Dear Dame Maggie,

I am taking this opportunity as Rosie and Feralbulb are still confined to compliment you on your long standing career as one of the most outstanding and bright star of the British entertainment.  I am one of your biggest fans.  You are a Capricorn born on 28 December 1934 and your success would have a lot to do with Saturn and Jupiter bearing their strong influence on you.

Currently, you wish people would just goddamn rise above petty squabbles and look at their and your accomplishments with some serenity.  But this seems not to be and it’s just driving you mad.  What’s worse, it’s all the usual stories around you… all those people who want to shine, be in the limelight and show that they still have it yet you’re the centre stage person, the one whose light truly shines and you say nothing.  ‘No more! Enough!’ I hear you say in your head, ‘why compete like this at this stage of our lives, it’s no longer necessary…?’  Strange how things don’t change sometimes and how reaching wisdom for some seems so remote… What’s the point of pointing it out to them when it’s just their ways?  Correct: some people never see the way you see things, some people never change, some never grow up, and you know how it is.  Please Ms Smith, take heart, for every person who never reaches some form of maturity by the time they reach their 60s or 70s age, 10 others do so, so please look on and look upJ

Goodness gracious me, how much light do you require, Ms Smith?  All that shines attracts you and vice-versa or better put, your life is literally basking in the sun.  Currently, and I guess that’s what end of the year festivities tend to bring, lots of fun and gathering are to be had.  Your inspiration is strong and your light will never fade.  Even you wonder how fortunate you can be.  It is interesting to note that inside you lingers a child who keeps coming out for fun, with great imagination… an innocent child who knows how to ride her horse and where to direct it.  You are carrying a flag for all to see: a message of abundance, generosity and freedom of spirit. It seems also that you love beautiful material and to drape yourself in comfortable, elegant and soft to the touch clothing.  You’re a sensual being.

Now, you dislike the lack of spontaneity and the display of pompousness of some around you.  That old stiff upper lip and pretentious upper class who thinks they might be cultured and know it all.  It drives you crazy when all you seek is some truth and sincerity from people.  It drives you nuts that despite your experience of the stage at all levels, some cannot help but hide, connive and perpetrate a tradition of deceit and coldness that should all become obsolete, in your mind’s eye.  And yet you know too that this is how the entire world stage is built.

It is strongly sensed that you wish to steer clear of those around you who keep competing for the sake of it, of those with foolish dominant streaks seeking mostly power and forcing through the world without a single thought for their peers.  You hope you can soon muster the strength within you to tell those people whose ways you despise what you think of them and ensure they never come close to you and/or bother you again.  The trouble is you’re too nice to do this as you’re doing this would have repercussions on others you care for.  So this is your predicament Ms Smith: be perceived as selfish and eccentric and satisfy your needs or keep on as the gentle, popular lady who never even whispers a bad word about those she has no affinities with.

You’re a fighter Ms Smith, no need for me to tell you so you might say, but I insist because it is clear that you have suffered much turmoil in your heart, because of those you care about and because you like to defend those who need it.  You have a very kind and very generous spirit Ms Smith and from what I feel and see, I think that indeed, you’d come to no real harm in sending those whom you dislike thoroughly where they belong.  It is indicated it would improve your mental health and free you from those unhealthy ties that society imposes on you.  You’ve achieved much, why care what others think?  You’ll see, if you do happen to bring yourself up to saying what you think to some of them, you’ll actually feel incredibly happier and energised within you.

To free yourself from some worries, it is indicated first that you ought to stop worrying about finances.  It dispirits you entirely and sends your moods into unhappy territories because you hate secrets and being led anywhere you don’t want to go.  It’s those finance advisers around you… they always think they know best and why listen to small talk, smooth and sad talk like that you wonder?  Well delegate the looking for finances to someone you trust, say a family member, rather than having to sit down with those advisers once a month, if not more.  Meet the finance people, once a year, make it short, make it sweet, ensure the main guidelines are followed and let your trusted family member or friend manage the whole thing.  How to trust anyone?  Did I hear you say this Ms Smith?  You’ve got to.

Well, tell of your worries to those closest to you, not just one but at least two people so that these people – say of various backgrounds and ideology – have no choice but to consult each other in order to make decisions you’d approve of without being consulted.  It is clear that you’re having fun at home, big family gatherings and joyful celebrations of all kinds will help you decide on who the right people to trust are and will elevate your moods to dizzy heights.  Your keeping performing is also something you no longer need to decide as this is part of your ‘home life’.  You have laid the foundations for your personal happiness a long time ago and nothing will come to disturb that so please do not let your small concerns about finances disrupt this happiness and likewise about the petty people you wish to rid of from your circle of family and friends.

It seems that by protecting yourself and thinking in a rational way, you can avoid emotional traps people try to draw around you.  You can gather your intellectual strength to command and be obeyed the way your heart desires, even if this requires some type of cold headed effort from you.  Don’t fear being cutting, don’t fear saying what you think, stuff the old English ways – keep your manners, of course – but stuff the pretentious snarls some still use around you.  Say it how you feel it, you’ll come to no harm.  As I said from the beginning Maggie, free yourself from those unhealthy, possibly toxic ties some people draw around you, you’ll feel that much better.

Now, Dame Maggie, when it comes to your next play or movie, it’s as if the next character you’ll play is some bi-polar person who loses track of who she is and wanders aimlessly through the night in search of herself.  A difficult, challenging character to play with many facets as only you can play that type so well.  It’s indicated that the character will have had a very happy and fulfilled life but will end up on the street simply because she’ll get depressed.  A character many of us will be able to relate to as economically though times abound and freedom of information make for a poor picture of the state of the world.  It’ll be a character so generous that she won’t know how to cope with the discrepancy of what she has and what she won’t be able to do for others.

So just like Feralbulb, Dearest Ms Smith, I’d love it if you’d consider sending me a ticket to see that play/movie.