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Dearest Cate,

You are born on a 14 May 1969, a Taurus, stubborn, proud and a sensual lover of all that is artistic.  It is obvious you are leading a blessed life and blessed it will be for the remainder of your life.  It is like you have to barely wish for something, be it for your family or career that it is granted to you.  I have no doubt that you have a fairy God mother.  You’re the Cinderella from Oz, except you’ve never had to attend to naughty sisters’ demands or to clean your kitchen.

You are also blessed with a partner in a similar craft as yours and you’re about to embark on a deeper journey with him as he is writing the movie you’re going to produce and direct.  A match made in heaven, and not just for theatre, obviously.  Your inspiration, as well as his, knows no bounds and the love in your relationship is constantly renewed.  Yet, will all these riches being bestowed upon you and your family by magic, you remain modest and never, ever, would you consider yourself above any other human being.  I love you, Mrs Blanchett.  You’re my East; you’re my West, o well, never mind.  I’m just getting back to you what everybody feels about you Mrs Caty-Sweet, that you’re as lovable as an artist as in real life and that if Mr. Upton wasn’t so lucky himself, the whole wide world would just want to be your writers and your husbands.  Unfortunately, I already asked Ms Whoopi Goldberg to marry me, but you’re next on the list, one can’t have it all, right?

Hmm, now, it seems your concerns are about finding the right balance in your life as you, as a person, need to rest and need to ponder and meditate.  Not about movies, not about your family and friends.  Just for you.  Because inside you, Mrs Blanchett, just like most of us psychics, you realise your intuition is strong and you wish to develop it to help you improve those already o so perfect (as far as I can see and judge) skills in your craft.  You wish your contact with people offered you more freedom and on the side you wish you had the time to do what I do: help and advise people.  You already do with your craft but you wish to do it in a different way and from an anonymous position.

Of course, your fears are that you won’t be as loving as you always have been if you concentrate on new activities that would constrict your timetable even more.  Everything moves so fast in your purposeful life that you can’t see how you could incorporate more activities – especially what you consider ‘selfish activities’ (they’re not, believe me, Mrs Blanchett, they’re not).  There are times in one’s life when spending time alone and reflecting upon the direction one wants to take is essential.

You wish you would stop thinking about travelling and you wish that your current life wasn’t so busy so that you could really play hermit and retire in a place where you could be alone and think.  You also wish you could attend to many more weddings and christenings of your family and friends as sometimes you are required to travel for work and you simply can’t go back to attend to those activities.

It is indicated that you worked very, very hard to get where you are and that indeed it paid off in that you’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do.  It seems your parents would have worked very hard all their lives to get the family and you where you are now.  But the ‘want’ is always a problem as life offers so many choices that when one is blessed with many opportunities, choices abound that offer no wrong solutions.

What you can do to right now to ease the thinking you’re going through and the hesitations as to how to undertake all that you want to do is to ease off on yourself and release the usual control you have over your life and art and let things happen to you, just let spontaneous events take control over you and your life rather than the reverse.  Let go of those thoughts of hesitation about travelling everywhere to attend to everyone’s needs.  You need rest.  Your mind needs rest.  Take it, take that rest, Mrs Blanchett.

To achieve those extra activities and wants you are thinking of, you are to think as how lucky you are to have a stable relationship and that you can count on it at all times to support you in whatever you want to do.  Planning is the key here, but only minimally.  Planning in the sense that there are basic things you need to attend to and care for, but more than that is currently unnecessary and you should let fate take over your life a little more.

How to do this?  Let people around you take more control, empower them to feel that they can do what you require from them, even if it can never be as perfect as you’d want it to be.  The people around you are committed and you should trust them to want things to be done the way you want them done.  Don’t you worry either about these people’s private life and/or lack of it because they have chosen to lead their lives that way and it isn’t up to you to consider that they might want to be home more often.  What if they don’t anyway?  Well then, where’s the problem?

How funny is that, Ms Caty-Blanche-Belle-de-Jour?  Just as I talk about control and relinquishing it a little in your life for your own good, you prepare to make a movie about a strong woman who takes her life in her own hands, refusing to be led blindly by others and taking her own path – a very feminist woman – until she finds her life filled with wonder and surprises to the extent that she sometimes has problems choosing what she wants.  She feels fulfilled yet her shadow or darker side hesitates constantly and sometimes acts badly to see how she can recover from her own wrong-doings.  As she does that and recovers each time, she increases her wrong-doings so as to see what the next step is to recover from it, each time challenging herself more and more, as if she’s addicted to her own challenges until fate takes over as she loses control and she commits the ultimate bad act by killing someone.  She ends up in prison, as a coach for other prisoners but when released, kills herself.  A dire destiny.

Did I reveal too much?  Naaa.  I know how to keep my mouth shut.  I hope you enjoyed this reading Mrs Blanchett.