Howdy Folks,

I’m back and Rosie agreed to stay in her office while I do this reading so there won’t be interference from her this time.  Keep fingers crossed!

So how did Rosie and I get out of that God damned kitchen of hell?  Well, you know I’m not quite the rocket science kid or anything close to it so don’t ask me to explain this in details: we got out through the coffee machine.  If you must know, once coffee is ground to a pulp, coffee particles hang in the air like excited little bubbles of fun that attach themselves to everything and everyone.  So after grinding coffee, Rosie gathered the ground coffee and the air around it and put it in the microwave along with scraped pieces of our own skin (we didn’t harm ourselves, just scraped the very top of the our skin, no blood) and locked those basically invisible particles with the coffee in the microwave.  Then Rosie connected the microwave to the TV and the toaster and that was it!  Simple as A-B-C apparently; so please don’t try this at home, just write to Rosie for an explanation if you need one.

As to Astro-Cop, he will never be seen on this stage ever again.  Rosie and I reversed the process on Astro-Cop and he is stuck in the TV inside a coffee advertising channel… for ever.  So now…:

Dearest Maggie,

I’m one of your best admirers.  So talented, so gifted you are.  You deserve the world and you will be getting just that.  You’re born on 16 November 1977 and you’re a Scorpio.  Aaaahh such passion!

It seems there are lots of surprises in store for you at this point in time: so many opportunities to choose from, so many choices to be made.  Where to go? How to do it? Such is the life of the blessed-busy-bee.  Look, money is a consideration but it’s not like you’re in a ‘needy’ position so I would simply suggest that you chose those activities/movie propositions according to your likes and preferences that ring true to your heart. Yeah but?  So you’re at that stage where all that is proposed sounds too good to be true to you and it’s a matter of discerning which will turn out to be better than the other?  That’s a spoiled rotten choice, ain’t it, Maggie?  Toss a coin!  Any choice being presented to you is good and will turn out just fine so make up your mind and stop fidgeting, that’s all I
can say.  Enjoy your life Miss Gyllenhaal!

Currently, there are major changes influencing your life.  How come?  Change is part of life.  Don’t you worry, they are slow changes, not anything unexpected or bad surprises that strike you as you’re unaware.  You’re moving on to a period of your life where travel opportunities are going to take a lot more importance.  I feel you might even move your home to another country sometime in the next ten years.  Also, you’re opening up to spirituality and your children are bringing up this new dimension of your life to you.  It’s like whatever happens in your life, you want to make sure you are always with your children.  It is indicated that whatever you do, you wish for your children to know about real life and realise that just as much as they are protected by good fortune, they need to make their own mark and you want them to experience what life is.  You are bringing up generous children, children who are aware of what life without wealth can be and who will be able to understand and empathise with those who haven’t had as much as they will have had.

Now, you fear false religions, false influences and you dislike anything that is overly instinctual.  Thought and reason are your motto:  “Never let instinct take over”  Seemingly, you fear uncontrolled intuition and anything that comes out of your mind unexpectedly.  You have great control over yourself but your fear the night and some of the nightmares it brings to you.  Self-knowledge is something you have acquired through hard labour within your craft.  However, you need to learn to let loose of the control of yourself and trust your instincts a little more as they can bring great insights to you on how you wish to direct your life.

Indeed, you wish you could grab any opportunity that is thrown at you without hesitations and you hope that you can soon let go of whatever is holding you back to be a ‘fool’.  Let your hair down, smile, enjoy life because you have nothing to really fear from it.  You know you can stop thinking and let life take over a little.  It’ll do you a world of good and you know it, Maggie, Ma’am, if I may.

I’m afraid I must reiterate: O Maggie, it is clear that you’ve been taught not to let your instincts and intuition to take over and to learn to generate your will power.  You’re one hell of a Master at freewill yet you know deep inside, from observing life, experience, that not all works through will power and control and that life cannot be controlled entirely.  There is magic: nice magic, bad magic.  No one can tell.  Good fortune happens and so does bad luck.

Ma’am, you need to work less and forget about the shine and polish the sun brings onto your life to concentrate on relaxing and letting go of things you no longer want in your life.  This is happening at a personal level: learn to relax again, learn to breath, learn to feel the sand under your feet, get back in touch with nature.  Forget about electronics, go ‘bush’ for a while and find yourself again.  Take your children with you, they can only benefit from seeing you get back to who you truly are/can be, and that is a spontaneous lady, happy to welcome the unexpected in your life and let feelings overwhelmed you rather than thoughts.

You have already acquired everything you need to know to continue your craft.  There is no need for you to change career so you can rest on your gift to always be here when you need it.  Also, hidden is the great love of your life, the man who shares your life, father of your children.  He is always there for you if you need him.  Show this to him.  Don’t forget to let him know that you need him, because just as much as he loves your independence and strength, he loves to protect you and help you out for any reason, because he is like that.  Give in to his wanting to be there for you, Ma’am.

And now that we’ve said it, let it be said once more: Maggie, Ma’am, may I reiterate me advice here?  PLEASE LET LIFE TAKE OVER.  There are more children in store for you, sooner rather later and if it isn’t children, then it’s a sense of fun that is about to take over your life as you’ll let go of feeling blind and the choices that you’ll need to make will be made with ease, without you feeling that the option you selected was worse than the one you didn’t opt for.  Just stop that kind of thinking, Ma’am.  Keep leading your kids but let yourself being led too, you’ll feel a lot better for it, Maggie.

In the next movie you’ll play, Ma’am, you’ll be a woman thief who doesn’t know what love is about and keeps stealing from people in order to satisfy the need she has to feel loved; a form of attention deficit disorder, just like in “Catch me if you can”.  You’ll be an endearing character who finds a partner to match until the ultimate finale where she gets killed and he gets into prison but is rehabilitated and the movie will in fact begin from the time he reminisces over what happened and wishes he could have helped her…  So now the movie’s entire story is out who’ll want to see it?  It won’t happen for a few years yet so if you or anyone is reading this, it’ll be forgotten by then.:)

All the best to you Ma’am and Season’s Greetings.