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Heya Shalom, Mr. Auslander, Man,

You are born in 1970.  No one is telling me exactly when, so I reckon your being outspoken comes out from an Aquarian sun and your sharp wit from the Scorpio.

I feel honoured to do your reading today, even if you didn’t ask for it.  As the first cards are showing some strife currently hitting on your home front (relationships), I will not extend on the subject as I respect your privacy.  But now you know I know and should you wish me to help you one way or another, then write to me.

Rosie and Astrocop would be proud of me for not being a tell-all but they’re in the kitchen eating more spaghettis and I’d rather they’re left to that activity forever.  I’m just saying…  So you know I can be respectful.

Let us look at other stuff going on in your life at the moment.

What can I say… when all seems lost, life moves on… or it is time to move on in other ways to help one ride the wave.  I know you didn’t hide anything in your attic or in any of your closets and that life still thought it’d hit you bad.  Fortunately, and even if it hurts, you always have your wits about you and nothing can ever stop you from getting you to focus on your creativity rather than mop about all day in slippers with a glass of whatever alcoholic in your hand to compensate for your troubles.  Yes, Shalom, put more pens to paper and churn them books out because we’re waiting for many more o’dem.

I know it isn’t easy to look back at the past and avoid any pain.  On the good side of this, you’re gaining tremendous insight and intuition.  You’re even a little frightened to look towards the future because you fear more loss: that of your own spirituality/wit, of your brains, of your lack of judgement at times and simply of loss of finance from other sources.  You fear people/companies might cut your funding at times because you’re so, so fucking outspoken and tell it how you see it, think it and feel it.  C’mon, Shalom, you are respected for who you are… don’t you fear the outcry of half a world of puritans… be yourself.  Be your own fan.  We, your fans, love you.

You wish you were more of a loving man, you wish you were more sensitive to the needs of others, you wish you were different, you wish you were more spontaneous and could guess and have guessed your close ones’ wants, wishes and needs.  But you did, Man, you did… it just got stuck in your head didn’t it?  What’s this all about Mr. Auslander?  No way.  As I said before, you are who you are, lovable, chubby and outspoken.  ‘So what?’  What do you mean by ‘so what?’  Do you need coaching?  Do you need counselling?  Well fine then, get some help because looking down at your does isn’t in your nature, it is unacceptable on your part… of course you’re allowed one go at the odd mood down here and there but don’t get used to it, right Mate?  As I said, ride the wave, you’re not alone.  Even I’m here for you if you’d want to tell me of your current view of the world, should you consider that option (although that would be quite mad an option I reckon).

Interestingly, it seems you come from a world (your family as a child) where imagination wasn’t rewarded or regarded as a gift.  It feels as if your family was quite smothering in many ways yet it helped you become who you are now and you got that to thank them for indeed.  Your family (again, when you were a child) was proud of you, even though at times they made it clear to you that you didn’t deserve to be that smart and that your then foul mouth would take you nowhere and they kept saying that you’d end up a rude bastard.  Sorry.  The cards say that.  We know the truth.

For the moment, it is shown that you ought to take quite a bit of time all to yourself… like a retreat of some sort to recover your energy and get inspired.  Also, you must get away from negative thoughts that have no place in your life.  Now is not the time to feel defeated even if the odds seemingly point towards you feeling forced to feel that way.  No, Shalom, don’t go there please.  Just take time out and all will be well, told you before, Man, just listen to me.

Here are some good fun cards for you to use as this is right here on your doorstep: be spontaneous, get your thoughts high and light and let them give you a ride rather than the opposite.  Forget about control and be foolish.  Explore expressing yourself with even more gusto, wilderness and foolishness than before and see where it gets you.  No.  Not in a prison cell.  Freedom of speech/literary prowess does get its rewards even if you dare going against current ideas.  I mean what the fuck do we care about Mr. CIA top man having had an affair and losing his job for it?  Lies and deceit tends to survive regardless and the way they’re handled need revisited…, I get your point, Silvio Berlusconi is at the other end of the spectrum…  can’t there be any decent middle ground?  You tell the US folks to revisit their thoughts like only you can do, Mr. Auslander.

Right now, be a leader.  Don’t be afraid of it, not that I think you would be but don’t be afraid to get that step ahead of everyone in your field and to tell them this is how one does it.  It does mean you’re going to concentrate on the one preferred activity solely and not try and disperse yourself in anything else, just as much as you’d like to.  Don’t let others get to you – I know, we’ve seen this before… you’re strong and not easily influenced…  or at least not at first view… but it may happen under pressure.

One last thing, if people invite you for confrontation(s)… resist the temptation.  Be calm, be cool, be collected and don’t let others try to manipulate you.  I know you’ll get there.  I look forward to hearing you talk on many literary shows.

O, by the way, when is ‘Hope: a Tragedy’ going to appear on stage please?   I reckon you should hang about with Oz playwright Timothy Daly on that one: he wrote ‘The Man in the Attic’ (a true war story about a Jew in an attic, a winning play) – you’d definitely have a fun play out there with his help – and I used to know the guy (Mr. Daly I mean)… look where it got me now…  I just mean… you know…. If I could a get a free ticket to see the play… a spare one… just a tiny, infinitely small ticket… thank you.

Best of blessings, Shalom.

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