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Howdy Dearest Folks!

I’M BACK FOLKS, I’M BACK!  YES, ME, FERALBULB!  HAAA it feels so good.  Yaar.  Yo! How have you been, you fucking mad lot?  I hear you well indeed: yes I’ve locked Rosie and God damn Cop Watnot in the kitchen, for eternity for sure.  Of course they’ll come to no harm, who said that?: I put lots of goods (you know: rice, pasta, tins, etc.) in a dark room under the floorboard in that kitchen and there’s a small bathroom at the back so they’ll be fine, they’ll survive.  Who knows they might make mini-me of themselves.  That’d be hilarious…  although I’m not sure how I’d cope with that.  Anyways, that’ll give them practice for their survival skills should doomsday turn up some time soon on their doorstep…  As to me, well yes, I’m still taking my medicine, but don’t worry, it actually improves my psychic skills so you won’t regret it.

Now.  Where were we?  Oh, here:  Dear Lesley, Ma’am,

You’ve no idea how proud and elated I am for being chosen to read your cards; (Feralbulb chose me, yes, one more of me here present; that makes me and myself).  You’re born in 1964, I couldn’t find your exact birth date and I can only assume that you’re some Gemini or Pisces, with strong Scorpio tendencies.

Right now, it feels as if you’re going through a time of major celebrations.  You’ve succeeded in gaining or obtaining something you’ve always considered essential.  It hasn’t been easy and you feel a bit dispirited whilst remaining your strong self.  It was such an uphill battle.  You got through but you realise now how the disadvantage need so much help and that unless they get the right push with constant support, they get left aside and fall back.  Keep helping them, never give up.  The world is unfair, very much so, yes Ma’am.  That’s a tough lesson to learn, always.  Having said that, congratulations on your success; enjoy!

So now, Ms Sharp, it is indicated that you’ve kind of had enough of that man close to you being so sharp, that Mr. Right always being right and so clever.  It’s as if he throws you out of balance with his constantly and forever steady stride, always knowing where he’s going.  The man’s that much larger than life.  His thought process is so clear, always… how to get him to see things with a little more sensitivity, how to bring out his emotions and feminine side more?  Why do you feel that way Ms Sharp?  Let’s see.

Well, to begin with, you come from a very uninspiring environment – with all due respect, Lesley, with all due respect.  But fortunately, and you should know, those reversed cards show that spirituality and that strong bond with the arts was something that came with you at the time of your birth and that no matter what, you were going to do what you’re doing now, later and forever, and with so much talent.  Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it before from you: spirituality isn’t exactly what you like to think about but it’s inbuilt inside you, just like radios are inbuilt inside every God damn car, and I’m telling you even if you don’t want to know and hear about it.

Here ‘tis, Ms Sharp: think about yourself, think about those you care about, think about your passions, think about your craft and keep going.  What about love?  True love?  I don’t know.  It’s one thing to think about it and another to be offered the gift to live it.  Don’t ask yourself too many questions about it, just live, as you’ve always done…  be practical and be yourself, be your multiple self on stage or in front of the camera if you wish but stick to yourself when you’re yourself and not what anyone close to you wants you to be, am I clear or am I clear?

Easier said than done?  Not true.  You already know from experience what to expect.  You’re not blind.  All you were given in life was your ability to look after yourself and you’ve always been able to see that clear path ahead of you, you’ve never felt blind.  Just keep going like this, don’t wander into the meanders of various philosophies and what they could bring to you and what you could alter.  Your track is the right one for you.  Live it as you think it should be, no matter what.  Your clarity of mind is what leads you and you should keep going according to what your mind tells you to do, not books, not TV, not psychologists, nor philosophers, not even myself (see I’m honest at least, I might even show humility some day).

Having said all this, opening yourself up a little more to the unexpected and feelings that arise out of nowhere isn’t something that should be neglected as we all need fun and surprises.  And your celebrating at this point in time clearly indicates you ought to let go (shed that skin) of the toughness surrounding your earlier mentioned attempts to get help for what you care about which you finally succeeded to obtain.  Get that Vodka or that nice wine inside you and have fun because now is the right time and don’t let any man or men dictate your behaviour – not even I – God forbid you would consider it at all.

As to your next movie dear, Lesley, it seems ghosts and spirits will stick to you for a while to come.  Your next movie will be about you being a celebrated artist who has visions and who might do a deal with the devil, against his better knowledge, to pay for bills for his family, or else she’d only get known once deceased.  Your life in the movie is spent using your gift for writing and being psychic and always eloping from the devil’s ways by being perfect in life and never straying – being close to perfect or else the devil would catch you.  But this would have drawbacks and your life as a rich artist is difficult and you wonder what it could have been had you chosen the other path…

Well this is it for today Ms Sharp, I hope you enjoyed the ride, and that we shall meet some time else, someplace else than behind this computer screen.

Have a Good Day Ma’am.