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Dearest Folks,

Today, I will take this opportunity (through Feralbulb and Rosie’s confinement – I’ll never let them out) to greet the greatest couple there is in the history of this century’s movies.  Two stars blessed by destiny with Latin backgrounds, intelligence, good looks and modesty.  Welcome to Javier, born 1 March 1969 and Penelope, born 28 April 1974.

Dear Javier,

You’re a man of passions.  You alternate between high times of multiple activities and moments of despair where you feel nothing happens and where you feel stuck.  Life always throws challenging choices at you and you find it difficult to make the right decision because you are too considerate to others.  You are fortunate in that the woman by your side is one of balance who always manages to calm your overwhelming energies.  Your life is opening the door to huge changes and you need Penelope by your side as often as possible to help you cope with all that is happening.  She can see through things and always, but always manages to make you see things from a different, happier perspective than the one you hold.  She’s the pacifier in your life, the one you’ve always wanted to have and from whom you’ll never part.  The current trend in so-called ‘ethical’ psychic circles is to dismiss the terms ‘soul mates’ as they do not sufficiently reflect reality and also because it means that people get hurt unnecessarily when they believe in those two spell binding words too much.  However, in your case, it looks like and definitely feels very much like the two of you are meant for each other and nothing in the Universe can undo this state of affair.  You can’t help but being permanently in love with her and you’re hoping for so many more children…  I have only one question for you: how well do you know her?

Dear Penelope,

You’re a woman who lives in the moment and you never feel any guilt for your words and actions, one moment being uninspired, the next, being an angel.  This is part of your charm: never expect what would be expected from you.  One minute all is black, the next, all white.  Funny to think that this is precisely the type of balance Javier loves from you.  He loves things that change all the time and you bring to your relationship with him the expected unexpected that makes life so interesting with you.  Despite these appearances, you have great control of your emotions and you love the security of your bond and relationship with Javier… be careful not to frighten him unnecessarily with your spontaneous choices in life, especially when it comes to being loving with everyone for the sake of being who you are at times…

Now, Penelope, it is clear you love change at all times but these changes sometimes give you a negative view of the world that surrounds you.  It seems water is important to you and that you need to be close to natural sources of water of any type to feel comfortable within yourself.  A river or the ocean seem to make you feel your emotions with depth and bring out your imagination and creativity.  Not only that, but this leads you to try and reach peace within and you love nothing more than your thoughts being organised neatly (unlike your actions) and you always know where you’re going.  However, it is indicated that you are hesitating at the moment between various issues in your life, such as having more children or not and if so, how soon.  There are talks about your career being put on the back burner for a while but this wouldn’t quite suit you and you’re afraid of that option, just as much as you’d like to spend more time with your children, if and when you get some more.  It is suggested that you might want to seek help on that subject as those thoughts tend to bring the worse out of you, which is very much unlike you and only temporary.

As to you Javier, your incredible energy must be harnessed and as suggested earlier, always have Penelope by your side or else you mismanage yourself and spend too much energy too quickly as when she’s not around, you throw yourself with such intensity and passion into what you do that your body reacts to it.  It seems you forget to breathe properly which, for an actor, is unfathomable.  Get your basic acting skills up to scratch and never forget them.  Basically, begin the day with acting skills exercises – especially breathing and voice – because in spite of your experience, these skills must never be left aside or else you know what.  Trust yourself and don’t forget to do other activities you enjoy that have nothing to do with acting to get another type of balance in your life, such as working on a farm or any form of physical activities.

The cards drawn between you, Javier, and Penelope express wealth, luck and great communication skills.  The both of you will never go without and you will also be blessed with family gatherings, sincere friendships and never ending careers (if you let destiny happen to you as it may be that the both of you, at some point in your lives, will decide together to either abandon or slow down your attending your craft to a trickle in order to lead fulfilled family lives).  Time will tell.

This is it for today, folks.