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Hoy! Folks!  How’s you, damned lot?  Today, I’m gonna read for our guest star Mr. Tommy Lee Jones, a Virgo born on 15 September 1946, with a few powerful planets in air signs which makes for an adventurous and creative life.

Dear Mr. Jones,

First cards show an incredibly fast pace of life changes, strong ones too.  You can never tell with life, huh?  Just when you think all is neat and orderly, there comes an unexpected spanner thrown into the nice, organised works of yours from anywhere but from the expected.

Fortunately you’re lucky and you know why mostly?  Because of what you do.  Whatever comes your way, you can tackle it because of your craft.  Your craft is your therapy.

Currently, Mr. Joney-Jones, it seems you’ve had enough of being ripped off by unscrupulous others.  It’s like up to now, you’ve let it happen as you’ve witnessed it but you’ve had enough.  You’re about to let those troublesome people know the bottom of your thoughts.  Rise up and stand, Mr. Jones, get rid of the nuisance.  You don’t have to put up with them.  Your tolerance is reaching zero and that’s fair enough.  You want to direct those movies without unnecessary trouble: c’mon, Tommy, don’t be too polite, speak up: this isn’t Shakespeare and it needn’t be turned into some tragedy for some words left aside, untold.

You come from a stable background and your home was a nice set-up for you when you were younger.  You were free to choose your career and choice was never an issue: you just knew what you wanted to do.  It also feels as if you’re blind Mr. Jones: blind as to how much imagination you’ve been given.  It comes out of you out of nowhere when you’re lucky, you think, but that’s not true: you’ve always had it in you and it will never leave you, so use it Tommy-Tom-Tom.

Right now, it is indicated to let the full extent of your wisdom and intuition come to you and embrace it.  Don’t let the trappings of fame and ego flattering people get the better of you.  Only listen to your inner voice and that of your current partner as only your voice and hers are truly inspired and uninterested.  On another note, don’t be tempted to think you’re losing your shine as you’re getting older, Mr. Jones, just like the other slightly older famous personalities on this blog, you’ll always ‘have it’; Tommy-man, that shine, polished gift of yours.  It’ll never go.

What you already have at your disposal, Mr. Lee, Mr. Jones, Mr. Tommy-Bee, is your strong wisdom and your ability to reason and unite people.  You have strong director’s leadership skills and your calmness together with your incredible volubility and sharp observation sense and remarks won’t ever let you down – just remember not to keep it in but to let it out.  Also, you know very well how not to let your impulses get the better of you.  So do listen to your inner voice, once again.

Now this is amasing: you need to spend as much time home with family/friends to replenish your batteries and bring your ideas to fruition.  You get inspired in your own home.  This is your base, your energy supply.  From there you love taking long walks.  You enjoy taking on physical activities, which is like me looking into a crystal ball: you get to know what you want to write about, think about and do: the whole lot.  Possibly, you too are using a crystal ball….?  By any means, Tom, do take those trips that take you from trees to mountains because when you do that, then you feel empowered, regenerated and you can embrace the Hollywood life style again.

Your next movie:

You will play a falling king.  And if it isn’t king, it will be a powerful man whose life comes to nothing.  A man who didn’t know who he was until it is too late.  A man dying alone, sad but satisfied he is dying having just discovered who he is.  It might be entitled “Mr. Me, Mr. Who?” The richness of your acting repertoire is quite outstanding Mr. Jones.  One tiny lift of one eyebrow, one crease of the skin stretched out in a different direction and we feel what you feel Mr. Jones, not to mention your voice, elocution and eloquence.

So long, Mr. Jones.