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Hey Sis, did you ever know that Cleese originally came from Cheese?  Am I the only one who didn’t know?  Sis?  Ooops.  Yeah, forgot.  I gagged her once more.  Let’s move on, shall we?  Tonight, Folks, and if you haven’t guessed it already, we’re looking at John Marwood Cleese, born on 27 October 1939, a war baby, an X-man with an X factor, a forever energetic Scorpio who will never stop trying to seek the deeper meaning of  life through funny symbols and symbolic fun.  Cheesy puns to suit, guys, it’s all here to entertain and you the better, is it not?

Howdy John!

Gee Cleese-Man, you currently have the sensitivity of the Priestess.  Yep, that’s exactly what I said and exactly what I mean.  You are enlightened and if you’re not spirited yourself, then you are communicating with the spirits one way or another, that’s for sure.  So what are these spirits of yours saying?  Move on man, make a move, it’s expected and it’s wanted.  You can’t wallow in the what-was and what-has-been and unhealthy situations and, just as much as you might like complications, they are not for you because – put simply – you are at a stage of your life where you want things to run smoothly, just like lice on a hair strand.

It seems that you are a little scared of the fun and silly side that has been your companion all these years and that you wish to take a step back towards a more serious side, not too serious, as if you still have an interest in any legal matter and that you might be interested in taking up law again, albeit in the entertainment industry as you know both subjects inside out and that you wish to help the entertainment community and the arts with your knowledge and experience.  You no longer feel like dealing with the image you’ve projected for years.  Yes, you still love having fun but you don’t want to be the clown in this and wish to be taken more seriously.  You no longer enjoy stepping into the unknown because not only is it exhausting but also because there’s barely anything that you don’t know.  Fair enough is all I can say.

However, and to spice things up, life has its ways of telling you that a lack of surprises could easily make you feel bored to the extreme and wishing you teach boring people how not to be boring (ha, ha!).  Thing is, you wish to entertain the lady in your life and you fear her taking too much importance at times because you’ve always been o so independent and not wanting to be dependent on emotional ties because you don’t know how to handle it… even now.  O fuck, Man!  Get your acts together and let her into your heart, now is not too late and make amends if necessary but don’t let her slip through your fingers through no fault of her own, right?  Are you listening, Jo-Clee-Man?

Well, judging by your wishes and hopes, it seems you are pretty content with what you have and what you’ve achieved and that you don’t particularly wish to run the world looking for what you don’t need to be looking for any more.  So tis like I said before: Fair enough, Mate, fair enough.

In your past, where all your being stems from, it appears that there weren’t that many opportunities early on as everything might have seemed a struggle, as expectations might not have been exactly a meeting of minds between you and parents…  Fortunately for you and for the entire English speaking world and beyond, you were bestowed a brilliant mind and there was no stopping you from your dreams and ambitions.  Thank you, John, thank you!

What you could incorporate in your life at this point in time is inspiration from above, in other words, let your intuition overwhelm you as it’s going to bring on new and novel ideas that you believed hard to come by these days as everything has been explored already as well as tried and tested.  Let me say this to you: never think that way or else you get stuck.  You’ll see, you’re lucky and providence is on your door step to prove my point.

What you can do in the meantime is to keep going the organised way you’re leading your life at present and let your heart be ruled by the woman currently at your side and if there’s none, the one who soon will be.  It’s one thing to be serious; it’s another to forget one’s feelings and emotions altogether.  Right?  You listening to me Cleese-Bro?

My last advice, therefore, is to stop yourself short of driving that car all too far and let your spontaneous thoughts as well as those younger souls surrounding you take over a little as you are seeking new and novel ideas and the youth around isn’t short of them, such is youth.  I’m not saying you won’t have any novel and new ideas (did you read what I said earlier?), I’m just saying that you ought to let the young inspire you and to listen to them as they can bring up that flame you keep a little too deeply buried inside you to wake the imaginative and fun spark that still exists and will never leave you.

Interestingly, Mr. Cleese-O-Chee-No-I-Won’t-say-it-but-might-think-it, it feels strongly as if you wish to put yourself into the body and soul of a woman because you envy the intuitive qualities of some of them.  Rest assured Man-of-CamembertMoon, that you can have just as much insights as any woman if only you’d listen to them and let them direct you on the right path in that regards.  Yes?  Do I hear a Yes?  Good.  Possibly, your next series will involve you disguised as Miss Esmeralda looking in a crystal ball to avoid being caught by the police as you’d just have robbed a bank – being the old insatiable thief on his last heist once again – and have the police itself consult you to catch your arc enemy, those who asked you for the money you owed them in the first place.  Well how about that?

This is it for today.  Hope you enjoyed your reading Mr. Cleesewood.