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Ahoy folks!  Today, I have a special for you.  Me mate, ‘Captain Traumatic’, a character from www.juliegum.wordpress.com, is willing to participate here with me and he’d like to give a try at his intuition (he’s got two brains in case you doubt a pirate’s skills at reading tarot cards).  So if you too have a character from one of your stories (or yourself at worst) would like to do a reading on this site, then email me at jbinnum@rocketmail.com for I’ll need to agree and approve with what you or your character is saying.  The choice of personality is entirely yours.  Captain Traumatic is going to do a reading for ‘Pink’, are you ready Captain?

–           Humph…

–           Be a man.  You wanted to do this didn’t you?

–           Humph…  Ladies.  Gentlemen,

My name is Captain Traumatic and I’ve just stepped out of my ship for a minute, the Insatiable Princess, to help you see what I see as I’m gifted with visionary powers.

Ma’am, they call you Pink but I know your real name is Alecia Elisabeth Moore. You are born on 8 September 1979 and, according to the universal laws, this makes you a Virgo.

Currently, you’ve just made ‘impossible’ decisions where you workload has exploded into a myriad of contracts.  Your inspiration is at its highest, not that there are ever any limits to it.  It’s like you’re able to tune in your own personal and private channels – all within you – and bring it out to inspire the people around you and empower them.  The trouble with this is that you have so many ideas and so many ways to apply your ideas that people grab the ideas wanting to make them all their own to please you and end up arguing between them.  You need to be more specific and more organised in that way, Ma’am, if I may.

Also, you need to spend more time on your relationship. It seems you’re considering the possibility of having brothers and sisters for your current bub and this needs incorporated into everything you do… You do understand – you not only have great inspiration but also great insight – that, with your business as well as your life, you cannot leave anything to chance: this you need to rethink how you can strike an adequate balance for you, your family, your friends and your business.

It seems your spirit of enterprise is about to change everything in the way you do things and consider an innovative and winning formula.  Not only this, but you’re also willing to give a lot of the proceeds to charities you hold in your heart because you know that money isn’t everything and that your feeling blessed needs to be translated into you making other people feel blessed.  It’s like to you, you’ve already made sufficient money to last you until the day you die and beyond and you’d like to make it count for others too.  Yeah, and you don’t want to advertise this too loudly either because otherwise there’ll be too many unwanted knocks at your door and too many difficult decisions to make.

As to your love life – and although I’ve forgotten what that is about, I’m still able to advise you on it because I’ve got a good perspective over these things, not to mention me two brains – I think you have someone who keeps coming back to you, who truly loves you.  You love each other, you fight, you split and you get back together.  It’s never going to end and that is true love, Ma’am.  You’re fortunate in many more ways than one.

Now, don’t be afraid to lead your pears and make decisions even if they seem too impulsive at first.  Your inspiration is that of the gifted – you’re born that way – that’s no mystery.  But before you do this, make sure you have at least one A-type person heading your team of helpers, one who remembers, orders and is compassionate too.  And having said that, it really looks like you need to give in to your natural instincts and not think at all because you’re about to bring on new videos and shows on this world never seen before.  Surrender, Ma’am, to these episodic day dreams you refuse to let yourself fall into because they are precisely the times at which you’ll find what you’re looking for and bless this world with new ideas, fun and great entertainment.

You’re hoping that your family life, despite your incredibly busy lifestyle is going to bring your joy and satisfaction and you try and use your tremendous intuition and imagination to their best to accommodate and integrate that part of your life.  I hope this reading has brought you something, Ma’am.

Now, I must go back to me ship.

Blessings to you, Ma’am.

Captain Traumatic.

And thank you Captain and Pink!