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Howdy Tim-O-Man!

You are born on 25 August 1958 – a majestic Leo (Timothy William Burton).


Well, better things are coming up for you and despite all the issues, on-going battles, threats and ultimatums, your strong resolve and passion for your better half will have you turn the next sequence of events into positive life statement and bring more changes.  Yes, rut has been had and is still being incurred but don’t give up.  She wants change?  Well, then, bring it on.  Be smart about it, let her have her way and see what happens.

Besides, this will bring your creativity to a higher level and you’ll feel filled with new ideas which no one around you expects any more.  I mean, Man, you’ve already come up with the most imaginative pictures and blabber anyone could come up with, how could you possibly come up with more?  You’ll have no difficulties surprising us all many more times.  Please, do look after your health though as the pace of your work and private life must slow down a bit.  No, I don’t mean to be patronising and your health is your private stuff but: do allow me to remind you that the best brain cells can do with healthy living.  That’s all mate, I won’t intrude further into your health.

All the cards want to do today is to point at your relationship with Ms Carter: renew your vows with her and if you’re not married, then marry her or have a pretend wedding, some great ceremony surrounded by people you love as well as some of the imaginary characters you’ve created and for them to attend…  Yes your Helena darling can be sharp-tongued, but all women are like that when they’re not getting through to us.  Except for Rosie, I know, her tongue is that of a snake, forking at the end – but you know, that’s how she lost all her hubbies (I do realise Helena doesn’t have a ‘hubby’ and that she doesn’t ’pop’ which she pointed out to in the King’s speech), too smart and too fucking arty-wordy-pants, that’s me Sis.  Your Queen isn’t anywhere as bad as me Sis so take heart and do what you must do.  Be a man Tim-Burty-Dude.  Don’t let muddy waters stagnate between the two of you.  Pull the plug and then take her on a trip, away from family and home and have some passion brought into your story the way you bring passion onto your movies.

Which brings us to your next movie creation: This will be about an upside down world, one where spirituality must remain hidden as it is forbidden; one where thinking isn’t considered useful and where authority is nonexistent, a chaotic world.  It will also be a world where free thought and enterprise is discouraged.  It will be a highly toxic world where all the characters will be bound to each other by their overwhelming feelings and emotions as they’ll be manipulating each other and will not know how to change their ways until… until you come in, Mate, and I won’t reveal how you’ll sort out this weird crowdJ

O.  And before I forget, why not create your own studios – the ‘Timburtland Studios’ and deservedly rip all the profits Disney studios believe you might owe them?  Get your team of accountants and economists to work on that idea and I’ll sure come visit Timburtland Amusement Parks in Sydney (cause that’s where you’ll have them, won’t you? – me and Rosie, we love Sydney).

Hope you enjoyed this reading Timmy-Man.  I sure enjoy all your movies over and over and over again.