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Good afternoon Ms Mantel,

It is a pleasure having you on board.  Yeah, I know: you didn’t ask for it but hey, this is what I do.  Your full name is Hilary Mary Mantel and you’re born on 6 July 1952.  You’re an communicative Gemini.

Look, my belief is that you do need a good reading and this is what I’m here for.

First of all, it is indicated that there is a very strong and powerful situation you are currently to attend to with some urgency.  You have to fight on two fronts: physical and justice.  I believe someone may be claiming some of your work as theirs and this is affecting you because deep down, you can’t be bothered with such fools nor to waste any time on them, yet you must as lawyers need your input to better protect you.   It affects your health in that you didn’t do anything wrong so how in the world could there be such dishonest beings as to claim their lies to be truth?  Pathetic, I know.  This is the world we live in.  But who cares, Ma’am?  The world is at your feet and your loyal followers know who you are without needing proof of it.  Doesn’t that make you feel good?  Well, it should.  What?  Did I hear you well? you fear the God damned cheats might win just because he or she’s (although ‘it’ would be a better definition) good at what it does, i.e. lying till death ensues?  I see: publishers don’t like it, less profits, a tarnished reputation… Well, then, choose a friendlier publisher or publish yourself, you’ll be sure to attract the numbers and the figures into your basket, no doubt.  C’mon Hilary!

You’re admired and cherished all over the world, even I, rough, uncultured and uneducated Feralbulb of all creatures can’t wait for your next novel.  Besides, your husband is always, and will always be there to protect you from the Universe’s nonsense: rely on him more when you need to do so.  Think of him and all he must do to look after the books’ business.  Ain’t that good?  Ain’t that a lovely feeling?  C’mon Ma’am.  Be strong, move on.  O, and keep the travelling on your agenda, it’s good for you.

Now, in regards to travelling, I sense that you are sometimes reluctant to travel because you like to stay put to write and concentrate and that the idea of travelling distracts you.  Yet… yet it promotes your inspiration.  Love will always be there for you and your close ones will never remove their friendship from you just because you go away for extended periods of time.  I understand that you feel like staying home and/or where the heart is and where you’ve set yourself up for writing for eternity.

You fear the lack of restraint some people show and how they do it just to hurt.  You also fear huge gatherings and being in the limelight for the wrong reasons.  Your words are gold but people’s listening to them will turn them into pieces of shitty crap no one wants to know about.  I know you mean well.  Rosie knows you mean well.  Many of us – in fact most of us – know that you’re free to say what you think and that in this day and age, your general public will follow you blindly.  Don’t let gossip moguls bully you into thinking that you are who you’re not.  You’ve learned too much to do this.  Promise?

Look, Ms Mantel, it’s fine: you want to be left alone and do your own thing and ignore all that fuss?  Then please do so.  Don’t let external influences affect you and concentrate, focus, produce that novel for the yet unheard of third booker prise in a row, even if you don’t quite get there.

I know you feel like you’ve done enough travelling and that you wish to think of long term travel as a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go away at all.  Of course I respect your wishes, Hilary, I just mean that every now and then, re-opening your horizons and discovering or re-discovering places will help your amazing inspiration and intuition do their jobs.

Right now, I think you ought to go to the city; not just one city, but many.  Go on tour, promote more of your work and bath yourself into the multi-coloured and multi-facetted salts of the mixed waters of the great cities of this world.  Why not move from one city to another and live in each of them for a year or two?  Buy properties and hop from one place to the next to your heart’s whim.  Your husband loves this too.  Just remember: for you, moving about will create bigger financial rewards (sorry can’t explain this, just bear it in mind).

What you have going for you at this point in time, Hilary, is the quiet confidence that your work and reputation – no matter what – is firmly established and that you can rest in the comfort of the love of your partner.  I also sense that you will wish to give back to the world, (once the troubles I talked about earlier are over, or possibly even now, to help you forget about the dark side of this troubled world), and give to charities or possibly offer better opportunities in schools to those who wish to learn literature and work in that field.

Right now, you think that this isn’t the time to change things all over again.  Ok, you’re probably right, you’re reluctant to bring changes now yet you can’t afford to rest for too long, just as much as you wish you would and could at times – so yes, pay attention to your sleep patterns and get plenty of rest regardless.  It seems as if resting and sleeping are boring to you as your mind wanders and you need to put pen to paper.  Fair enough, Ma’am, but remember to look after your basic body needs, food, drink, sleep and whatever exercise, be it merely walking, and incorporate them in your day.

In my humble and feral opinion, Ms Mantel, your next book will surprise everyone in that it’ll be an epic novel about huge crowds of people who are very spiritual, very religious and how their beliefs affect their life in many ways.  You’ll write from the point of view of someone who ‘believes’ which will be an incredible feat given your own thoughts and views of what is out there that can’t be seen.

Well, I hope this reading wasn’t too much of a disappointment Ms Mantel and that possibly, I opened up your views on what is out there that can’t be seen but can be felt (I’m a clairsentient, Ma’am).

If anything that I said is unclear, please, Hilary, do not hesitate to contact me or Rosie for detailed explanations and/or clarifications.