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Hi Folks! Today we’re reviewing the cards of Matthew Bellamy, born 9 June 1978, a Gemini

First of all, congratulations, Matt, for making me draw one of the most artistic set of cards I’ve seen.  Your career is going to be a long-standing one and you’ve already been around a few years.  You’ll stand strong alongside gifted contemporary musicians and you’ll be compared to groups like the Beatles, David Bowie, U2, the Rolling Stones and many others iconic groups.  I know you’ll find this corny and weird but it’s like you’re protected by the Heavens or whatever it is that is around us but that we can’t see or touch.  True Mate, true.  Your musical genius is infinite and powerful.  Not only that, you don’t quite know the meaning of rest and hard work is your motto, not that you’re aware of it because of the love you bring to everything you do as far as your art is concerned.  Your relationship(s) is bound to suffer from the time you spend apart and the living of the life you both lead.  There’ll be soon changes to your love life.

Well, Mate, with you, nothing is left to the darkness.  All is light, thought of and gently emotional.  Nothing is instinctual, nothing is passionate.  It’s to do with your ears and your gift of empathy.  How interesting is this when, considering your music, all that it creates is emotional twirls of passion that take most of us at gut level?  Everything you do and think must come out and be communicated or else you fall into the tightly clenched fists of frustration.  What you say is what you mean and if I don’t like it I have a choice to walk away or argue until till I end up getting your point and you, possibly mine.  There’s no arguing your music and songs and there’s no arguing with you because you’re not only stubborn but you don’t have the time for arguments of a non-musical nature.

You fear the power of intuition and knowledge.  Now that is a little strange, you have to admit.  It’s like the possibility of your world being opened by what you might know without getting it from any external source is the equivalent of something stolen that must remain where it is and for you that is in your subconscious.  It is also the fear of an overpowering father or father figure who could never be satisfied with whatever it was you were trying to achieve, that or he was never there for you and your expectations of yourself were those of a child with an imaginary father figure.  You couldn’t come up higher than to his ankle whether your father existed or not.  Rise, rise, not good enough that person would say at home or inside your head, but you could never rise to the challenge until… well, the rest is history.

You wish to travel and try on new paths.  You want to see the world while you sing.  You love life and all this travelling and creativity exhaust you.  You wish you wouldn’t feel so tired at times.  Watch out, Mate, there are limits to respect as far as your energy is concerned.  But who am I to advise a constantly on tour musician to reduce the drinking, the long time and whatever else comes with it?  Get some vitamin injections, get a week’s rest every two months or so.  I don’t know.  Ask your doctor, your partner or your Mum.

There was a quiet woman in your life, a mother figure who was like a queen but never quite dare impose herself.  Quiet, withdrawn she was.  She hid her abilities from you.  She shed light on everything she touched and could see the world upside down without blinking.  I mean she never let it out if she was hurt or happy or sad but people were drawn to her as without uttering a word, they could feel that she understood them.  She kept a garden inside, private and because she only let you see a tiny glimpse of it, you ended up playing music to explore those worlds you couldn’t see… by sounding them.  When you were younger, you often felt that time was your enemy but you discovered it isn’t true.  It was just very annoying for you then.

Balance, calm, thoughtfulness need incorporated into your life at the moment, along with letting new and fresh ideas being brought to you.  Spontaneity is coming towards you, like messages and messengers bringing good news and wanting you to look into their enterprises – as far as music is concerned – and help them.  Careful here, again, you can weigh things up and see if it is feasible.  Don’t take on everything that comes unless your manager can put it forward in the future even if it is as far as in two or five years’ time.  You’re not Superman and you feel it so respect that feeling.

You have an unlimited supply of inspiration and personal strength within.  You are able to perfectly tame your demons/beast within and you can easily decide to put a stop to all the partying to gain some time for yourself, for inspiration, for writing your music and practising; let alone your relationship(s).  You know that time is of the essence as you grow older – slowly but surely – and you are advised to manage your time with thoughtfulness and way ahead of any schedule already planned for you.

To conclude, it is recommended you let your heart speak in a big way.  Be this loving man you’ve always aspired to be and not just by drawing the crowd’s attention but by being generous with those close to you.  You feel that you might be a bit harsh at times with those working constantly around you as well as your loved ones and that you act uninspired without meaning to do so.  So once again, take the time and look at those areas of your life where you can give to your heart’s contents.  Travelling by sea is something you love to do, so why not?  You love the ocean, the sea.  Ask your leading lady on a cruise and practise or play the music on the ship if necessary, you’ve done it before.

Matt, Mate, if you come this way, let me know, I’m dying to see you and hear you.  In the meantime, have a good time and look after yourself.