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Howdy folks!

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a lady, a woman I’d like to see by my side – aside Whoopi Goldberg who hasn’t yet taken up my marriage offer – a woman of substance: Gillian Anderson, born on 9 August 1968, a Leo in all its flaming and shiny splendour, red mane and all.  She has played in the X-files as well as in classics as the House of Mirth and Bleak House.  A versatile woman, one of multiple faces, costumes and accents and whose beauty… but boy, o boy… Will you marry me Ma’am?

–           Feralbulb!

–           Oh stuff it, Sis!

–           A little respect would —

–           —and what would you know about respect, huh?  You’re interrupting me at the beginning of me show, once again.

–           She’ll never want to marry you.

–           I didn’t make it personal, did I? So why do you always add a twist and a sting in everything you say to me, huh?  Tell me, Sis?


–           And don’t slam the door like this!

Well, Ms Anderson, truly sorry about this.  But you know what Rosie’s like by now don’t you?  My question to you remains the same and remains open for as long as I shall live.

But here it goes, dear Gillian:

Life hasn’t been as smooth and rosy as it could have been Ma’am.  There is a feeling of grief and loss that got the better of you as you didn’t expect it.  Not only that, it also affected you longer than you wanted it.  It’s affected the people around you too and created arguments and conflicts.  There was conflict within you – and it stills appears to be here; don’t try and deny it.  Sometimes you wonder if you’re ever going to get out of that dark cloud and the trouble is that you feel guilty for even wanting to get out of the darkness.  Why Ma’am?  Why?  It’s perfectly all right to move on… I know that other people have already told you this but you keep dismissing their advice… don’t dismiss mine.  Here, I know what can make you happy – yes, just as much as you do…- drown yourself in work: it’ll bring you back to normal in no time.  The outcome card is good too: your relationship, if it went through rough patches, is on the mend and will be going deeper than you ever thought it could go, although not quite immediately.

Currently, it’s like the pain won’t go away, whichever way you look at it and your heart suffers, not just figuratively.  Ms Anderson, Ma’am, do check with a doctor if you have chest pain won’t you?  People come and go, it’ll never stop.  Besides, you have big plans and yes, you can incorporate the pain into your plans to help yourself and carry the ones you miss in your heart, always.  Now is the time to move on Ma’am.  Don’t let the pain get the better of you and get to work.

I know you feel dispirited and as if you lacked imagination and tools to pick those parts of you that you have left behind.  Take a rest.  Sit on a high chair somewhere in nature and let the queen within you rise again.  You can transcend your thoughts and emotions with your inner guide and let your subconscious show you the way.  You only need rest, observe and feel.

You are totally averse to anything rash, spontaneous, egotistical and dislike the celebrity status very much.  You wish you could snap out of the game for a while and do your own thing, anonymously for a long time, if not forever.  You’re all substance and the shine and polish that is required from you at times has begun to be a burden because there are people around you that you wish you’d never met or and just as much as you know how to protect yourself, there is always a journalist or a friend-who-isn’t-one who have the’ best intentions’ for you.  You might get to a point where you’ll just tell them what you think bluntly and not care what they might think or say about you; and why not, Ma’am?  Why not?

Your past shows that you come from a family that mixed science and art and that gave you a broad perspective of how you should approach your life and its multiple facets. As a kid, you were fascinated by the type of conversations your Mum & Dad could have because even though the two were very different from each other, they could sustain conversations that enlightened you; they had respect for each other and you were able to understand what each was saying and assimilate it.  This is why you are now able to listen to people for hours on end, because you can grasp their essence and understand them fully.

For now, you need time to yourself.  I would say you need to try and understand yourself on a deeper level than before and you are opening up to spirituality in a way you never believed possible and would have dismissed had things not turn out the way they have.  It’s simple Ms Anderson, the more time you spend alone trying to understand the world as well as yourself, the more you’ll develop an incredible useful insight which will not only make your own path more visible and clearer, but that of others too and if you were to find another activity aside acting, then advising people on their well-being would be your gift (you’d want to do it anonymously and that’s fine).  And on that one, Ma’am, if I may, Rosie and I would be delighted to help you out so do not forget to seek us out.

It seems as if you’ve reached a stage in your life where you don’t have to try and live those rituals which we all go through at some point such as  getting married, having kids, getting a house, etc.  You have all that plus you’ve been able to play them in movies and on stage many times.  You are a very keen reader and love literature and since you like to ponder and wonder at the world by staying in one spot, you might consider writing too.

Well there you have it, Ms Anderson, what you can do now is to let your imagination loose and get onto those new projects you have in mind, and if I’m not mistaken, there are at least six projects – possibly stories? – on your mind, not to mention two smaller ones you don’t like to talk about at this stage.  You also like to work at night as you don’t need much sleep and night inspires you… and then by day you gather those nightly thoughts and put them to good use.

Ms Anderson, I’m very excited to see that your next movie involves spirituality, as if you will be part of a new TV series where you’ll play a psychic who can never get it right if she’s being tested publicly but gets it right at all other times, i.e. when real event happen around her and no one knows what she does… which implies all sorts of difficulties for people to believe her…  A nice, new and smart little British series that would cheer you up and help your own beliefs.

Well there you are Ma’am.  It wasn’t so bad after all, was it?  I know I put you on the spot, but that’s because I not only like you but I’d like to marry you, don’t make me repeat it.  This ain’t wrong, right?

With all my love.