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Howdy folks!

Today we are looking at PSY – otherwise known as Park Jae.  Mate, you’re born on 31 December 1977, a South Korean Capricorn in all its splendid greyness, wilderness and extraversion… wait!  Did I say a Capricorn?  Nah.  A loose one?  Nope.  A fun one ?  Can’t be.  What the fuck ?  Oh well, I shall leave impossible astrological extrapolations to the professionals because you and I, Gang-Mate, we’re about to have some fun regardless.

You’ve done it big, you Gang-Guru of sorts.  I can tell: even Rosie’s taken to sit on the loo and sing.  She wishes she’d thought of it before.  You’ve opened her new world for her, for sure, even if merely on the cubicle side of things.  As to I, of the feral-feral land, it’s like the rest of the world: your catchy optimism sings in me head all day.  If only your North-Korean Capricorn counterpart would take his lessons from you and sing to your tune instead of that of nuclear war heads, the world would be a better place, if not safer.

Well, Nam-Man.  First of all, it is clear that although you were aware your song would be successful, you didn’t expect it to go as wild and as far as it did.  You’re under pressure Nam, that need to keep it up is there and you know that although you’ll do well in your industry, you might not be able to come up with a repeat of your exotic, eccentric and fucking exciting NamNam song – whichever way you pronounce that and with all due respect – and you’re preparing your future in that regards.  It all went so bloody fast, yeah?  Good.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  There are other, even better things awaiting you – possibly not as enjoyable for your public – but you’ve got other things on your mind… business, music business, expanding your industry just where you are and opening it and bringing it to the world.  Not a bad idea, cause we do need more of you out there for sure.  But don’t eclipse too quickly, we just love you, you Gangsta-style Gnam-Man.  And if you don’t know this already, take stock: you’re born under some lucky star and the way I see things for you, Mate, is that you might soon have your own Oprah-Style show, Gang-shit-style-and-all, with you as the interviewer and everyone whose anyone wanting to converse with you, Gnam-Gnam way.

On another note, what I just love about you is the way you love your partner.  She’s not only blessed, she must also be proud.  Wow!: to be the Nam-Nam bride, if only I were a woman.

It is very interesting to note that your catchy tune came out of a long period of gestation, one where you felt nothing was moving on, where you could see where you wanted to go but couldn’t quite come up with the idea and/or the means to realise it until you decided that, ‘what the heck? Why not try it with what’s on board and go ahead with it anyway, no matter what anybody might think or where the funds came from’.  And instead of funds and bother with others’ beliefs, you just got incredible support from optimistic friends who just wanted to have fun too.  Who again said ‘girls wanna have fun’?

Hey man, why fear losing it all?  Just enjoy it while it lasts.  Besides, there’s a strong indication that you’ll never lose it all.  You might ruffle a few feathers along the way because you’re gonna be everywhere and everything at the same time and some o’them will just wish they were still your friends when we all must move on in life at some point, don’t we?  Thing is, Nam-Mate, your loved ones will never leave you and they’ll always be around.  Don’t fear the man who dares looking within to see things through and through, he means well.  Let him come out.

Hm, hm.  You know what?  Seek a little counselling: you needn’t fear your own fame the way you do.  If you wish to tone all of your life down a little, just do like me hairdresser, José: use a toner.  Truth-of-truth, is that there are still smaller opportunities for you to take on board, still friends wishing to keep in touch with you and all you need to do is sit under a tree, gaze at the birds and whistle for peace.  Yeah.  Whistle that famous tune of yours and it’ll bring the inspiration and ideas you’re looking for.  Don’t let anything or anyone get to you and seek the peace you love when you feel like it.

In your past, you have orderly construct of your life and two contradictory feelings: that of a father or father figure who would be extremely organised – very knowledgeable – and that of a mother who might have felt her path wasn’t so clear and overwhelmed by life in general but, in a way, loving to step blindly of the regular path and journey one must take sometimes and expressing these feelings in the way she brought you up…. So look at you now, man!  What would we be without your Mum and without you?

For now, what the cards suggest is to leave the fighting to others.  By fighting I mean don’t worry, be happy, yeah, just that.  Get your accountants, lawyers, and all the uncreative but very useful Nam-Nam Style teams deal with the finance and contracts which weigh on your shoulders far too much and which you don’t need.  Be a fool, be spontaneous and see where life takes you.  Relax, Mate.  Take a little time off and explore the world with partner.  Pay a visit to Australia again or the moon.  There’ll be plenty of time to catch up with your business – don’t let the business catch up with you.  Be free, be yourself!

You have your strong instinct, your spontaneity and full of youthful fun abilities at your disposal.  You’re never too old to bring those feelings of your wanting fun and behave in a childlike manner.  We’re all children at heart anyway.  Surprise yourself, surprise the world if that’s still what you wanna do but most of all, surprise your close ones.  Be a magician like only you can do it.  Your flow of energy is constant and you needn’t fear losing it, so keep going the way you’re going without letting the Capricorn within stop you being who you wanna be.  Don’t listen to mad astrologers, just listen to me and to your inner Nam Style voice and all will be well.

Listen, now is not the time to go home even if you wish you could and had the time for it.  Just do what you must, enjoy it while it lasts and recreate those homely moments you miss so much when the time comes.  Everything in its own time, right?  There’s much travelling still to be done for you.  The cards show mostly travel.  Take it in your stride.  Give it a year and then home will be back on the cards for you to rest and attend to.  I repeat: enjoy your time and let us enjoy the way you spend your time along with you.

As to your next project, aaaaaaaaah how I love to spoil a few things sometimes for da sake of it, Mate: it seems you might wanna travel incognito and surprise people in the street… pretend you’re not who you are and then begin the dancing all over again, amidst unbelievers, right there, amongst the poor: those who have lost their ability to smile and be spontaneous: the god damned bankers, the dispirited economists, the tree-killing and killing-anyone-lawyers and …well, just don’t tell Rosie what I just said, please, I beg you cause she loves the last breed I just mention (remember: they had her ex-hubbies pay her up till she’s gone and till her children and great-grand-children are gone).

Anyways, Mate, do come this way, you’re invited. We’re dying of boredom in this country.  I could show you around.  We’d travel by train to the mountains and you could disrupt the far-too-close-to-perfect-timely train schedules by stopping them and sing on the roof.  Yeah, that’d be nice.  See ya soon, Yang-Nam-Man.