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Dear Anna,

Your full name is Anna Helene Paquin and you are born on 24 July 1982, you are a Leo.

Currently, it seems that despite the nice changes that have occurred in your life, nothing seems as it really is.  It looks like there is a new job offer for you, one that you’ve dreamed of for a while but that working at it will be a lot more difficult than expected and will request from you all your mental, emotional and moral strength.  It will exhaust you physically and you might consider having a mentor, coach or counsellor talk you through this job, say once a week or more until it is over.  A God damn tough job, like you’ve never seen one like that before.  The man by your side welcomes changes and excitement in both your lives but he is concerned about that job too.  It was all right to play a gifted young woman in the X-men, it was fun, but this one is bringing things close to home, close to reality.  Rehearsing the life of a mentally disturbed woman plagued by visions which priests and policeman have trouble deciphering in order to save other people from one, possibly more killers, is something of a challenge and the movie director is a fucking control freak of a kind which would challenge even the most relaxed and positive of us.

You are a sensitive soul after all and that type of role will drain you of your energy.  It also feels as if the director offering you that role has a bit of a temper, and that just as good as he may be, he will drive everyone filming it or in it, insane.  All in all, this film will not be a tea party and to come out unscathed, you will definitely need some sort of outlet, be it, as I said before, through mentoring, counselling, what your fancy takes but support it must be.

Currently you’re not hoping for anything.  You don’t wish to be led blindly and you will not take any decisions without knowing exactly where you’re going.  You fear the illusion of success and you sometimes wake up at night with nightmares in your head as if you feared losing everything.  What makes you think that Miss?  I think that you are discovering that life is full of surprises and that at the same time as things turn bad and your expectations are quashed, other things turn out unexpectedly well.  There is a calling in you, as if you were drawn to lots of people and I think you might love to play music or write books or possibly even be a political leader (not right now but say it will come to you within 5 years).

What you can do to relieve you from all the current stress in your life is to ignore those men and/or people who come to you looking like they have the best intentions in the world and trust your own instincts and power and fucking do your own think.  That’s you told.  Look at the future: you have all the necessary tools and knowledge in your hands to move forward and decide exactly how you want to lead your life and whether or not you want to move to flat lands for a while.  These flat lands would be a new world opening for you and the creativity within you has the need to come through and evolve in that direction.  In the long run, you will shine like a thousand stars, O yes Ms Paquin, you will, and your ability to think things through will lead you to direct and produce your own movies.  What is more and very importantly, you will not always feel as if it is all hard work.  One day, not only all will be clearer to you, but also you will feel as if you can work effortlessly as your craft will have gone into your blood.

This is it for today, dear Anna, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to me or to Rosie.

Hope this reading is of some help.