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Mr. Christoph Waltz.   Might that be you?  Good Day!  You are born on 4 October 1956, coming into the world as a wonderful, communicative Libran.  Rosie and I wish to parley with you, in any language if you please, although for our customers, it will mostly appear as English.  So today’s your turn and whilst Rosie is, once again, on a trip (she has a nervous condition which, believe it or not, she says is brought on by my behaviour).  As if human beings could be allergic to each other.  Mind you, we’re twins, so maybe it’s particularly particular and, possibly, the two of us constitute an odd balls team.  Therefore, as Rosie takes a dip in the hot springs of Iceland, I take this opportunity to do your reading.

For those of you who might wonder, I was released by Rosie last week after reading for Yann Martel.  She acted confused.  She thought I was a dangerous cook to begin with, then a hungry tiger.  She thought we might eat her alive.  I don’t really know what got into her because she doesn’t even smoke the stuff so go figure.  Anyway, I’m free now and she’s admitted to her being off the rails.  After all, did you see what she wrote about me in this blog’s who’s who section that I had to agree to?

So.  Dr. Schultz, Man, are you ready?

Hm.  What’s up Doc?  Currently, it seems that you are experiencing trouble making some decision(s) and/or that you’re facing some strife.  Stuck in the rut, are we?  I reckon you’re feeling cheated and as if an unfair deal was taking place.  So what’s the deal about?  I don’t know and I don’t want to display it for all to see.  You may not be finding the world a fair place for now.  I don’t get it: all this success, all these achievements, only to end up feeling this way.  Take heart, Mr. Schultz, and lift your chin up: there is travel about, new tasks at hands (new assignments, new movies to be made) and your partner is strong and manages, more often than not, to transmit to you the strength to help you carry on at times of difficulties.

Hey, look, there will always be shoddy deals to be made and you’re always gonna be caught in them, just as thorough you may be in reading, perusing and re-reading those contracts you must sign.  It’s not you; it’s not them (da deal makers).  A shoddy deal is one dubbed that way after the fact.  Change lawyers, change agent, find the best in town, the one(s) who will listen to you with not just a sincere look but with a sincere word and a sincere bank account as well.  What matters is who is around you at this point of time, not results.

At the bottom of your heart is the need to tell yourself that you don’t need to walk backwards, (workwise), or to work as hard as you’ve done in the past.  You’ve achieved what you needed to achieve and now you can make the necessary and wise decisions that will help you deal with your workload.  It also appears that your work situation has taught you a lot, that much wisdom has been gained and that before you deal with any new contracts, you will feel the people you will be dealing with and be able to tell them exactly how you see it and how you want it.  It won’t be you worrying unnecessarily any longer, but ‘them’ worrying that they won’t be able to meet your needs because you’ll be way ahead of them on all accounts, Dr. Schlutz.

All of this doesn’t mean that everything will be balanced and steady to the point of your life moving towards the brink of total and deadly boredom and things being all too ‘fair and square’ for your taste.  You know that you’re too independent to let anyone or anything influence you into doing what is expected, i.e. the right thing by them as only the right thing by you matters.  Still, having moved in the realm of giants as an actor, you fear missing out on those small opportunities which you wish you could still grab simply because they are interesting, unusual and created by unknown players whom you still love dealing with.  Mate, grab them and do what you want.  You’re a free man.

Now, Christoph, Dude, it’s nice to see that you’re human and wish for plenty more restful moments where nothing is moving anywhere and where the ‘status quo’ is experienced in a prolonged manner.  Sometimes, being stuck between a rock and a hard place puts you into levitating mood and you get your divine inspiration from that state.  I think you’re a weirdo as far as meditating and levitating are concerned because you enjoy escaping the realities of life, especially those that involve matters of the heart.  It could be that you have too many children on your plate and that you find it difficult to split your heart into so many little pieces for the kids and partner to share, not that you haven’t got a big heart, but rather that you don’t have enough time on your hand for them, let alone for yourself.

Your past appears to be full of celebrations and riches/opportunities that were there for you to grab.  You grew up doing what you had to do and with passion.  However, it looks like at one stage you may have had to hide your ambitions as this may have been frowned upon to begin with but that, as you grew into your field and made a success of yourself, that state receded in the background and disappeared altogether.

Current suggestions for you to heed are to let your creativity out (possibly there is a formidable woman around you with great ideas for you to listen to/pay attention to) and move forward doing what feels most original to you.  Do not, however, bring major changes and not too fast.  Just bring new ideas into your life slowly and with some consideration or else they might spill and dissolve.  Mostly, slow yourself down, you know this.

Mate, there is no need for hesitation and the sharpness of your decisions must remain.  Nothing vague please, not for now and please do not let your imagination turn into a plea of emotional bargains.  What do I mean?  You know what you want so go and get it and don’t let external influences – be it through people or events – push you towards any choice you don’t want to make.  Also, if there are people close to you who are hesitating for any reason, do not let yourself being sucked into their problem(s).  You’re a little too over-empathic and you need to keep on your path, not on that of others just as generous as you may be.

If, presently, people around you are down on their luck and/or feeling run down for any reason, surprise them and yourself in the process: take them on a trip, organise a new play, write it yourself and/or be completely spontaneous to help along whatever healing process needs nudged into action.  Unexpected surprises/fun will go a long way into helping you and your loved ones.

As to your next movie, Mr Schputz, I believe that you’re gonna play an awfully selfish man down on his luck and down on his last reserves, one ready to give up everything for nothing but also one with so much brain power that everyone who meets him will want to gain something from him, be it from how to raise sheep to how to sell worthless bonds.  A very cynical man you’ll be, because you’ll be able to live off your rich friends’ generosity thanks to those unusual brains of yours and because your abilities to sense events before they occur will have you play petty politics coldly, noticeably and without remorse.

So let the fun begin, can’t wait to see what you do next, Mate!