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Howdy folks!

Today, we are doing a reading for Rebel, also known as Rebelicious of real name Rebecca Wilson, born on 3 February 1986, an Aquarian, an actress, writer, director in Sydney, Australia.

Well hello there Miss Wilson,

Had we known that you and us were linked by our birth dates, we would have dealt with your reading much earlier.  Such is life on the cards and I, Feralbulb, of the never-ever-whatever-whatitis salute you and your funny gift with all my might.  You know where to find Rosie if you need her but trust me, it’s worth ignoring her at the moment.  So let us see your first cards:

To begin with, it seems that there are new and happy events occurring in terms of a possible relationship that has been on the cards for a while now.  It’s like you weren’t quite considering it and/or not taking it too seriously but now the time has come for you to take stock as this person is coming strong and with an honest relationship proposal.  You’d better be in romantic mood or set your clock to ‘romantic’ because the time has come for you to realise that there are people who truly care about you and that – despite you never feeling alone or lonely (where would you find the time for it anyway Miss?) – You may well deserve more than just good friends.

Indeed, you’re looking back at all that you’ve achieved already in such a short time and wondering where you should be headed now, not that you don’t know but it is more a question of choice and being organised.  And of course, looking in that direction, you can’t see what’s coming your way: a new exciting proposition.  There’s the one from a prospective relationship as well as that from a studio for some new movie where you’d have a lot of say, possibly lots of writing as input from you and co-directing, and this you don’t quite expect but it will sure help you make your selection because this one’s one big and god damned fat opportunity you won’t wanna to miss.  What, with ozzie directors and casts, what else could you do but beat the odds and put Mick Dundee from Walkabout Creek back where he belongs: in the past and get onto the world stage that is your oyster?  YEAH BABY!

There you have it: all that you fear is for procrastination to knock at your door because all you wanna do, Miss Rebeli-Rebelo, is to work, enjoy it while it lasts and put those fun earned pennies where they belong: in the ‘hard-days-to-be-had-if-any’ basket.  Worrying not being your motto, there are still times when you get grabbed by it and when you need a reality check.  Well you know the ozzie way out of that predicament Rebel-child: chill out when necessary and all will be well.

Right now, you wish for change and all I can recommend is for you to be prepared because as I said earlier, change is coming your way and as big as change comes.  Yes, again I insist that you knock into your head that you will be able to unleash your creativity the way Russell Crowe unleashed hell in Gladiator.  Get it?  Good.

You come from a place in the past where you felt stuck, unable to go the way you wanted to go because you didn’t know exactly what you were made of and it took a lot of trial and error until you got your future career worked out.  Never mind the mistakes: at least you had the courage to try anything and everything to see what suited you and showed as well as lead the way for many.  Sorry Miss Rebelicious but when I look at you I just giggle and Rosie, when I give her the opportunity to have her meals and she’s not tied up to her chair, slaps me to knock that stupid grin out of my face and senses but I can’t help it Miss, and it’s a compliment.  I’ll come back to Sydney soon just to attend all of your shows.

What you could do at the moment, to stop looking backward and prepare yourself for what’s coming, is to look at everything you do with a renewed sense of purpose.  Say when you put cornflakes in your plate in the morning and add some milk to it, stir the damned flakes the other way around and crunch them using your tongue against your palate instead of your teeth… see how it feels and get inspired doing every little thing in a different way and see where it leads you in terms of new ideas.  Trust your mandatory psychic, me, because I know, goddammit and trust your beloved, friendly advisor too (there’s one around you, could be a father figure).

What you could easily rely on too are the people in the street, the ones with no experience, the ones with nothing but their imagination, lay people: they could help you out and you may find true gems, should you be recruiting new faces to play on the down under screens.  Really, try everything that those in your industry tell you not to do – be a rebel and show ‘em it can work your way because you have a fresh mind, a fresh approach and a fresh outlook on life.  You go Miss, you go, oi, oi, oi!

Around you, at this point in time, is a lovely man who feels he has lost almost everything although he hasn’t.  He is the ‘King’ of creation in Sydney – I don’t know his name but you would – and he can and will be a source of inspiration and help to you – he will trust your new ideas and endeavours and will want to try them out without suspicions, just because he likes the way you do your stuff.  So pick up on this Miss Wilson-of-the-never-never and come back to tell me that I will soon be able to attend one of your shows.

As to your next movie, this will have to do with thieves who still everything from a very rich man and you being in the middle of them, trying to be diplomatic because you’re friends with all parties and don’t want to upset any of them.  You’ll be like a chameleon, behaving well and according to thieves’ rules when you’re with thieves and behaving according to the well-off’s rules when with them, until the police get involved and you unwittingly create more and more chaos around you and… well no spoiler, right?

Good luck, all the best to you young lady, God bless!