proper spinster she is wouldn’t have it and she disowned her brother publicly, accusing him of wanting to rob the shop while he argued that she’d said she wanted the God damn bloody diamond.  I was called to arrest them.  Rosie read my psychic particles on the way to prison and I realised they were an odd eccentric, wild and untamed couple incapable of any harm.  We became friends.  She was freed because she could afford one of her ex’s who was a lawyer in need of extra cash.  Feralbulb stayed for twelve months inside and didn’t really want to leave the prison in the end… he’d become too comfortable there and he’d gained the respect from his fellow prisoners through his smart madness – yes there is such thing – and by reading cards for them – selling them hope like hot dogs I tell you – as well as reading for the wardens.  He’d access to free videos, music, books, cigarettes and more, not to forget a free bed for the night.  Why would he want to leave?  It’s tough out there in the real world and some prisons – provided you get into the right one because it’s a lottery too – have lots to offer if you play your cards right.

Anyways, Guy, welcome to this show.  First thing that comes up, is a matter close to your heart where you and your partner are about to be separated from each other for professional reasons, but especially for longer than expected as both of you are very successful in your own field.  It feels like the both of you know things are coming to a cross-road where a decision to change things around a little will have to be considered, if not taken.  Your partner, although strong, will feel as if she’ll be blind and not sure which way to go, or where to tread and how.  But she’ll quickly get out of that mental block to take the bull by the horns, as only she knows well how to do.

You, Mr. Pearce, have just landed a dream contract on some TV series – not unlike Simon Baker in ‘The Mentalist’ – and you’re just going to enjoy and savour your career with that show.  It will be some series where your chameleonic skills will be called for at every episode as if a new character would be created in order to meet the needs of the fundamental character.  It is sensed that you’ll play someone with some serious multiple personalities disorder or you’ll be some secret agent with some ability to morph into any character, possibly creature, to study and understand the crimes committed.

Hmm… Yes, that moon here is a difficult step to get through.  The connection between you and your partner is deep, deep, deep.  Two souls united.  What one thinks the other thinks, what one feels, the other feels.  When you’re apart, it’s as if you’re together.  Your partner wants out of that way of being though.  You’re going to have to think about it hard.  Although she’s strong, her taking any decision alone at this point in time might not go the way it should or possibly not the way you’d like it to go.  You’re hoping for a happy resolution and somehow, you have to resolve it with her… I’m sorry, she shouldn’t attempt to do this on her own because she’s currently blinded, unable to see clearly and might take a step aside… one step too far from you.

It is indicated that your past wasn’t anything close to a tea party and that everything that you do is out of your sheer strong will and that thanks to it, you were able to overcome major hurdles in your life by focusing on what you wanted from life and hot to get it rather than the miseries that beset you.  And look where you are now…  It is also sensed that you – aside the achievements in your line of work – achieved a strong balance within you, and that you’re able to consciously unite those forces – ying-yang, black-white, etc. in you and call upon them to let your creative side out.  You’re very much the master of your life with free will.  Currently, you love travelling and you like the idea of calling home in several places.  Your spirit guides you on your path.

Currently, it is shown that you’re performing a juggling act.  I mean that you need to think about your finance and see where it’s going.  You don’t really enjoy sitting down and look at figures, even with the funniest of accountants, it bores you and you find it so mundane…  Yet you need to, you can’t neglect that side of things and of course, don’t put your eggs in one basket, just as enticing the idea might be.  On another note, you need to add a little more physicality in your day-to-day existence so as not to feel caught out of breath and see things clearly.  Run or do yoga, but clear your head from fog and dust to enable you to make the right decisions.  It even feels you’d like to travel on a ship and do a round the earth trip across oceans… unless you’re going to do a movie playing a pirate/captain of some sort – in the Middle Ages for sure.

Well, it is suggested you don’t attempt to think in a rational way and to use your guts to go for what you want and that indeed, to come out with the deeply felt stuff you need not to neglect your physical shape, as I said before – Jupiter is a heavy planet to carry on your shoulders, and as luck has it, you need a little practice to gain a little more strength.  But it is as the planets suggest: go for it Mr. Pearce, go; don’t hesitate to listen to your inner self when you feel refreshed and your mind devoid of the odd mist.  You’ll always have those wild, fun and extreme characters such as Felicia and Charley Rakes within you to call upon when needed, even when playing more subtle personalities.  You have this amasing ability to feel things others don’t – don’t fear it, use it – Ok, I know you know, but just in case it slipped out of your mind.

Finally, I sense that there are fears within you when you try and think and consider a place you could call home.  It’s like you want to settle in one place and don’t and this sometimes drives you a little nut.  Nothing serious but as I suggested before, you ought not to fear what you feel deep inside you or else this is how it controls you: you relegate those thoughts and feelings to the back of your mind and then they come back to haunt you.  No, let them come to you and think about them like only you know how to and use them to transform them and see them from a different, happier perspective.  We’re all human, use your brain to reflect upon the dark side of your instinct and you’ll be right, Mate.

As to your next TV series, I might add that you’ll be doing that guy trying to solve all sorts of crimes by mimicking very different characters and you’ll do so also on the basis that you will have had a wife (deceased) whom you doubted as she always kept a part of mystery within her, was elusive and you could never quite understand her and, as she died in mysterious circumstances, your doubts about her remain unresolved and you’ll keep having flash backs at your life with her and at what you felt from her.

–           That was still boring, Astro Cop.

–           How dare you Rosie?  You enjoy humiliating people in public? I was about to conclude.

–           You’re just like Feralbulb: over-sensitive, think you know it all and to top it all you’re not even funny.

–           Not nice, Rosie, not nice.  Next time you do it and show me how you think it should be done.

–           Deal.

–           Sorry, Guy.  Hope this reading helped.  Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.