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Dear Justin, Man, what an honour it is for me to read your cards.

I’m such a big fan of yours.  If I ever get another chance at being young, I’ll lead my life the way you’re leading yours.  Boy o boy, you’re also a very creative Aquarian, being born on 31 January 1981.

Now, and to begin with, it appears as if you’re looking at your past and at the trail of wailing women still crying for you.  You a man in me own heart, just like Anthony Kiedis, remember?  Rest assured, you’re a much better version of him on that subject and you never meant to do any harm… they just got so attached to you…  because that’s your lot mate, young, attractive, well-off and as if that wasn’t enough, you’re a true goddamn gentleman.  Don’t worry so much about the girls… they’ll find a way.  You miss that fun and the attraction and the games that were played but this will go away.  You’re ever so lucky to have found the partner you found.  What else can I say?  She looks over your shoulder and understands.  She has inside her a world of emotional riches and an incredible imagination and you’ll rely on her strengths in future like you can’t even begin to imagine at the moment.  She’s gifted with second sight, even more than you are and you two will get along just fine.  Yes, it does mean that with a woman like that at your side, it’ll be your responsibility to keep the flame alive and to watch that she never goes without (of your attention) or else there’ll always be plenty of suitors on her doorstep.  Love her and never live her alone for too long, right Mate?

It seems that workwise there’s a little confusion as to what you should do.  You’re looking for new, interesting and original ideas, be it in movies or songs and you’re looking for ways to refresh your inspiration.  It seems as if you’re intending to do a video singing and catching people as you travel to sing with you and make some montage of it.  It’s good, even if you think it’s a bit complicated, surely you’re not afraid of difficulties?  Not you Mr Timberla-ker-bling?

Right Sir Timby, I hear you loud and clear.  Will the sound of satisfied gurgling soon bring happiness to your couple?  Hmm.  It isn’t my intention to read your cards and tell you whether or not you’ll have one single child or open an orphanage in the Bronx.  But rest assured that your current relationship is tipped (by my cards) to last the distance and will be one of the few famous golden relationships untainted by gossip and fame, to last till death does you apart.

Nope Mr. Justin Man, nope: don’t you fear anyone stealing from you, just ignore them.  Don’t get caught in the jealous webs of deceit some people will draw around you.  Some friends will not be friends and some enemies will remain so.  Get yourself surrounded by people you truly trust and get rid of anyone suspicious.  It is also clear that you fear that when you’re away, people will do things behind your back.  You don’t like nasty surprises, it always make you feel hard done by.  It’s like each time you go away, something unpleasant happens that you learn about when you come back.  Get the proper protection against this, Justin Man, learn about protecting yourself a little better.  This also means get body guards if you don’t have them already.

Mr Timberlockey, you wish you had more time to contemplate and be inspired.  Right now, all is busy and you’re constantly on the move as you wish to rest, sleep and get to dream the way you used to, to get your imagination working again, like when you were younger and had more time to yourself.  Well you know what Justin?  Tell those time organiser people of yours to let you decide sometime rather than your delegating that responsibility to them.  They’re not doing such a good job if your time out is so short and so frustratingly sparse.  Either that or take a well-deserved break.  You’re looking for a bit of peace and quiet so say it out loud and on with it!

It is indicated that although as a youth, things weren’t always easy for you, that you’re a natural optimist as well as people around you (who always put on a brave face and remained cheerful through tough times sometimes).  You worked very hard to get where you are and it appears that you did everything you had to do, work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until you got where you wanted to.  Even now, your attitude to work is that of a very determined mind and great will power.

At the moment, it would be good for you to remain stable with your life and not change too many things, as if you need a bit of rest, as I said earlier – remember Justin, Man, you may be young but your body still needs to recover at times.

On another note, it feels as if you’re looking around to see how you can help others with much less means than you and that you’re wanting to do this in a discreet way, even to remain anonymous and see how those in needs whom you’d be helping are improving.  Good on you!

Available to you are your thoughtful and intuitive approach to life.  You know better than most how to act not too impulsively and you love to ‘bath’ yourself in music and movies to recover mentally and emotionally.  No matter where you are, and while travelling, it is essential that you always have the means to listen to music of new artists and there’s also nothing more you love than offer new opportunities to upcoming hardworking artists.

For now, it is recommended that you keep steady at your work and your marriage and avoid taking on new challenges.  It’s just a period of your life where you need to feel more settled, more grounded, for your balance’s sake.  It feels as if whatever you’re doing now is laying firm foundations for your long term future – not that you haven’t done that already – but that you’re currently organising your work in such a way that there always will be work generating more work, as well as finance and this is excellent because in future, you’ll be able to take some well-deserved breaks.

Interestingly, Mate, you’ll be doing a video (apart from the one I mentioned earlier) about a woman who used to be a bit of a ‘Madam’ turning men’s heads around and making mincemeat of them until she completely changes personality after you broke her heart without knowing it.  She then became some spiritual being – not a nun but close to it – and all these years later you meet her again, would like to take the relationship back from where you left it but she’s no longer interested as her world has completely changed.  It’ll be a gorgeously directed video and a hauntingly beautiful song people will hum for years to come

That’s it Justin, don’t forget to contact me if you wish to add anything to this.