Hi Folks,

Today, we’re looking at Quentin Tarantino’s spread.  Quentin is born on 27 March 1963 which makes him an inspired Aries.

Howdy Querantino!

With the first three cards, we are seeing the overall and general situation for the ‘fat chance fancy pants’ writer, you Quentino-man, are in and it is easy to note that you are a highly spiritual man and that all your energy is thrown into this life-mission that movie making is for you.  Joined to your deeply ingrained passion for movies at all levels, is this methodical and meticulous approach to writing and directing movies.  It’s a gift.  We’re not all born with it.  Somehow, for you mate, the source of all creativity is female.  Women not only inspire you, they also bring great opportunities in your life to explore anything to do with movie creation and all genres.

There appears to be ambivalence within you as you often fear your ideas being taken and on the other hand, you worry also that you may be taking ideas from others… your concern is that others might accuse you of the latter for your own selfish gratification and sometimes it gets to you as you begin to doubt where to draw the line as to whether an idea has been taken from another or not.  But rest assured that you aren’t…, you can’t be: there’s only one of you around.  Originality and fun eccentricities like yours can’t be repeated except by yourself.  We know your signature mark and it’s impossible to copy.

Currently, it’s like you’re not ready to release funds/creativity too quickly.  You’re seemingly waiting for the right time to claim what is due to you and then decide how to invest it and be creative with it.  An interesting approach by all means, but then mate… it’s just you, ain’t it?  It also appears as if you’re reluctant to let outside influence you and/or affect you.  Fair enough, Quentin, fair enough.

Ho, ho, ho!  Well look at what the cards are bringing in your life at the moment.  Love…  a chance encounter.  It seems that you will soon meet the one you’ll spend the remainder of your life with.  It even appears quite strongly that you’ll meet her on stage as you’ll act in a play with her.  From what I see on the card, the tip of her feet are blood red during the play so you might possibly recognise who I’m talking about because you might to have to shoot at her feet and they’ll appear bloodied or she’ll be wearing a vermillion pair of socks for some reason.  You’ll have fun meeting her and spending your life with her.  If there is a female version of you, then she will be she.  Don’t be frightened and enjoy the ride, Rintantino-man.  Interestingly, this is coming out in the house of negative influences and fears so here’s my recommendation: do not fear women, do not fear love and let your heart open up.

Now, it is clear you don’t want someone too wise to accompany you on your life’s pathway.  You want fun.  You fear the woman, whoever she may or will be will leave you because you won’t be able to satisfy her needs for her to be with you more often, because your passion isn’t women but movies.  Well, yes, Mate, sure, but why not wanting to combine both?  You’ll drive her insane?  Naaa.  Told you, Mate, she’ll just be raving mad about movies as you are: a match made in heaven for the rest of us spectators.  What did I tell you, you’ll find her on stage, right?  Hey, Quentin, history doesn’t have to repeat itself and your lady won’t have to live through what your Mum went through.. Besides, it wasn’t your fault, remember?  Did I say that?  YES, I DID, because YES, YOU CAN!

You come from a tough place where anything creative was nothing short of despised.  You wandering into movie making and theatre was at first seen as nothing short of lunatic.  But you didn’t care.  You’re strong, you’ve always been, you’re your own man, and you know who you are.  Funnily (or is it sadly?), perhaps interestingly, it seems that your seemingly feeling stuck for a long time in the same position, day in, day out (when you were young) gave way for your incredible imagination to flourish, i.e. because everything seemed so boring and so tough going that you invented stories in your head for your friends every second of every minute of every hour of every day…

Right now you need rest.  You need to arm yourself with patience and not let short nights get the better of you.  You need to sleep believe it or not.  You have nightmares at the moment or recurring ones…  You know how to use them with creativity but sometimes they bug you.  Well, talk to a counsellor or again, just rest and don’t eat too much, that’s you told.

Travel:  Now is not the time to look inside too much, now is the time to travel (once you’re rested, sure).  Consider your options, they are aplenty and go out there and film in the sun as only you can do so well.  Yes, there are more ‘Reservoir Dogs’, more ‘Pulp Fiction’ and more ‘Djangos’ with a silent ‘D’ to be made and you’ll never be short of imagination and work… so pace yourself.  Do remember to meditate and/or to seek peace on top of that hill-mountain to get a better picture of all that you wanna do.

Now your imagination gives rise to funny things in your head at times.  Like we’ve seen earlier, you have nightmares and this you don’t dare bring into your movie making in a literal way, hence your sense of exaggeration.  Blood splattered walls and bodies piling up in less time than it takes to pull the trigger can’t be taken for serious, indeed.  But have a check/talk with someone on those very dreams/nightmares you can’t get rid of because they are blocking some of your energies which you need to let loose and release.  It’s like there is too much control on how things should be and not enough on ‘going blind’ at times.  Yet… if you do let go of your dreams (write them down) and release them one way or another in a more dramatic way in your movies/scripts, then you might be able to explore a side of your creativity that is not only uniquely yours, but also to become more aware of the meaning behind those dreams and to use it for improved inspiration.  But as I said, Mate, don’t let this side of your imagination affect your wellbeing in any way and do talk to someone about it if it gets a little out of control, the rest is up to you.

There, what did I say?  Your next movie might very well be about how the dark forces of the universe unite to undo a queen who existed a long time ago and how history was created through a river of blood.  I can’t dig on this further because this is very much your territory and I can’t make it sound like it might be good, not even close to it.

Well, Quentin, I hope you enjoyed having your cards read for free.  I’d love it if you wrote to me when you meet the woman of your life, the one with red toes.

So long, Mate.