Hi there, folks,

Today we’re looking at Ryan Gosling, born on 12 November 1980 which makes him a Scorpio.

–           He looks like James.

–           Would you mind not interrupting me like this, Rosie?

–           I know, but look at him, just like James, only 25 years younger.

–           Yeah, you were mad about him.  You truly lost it for him, remember?

–           He wasn’t just gorgeous; he was funny, generous, tender and loyal.

–           Yeah, I do remember, until he offered you $1’500’000 to leave him alone and you took the cash.  Some love…

Fuck Rosie!  No need to slam doors like this!

Well, best to carry on.  Howdy folks, sorry for the interruption.

First of all, Mate, just remember you’re not on your own in this world.  There’s someone close to you worth fighting for.  She’s not one to be messed about with because if you do, she’ll just go.  She’s the one who helps you change and bring all those changes you’re currently embracing in your life.  She does it successfully and you’re to take care of her, not have fun of the wrong type on the side.  You know this.  I know you do.  So look within and undo what needs undone.  No! she doesn’t need to know.  She protects you and you owe it to her to offer her the protection she needs.  Don’t be mistaken: she can see quite clearly see what this is all about so stop fidgeting and offer her what she needs to hear.  Of course it won’t stop your career; it’s not what she’s about.  She means the best for you.  Don’t be afraid of her and go for it.

Here it comes again, Ryan, man: the cards are all about it: you’re wearing this tough looking and shining armour to protect yourself… only you’re all emotions and feelings and even the coldest of women can see through you.  You don’t want to get hurt, huh?  How’s that remotely possible?  The way you act opens you up to being hurt like any beach stranded jelly fish.  Right, you’re 33 and that’s the time when Jesus was put on the cross; but you’re not Jesus and you don’t have to bear your cross as if the end of the world was nigh, nope.  Yeah, I know… you’re tough and you’re not bleeding any more.  Well, then… don’t let it linger and let your second half in.  She’s worth it and you deserve her.  C’mon mate.

Now, it also appears as if you don’t really like unexpected surprises.  You do like them but you’re afraid of most feelings that ring true just like you’re afraid of letting yourself being loved.  What’s this all about Mr. Gosling, dude?  I know, it’s in your eyes… all this tough looking man, this sensitive actor, the chameleon within struggling to get out and show what his true colours are because one might get hurt.  But your eyes betray you.  They don’t mean to, it’s just that they’re truly themselves and we can all see through them, yes, even blokes like me.  Let it be, Ryan.  Let yourself be.  Be free.  Release your chameleon within and show us the real you… show your better half what you’re made of…  Now look what you’ve done: …got a tear in my eye.  Cheap.  If you make me carry on like this, the audience is going to leave us so stop this sentimental nonsense, will you?

Ha!  Your wishes and hopes are nothing short of generous and ambitious (ambitious in a nice way, in an entertaining way).  You’ve got quite a soul, Man, and as I said before, if you decide to release your true self for all to see, you’re going to be loved for who you are: a generous, understanding young man with much to offer.  You care about others around you more than many generous looking souls out there on the Hollywood hills.  Because this is where your being truly lies: what you’re going to do for humanity is on a par with what Sir Geldof did back in the eighties.  It’s going to open up your world, that of filming as well and open up our eyes to the ways of the world.  This is a surprise and I can’t wait to see what it is you have in store for us.  So you’re warned about yourself now and I’m waiting to see what it is you’ll do to make this world a better place.  Whatever it is, I already love you for it, Mate.

You are one hell of a risk taker.  Nothing frightens you… except for matters of the heart, as we’ve seen earlier, you just go head strong for what you believe in… which in fact explains your future unbelievably selfless and generous actions.  Indeed, it is shown that in the past you’ve always come to the help of those less fortunate than you are, that you love to defend people – possibly you might have briefly considered a career as a lawyer earlier on.  You’re good at your craft because you can feel everything around you and you’re not afraid to pretend and act.  You’ve always loved to perform and this will never leave you.  But you love to travel and discover the world too and if you haven’t done much of that yet, be prepared because you’re going to do this in an unexpected way and sooner than you think.

My o my, I must say, Ryan it is indicated that right now, you are wondering about the ways of the world and which way it is going.  You have had enough living in a selfish world and despite your youth you already think ahead: how will you feel when you depart this world (a long time from now) and you discover that there isn’t much you have accomplished to help the world go round in a smooth way…  Even if you then have a family who loves you, you can’t help but think that there is more to this planet than meets the eye and it is time, NOW, that you did something about it to help the poor and the planet.

Your current – hidden – ambitions, or those which might soon grab you from within, will have you worry about the one close to you and whether you can meet her expectations or the expectations you have for her.  Being generous and carrying your soul is a heavy burden but it needn’t be one that makes of you a martyr.  Once again, the cross may be heavy, but there are many ways (nowadays) to carry it.  Your imagination is sometimes playing tricks on you and it is suggested that you go and travel the world and/or let yourself being dragged into artistic endeavours to release the tension you sometimes feel.  I would also suggest that you speak to a counsellor to help you with those moments where you feel you want to help the world but can’t because of those feelings that try and convince you that you’re not a miracle maker.  Well you’re not, but you’ll be close to be one, one day; trust yourself and have that counsellor to help you out.  The entire world is going to benefit from it.  Cheer up, Ryan, man.

Well, here we have it… what it is you should do at this point in life to feel better about yourself and move towards the goals you have – still as drafts I sense – in your head?  Be impulsive and don’t think too much.  Be the brave soul you are and go for what you believe in and what you feel.  Even if this means you’ll go for broke or poor for a while, you need to go for what lies in your spirit.  There are many people out there who are waiting for you and your generosity.  You don’t want adulation or admiration.  Good on you.  If you need to go incognito, then try, but I doubt you’ll be able to hide your actions.  It takes some modesty to go openly as well anyway so trust yourself – watch videos of Sir Bob and how he did it then, or get acquainted with the ways of great men and learn from them.  You’ll be all right, Mate, you’ll be all right.

I hope you enjoyed this reading, dude, and it’d be nice if you’d care dropping me a word to tell me about it.

Over to you now.