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Hi Folks!

Sorry we missed last week as one friend turned up on our doorstep and took us to a spirits & medium conference.  I was so taken up by it that I literally forgot to post.  Just don’t you mention it to Rosie else she’ll curse me and as you know, Rosie’s curses are a plague you don’t want to be subjected to.  Once she cursed me with a dot & stutter spell and—

–           —Feralbulb!

–           Yes, Rosie?

–           A member of the public just rang to say you’re rambling on.  Weren’t you supposed to talk about Gwyneth?

–           That’s exactly what I’m doing.

–           So why should this guy call?

–           And why should you take up such call when I’m just introducing who we’re going to do today?  Don’t you open the line before the end, right Sis?  All right, now, we’ll be talking about Gwyneth Paltrow, a wonderful Libran born on 27 September 1972.

Dear Gwyneth,

Now, you’re looking at the past and the actions you took to protect yourself from all that happened.  You’re still reeling from it, whatever that was I’m not going to describe here.  Yet what you’re not looking at is the happy stuff presently going on around you…. Like this new arrangement or contract that’s just been signed or decided upon and which will improve your life considerably.  It’s like there is constant bickering around you and that it’s draining your energy but if you ignore it, then you’re just doing fine… let the bickering and the bitching happen and extract yourself from it for a second or so… (or much longer) and look at it for what it is: useless banter… a sword in the water…  only ripples… no one’s hurt and no one cares.  It’ll die down.  Just be yourself, be happy and focus on the now from now on rather than the past.  Your husband is a beautiful soul… a matching soul for you even if there were times when you doubted it.  We all do this… don’t beat yourself up for it.  You’re lucky you’re still together, very much in love (Boy o Boy, Miss Paltrow, I love love stories like these).  There are choices to be made and you’ll have to have a clear vision of how you envisage the unfolding of your life, a little further up the path of your future.  Act with wisdom, act with your heart and all will be well.  Your thinking of giving generously to others and your altruism is most welcome in this tough world.  Give and Teach.

It seems as if you’d currently wish to temporarily be a nun, just so that you can feel what it feels like to be disadvantaged (not that a nun is disadvantaged, but from the perspective of a nun, you shed all that there is to shed that is superfluous from you as a person (money, ego, career, wealth, health, the lot) and then you can feel what those others who have nothing or next to nothing need).  You can see clearly any opportunity that arises to help others and shouldn’t fear of doing the wrong thing.  Trust yourself.

Strangely, it seems that anything that takes you away from your home dispirits you.  You never feel as happy as when you’re home surrounded by those you love.  It takes away from you.  Who would have guessed, Gwyneth… you, a home body?  You love your craft and you still absolutely love the entertainment business you were bred from, but family life is the hard chore of what makes you.  No need to hide it.  We all have our likes and dislikes and you have a right to look after your family to your heart’s desire.  So… where does that leave you when you have no choice but to travel for one reason or another?  Take a piece of home with you… what else?  Take photos, take a strand of hair of your children and hubby and carry it on your heart in a small medal.  It might sound like a sick idea but it’s isn’t.  Your sensitivity goes beyond the beyond and feeling a piece of them on your heart will help you more than you care to think.  Trust me on this, Ma’am.

You’re hoping for a time when no one comes to you asking you to go away/travel for business.  Your sense of satisfaction at home is profound and if you could live there at all time, you would.  You’d wait for your prince to come home and your love would be renewed each time he’d come home.  C’mon Ms Cold Play, you wouldn’t want that would you?  All right, all right.  You’ve got a right to be who you choose to be and I must be the one to support you in any decision you wish to take.  Fair enough.  You’re a rare precious pearl in this world Ms Gwyneth, even if this isn’t what you’re aiming for.  You deserve to be told it, that’s all.  It must be said that you love to entertain at home and have family and friends visit and stay longer than expected because they just enjoy being with you and in your home.

It is indicated that you come from a playful family where mind games and toxic relationships were not part of the picture and that has made you a very thoughtful and sensitive person who will not primarily act out of instinct because you can feel what your instinct tells you and you can sort of crystallise them and draw some sense out of them to redirect them in a positive manner.

Currently, you must slow down the speeding that is going on in your head, the fear of changes and the fear of acting or saying anything that goes against what you truly believe.  Don’t let the looking backward or the feeling that you might want to even take steps backward stop you going forward.  As suggested earlier, Gwyneeny-miny-mo, look at the magic in your life and let yourself be carried by the flow.

Look at what others don’t have that you have: contentment, joy, abundance and ponder about it…  What is it that those others could add to their lives that would bring a smile, provided they can even afford to eat.  The arts?  Yes, indeed.  You have much to bring to them.  Remember, one day your kids will leave home and then what will you do?  Entertain at home?  Within home?  Or just around your home?  Think about it.  There’s much you can do and you know it.  If you’re not quite sure, contact me… I can help.

Right now, don’t be afraid to use other people’s ideas over what it is you’d like to do.  You wouldn’t be stealing from them, just borrowing for better purposes; i.e. you’d transform those borrowed ideas to make them your own and everybody does that.  Mixed with your imagination, those ideas won’t be subjected to intellectual property rights.  Say if you borrow for doing a sci-fi movie from a friend, including the idea that the world ends at the end, but rework it entirely the way you want, it isn’t stealing, right?  C’mon Ms Paltrow, don’t make me spell it out to you.  You wish me to? Very well: NO, it isn’t.  So fear not and make your own end of the world movie at home if you must but you’re not stealing anyone’s ideas.

Interestingly, Gwyneth, you will direct your next movie.  It’s as if you wished to tell the story of a young man who has nothing and who refuses to live in the real world.  This young man would be severely handicapped and would live in a beautiful world of his own that only one person close to him would discover and understand.  His difficulties would arise when he is left with no family and people want to make him move out of the house he lives in… that is, until someone, like a social worker, befriends him and realises he could afford to keep his home and more because of the world this young man creates in his head (say with a voice activated computer where he invents fantastic stories).

Well, that’s it Gwyneth, my lovely.  Hope you enjoyed this.

Till next week Folks!