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Hi guys!  Hi ladies!

Well it’s back to business as usual.  Rosie is getting suntanned and we’ve got the place all to ourselves, ha, ha!  Today, it’s you Sir Robert Downey, Jr., born 4 April 1965 of the magnificent Aries.

Dear Robert,

First things first:  when I concentrated on you I saw a huge whale having a whale of a wild time in a whale type of environment… I think that this is you:  strong.  Nothing can stop you, not even nasty sharks.

Presently, you are signing contract after contract.  Once you sign one, you take the plane and fly off where there’s another one to sign.  You have inside you that need to shine, that desire to let out every aspect of your personality.  Music is your everyday drug… without it, you’re at risk of depression.  To you, music is more necessary than the need to brush your teeth; more than eating sometimes… so don’t forget to delight in your ritualistic dose, right Sir?  One more thing: shut down your antennae, the one that makes you feel and perceive what other people think of you and what they want from you.  Don’t listen to it… this is what gets you in trouble.  Only listen to your inner voice.  You’ve learned enough through knowledge and through experience to know exactly who you are by now, so rely on just that: who you are and what you feel you want from life.  No external influence should take hold of you in any way.

Inside you is that strong, feminine side who likes to talk to you:  without it you’d be unable to shine the way you do… it’s your gift: it takes hold of your instincts, nurtures them and let them out in a flow of creativity that comes out naturally.  Let it be, it’s part of you too.  Your passionate and loving nature makes you want to drink out of every cup in a bid to taste all, experience all and feel all and when you do this, complicated choices make themselves available to you.  So seek out that independent feminine side from within and let her speak to you.  She helps you use your heart the way it should be used.  Then your decision can be made wisely, with clarity of mind and generosity of spirit.  No more foolishness, no more uninspired actions.  You can see through yourself and live life to the full with no trouble.  Travel.  I hear travel.  Do travel and live in other countries if you wish to.  It’ll open new aspects of yourself you didn’t know you had.  It’s never too late, trust me on this.

There is no doubt that work makes you healthy.  Not only you are very creative but you also make a good living from it.  One more thing here:  you are gifted with your hands, you can create magic with your hands from an artistic point of view and I’m not just speaking of music: painting, drawing, sculpting are also part of the equation.  Do spend time creating objects, paintings or the like and you’ll find it brings peace to your mind.  You might even have exhibitions…. Just another side of your multi-talented personality… All right, I hear you…  well you know what?  Do it anonymously.  Don’t say it’s your work, choose a pseudonym and attend your exhibitions to see what is said about your artwork if you must, but do enjoy your life by not denying your other wants and needs.

Righteo: you sometimes miss to hear the spontaneous screams of your inner child (boy you’ve got quite a crowd inside you, Mate…!) who tries to tell you to let it all out and act free-spirited rather than think up everything.  You just need to relax and not do too many things at the same time.  Also, there’s nothing more distasteful than cold hearted and cold headed women in your life… yet you love women with clear minds, who don’t show how cool they are on the inside and who can present imaginative sides to themselves.  What is more, you love to put yourself in the skin of a ‘thinking woman’ and see life from that perspective as you believe that your emotions can be better felt that way.  It enables you to decide impartially over matters that you hold at heart.

What’s this about not wanting to fall head over heel in love ever again?  Too hurtful is it?  But why?  It happens at any time in life and not just once.  What’s the matter with you, Man?  Or do you desire and wish that more than anything in your life but you keep it hidden because you don’t believe it can happen again?  A wish to feel young again, is it?  But you will feel that again, trust me because on that aspect, life is an infinite circle that loves to repeat itself until …  until you know…  On another note, it is indicated that you have a love/hate relationship with competition because you love to be at the forefront, in the limelight and shine of all your might. However, you don’t like to feel threatened by competitors and because of this, you don’t like competition.  You’re complicated, Mate.  You’re a top man in your craft… Why the worry like that?

I see: you don’t want to be hurt again, you don’t want to ever feel that sense of loss you’ve suffered from in the past.  Yes, you have lost friends and friendships… we all have… and you not more than most so stop fidgeting!  You seem to forget all too easily that there are longstanding family/friends by your side who will never remove their friendship/love from you, no matter what.  You could kill them that they’d try and come back to tell you that they love you and want to be by your side…  so what the fuck?  You didn’t say this, Man.  You didn’t!!  You’re blessed, right?  LISTEN TO ME! YOU ARE BLESSED!… your greatest gift: the people that are still with you.  Love them for their being just there for you and show them some gratitude!

Right now, you need to rest.  You’ve been spinning around again, travelling, doing all those things you do and you need to stop.  Check around you and take stock.  You wonder who are your true friends?  Who are those who might be taking advantage of you? Well, RobERT, Mate, stop checking and let go.  Ease the hold and relax.  Then only the answers to those rhetorical questions you seek will be clearer and come easily to you.

What you can do at the moment is to shine.  Not bask in glory or in the pretence of it, no.  Shine using your craft, quietly for a while.  Sing, do a play, do a comedy show, a one man show, have fun.  Again, be creative.  Don’t just act in movies.  Yes, indeed, spend more time with your partner; she’s full of surprises and good times to be had.  Creativity is the key here, your own… unlock its power, indulge.

Seek the creativity from within, from what you’ve learned and accumulated in terms of knowledge.  From a materialistic point of view, consider your nest egg and see what you can do to be creative with the least creative element (in a way, you know what I mean) in this world: money.  Buy theatres, buy cinemas, make your own movie distribution, become a director, make money available to struggling artists, create more schools for the arts…  Be blessed: think about it.

Now, just to add to what I usually add when it comes to actors: what you’ll be playing in your next movie:  you’ll be a very, very rich man who will have created his own fortune without having been helped along the way nor by being born into wealth.  It’ll be someone full of energy and spirit with 1001 ideas to share and put to good use; someone like Richard Branson but poor at the beginning, someone that rises from the ashes of its own decadence to begin with.  You’ll enjoy this.

Well Rob D-Jr, I hope you enjoyed this reading and hope to hear from you sometime.  You will, won’t you?