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Good Day Folks!

Today, we’re looking at Susan Sarandon’s cards (Susan Abigail Tomalin), born on 4 October 1946, a wonderful, communicative and no shit type of woman.

How do you do it Abigail?  It seems that there is no cross heavy enough for you to bear and that all you believe in comes straight out of your heart and into your life to embrace…  There are no fears to be had.  In fact, do you even know what ‘fear’ means?  There’s nothing stopping you doing what you want, ever.

I admit, this reading is going to be difficult because I’m an unconditional admirer of yours, I love you, I love, I love you, Ms Sarandon, and I wish I was by your side to live what you live, to see the world through your eyes and feel what you feel.  There.

Now, it seems that opportunities around you abound and that life never ceases to nicely surprise you as luck and good fortune open their arms to you.  Enjoy it, Ms Sarandon, because it won’t last, but because you’re one of the lucky few to be able to appreciate your life for what it is and more.

Susan: it is interesting to note that you often wonder at how your sometimes ill-fated luck turns to its own dark side which happens to be the fortunate side.  It seems that small, crappy opportunities regularly infiltrate your life with their insignificance and their bad and peculiar stench, but that for some unsuspected reason which you are still trying to fathom, synchronicity sneaks in to slap and turn those ill-fated bits of nothing into gigantic opportunities which no one in their right frame of mind could have imagined.  You are blessed, simple as that.  What else would you call it?

In your fears I sense the awful, evil dread of conformity and all things unfair taking the whole wide world over and a possible (in your own mind, really) lack of restraint and impulsivity playing along with that fear.  On a personal level, you fear yourself very much as you’d rather be gone than lose your ability to see through lies and deceit.  What’s more, you still wish to be able to have your strong and decisive input do its trick.  Also, you fear your own instincts which, in spite of your good will, put you into strife at times and you fear your own strengths.  Well don’t, please, unless of course, you don’t wish to get carried away into battles that steal your time and drain you of your energy.  Hem-Hem.  On that subject, my only comment is that you can’t help being yourself and that, provided your fears aren’t overwhelming you, you keep being who you are as I’m far from being the only one who loves you for who you are and what you believe in.

Ha, Ha!  Here we are, Susan:  you wish for calm, peace and rest.  You need and feel the need to meditate – sometimes at all hours of the day – to get a grip on your wondering and wandering mind and get your brain ready in the face of adversity as you love debate but hate blatant, useless confrontation.  You wish you could choose your battles and be a leader.  Fair enough, Ms Sarandon, fair enough.

In the past, there appears that there were times you wondered what to do with your nest of eggs as well as with your numerous ideas on compassion, generosity and spirituality.  However, some time not that long ago, you got inspired and decided to protect as well as be protected and you’ve been investing your hard earned cash into causes you believe in, what else?  To those who feel they live in a world of doom and despair, you offer hope and relief at two levels: pecuniary and spiritual.

At the moment, it seems that a sense of temperance and mild restraint would be best applied as far as your finances are concerned, as if you enjoyed forgetting about it – understandably – to give yourself enough time to commit fully to all that you wish to do.  Possibly, you may need to ensure that your accountant is applying good control to where your money goes.  On another subject, please pay attention to your emotions and let new love come freely into your life.

In order to seek the peace & quiet you are looking for, it is advisable that you don’t take on any new projects too quickly and that you pace yourself, as you know.  Also, not letting passion or any unwelcome instinctive behaviour take over is one of your many gifts and you are reminded that what matters is what you think, how you say it and who you are.  Yes, we are of flesh & bones but none of us have to commit to the basic instinct level if we don’t want to, just remember it.

At this point in time of your life, you’d be advised not to give up anything in order to be home more often, or even to wish to live a sedentary life as you’d just die of boredom, Ms Sarandon, just like me.  Look, if you get tired sometimes, take your ‘for-flamboyant-red-head-vitamins’, have your iron & ore levels checked, get your big toe x-rayed if you must and levitate or sleep as much as you like until it gets better because it would be good to remember that you have a body.

It is said that life goes in circles.  Sometimes the circles are small, sometimes they are big.  The thing is, with big circles, the getting backward into the past (temporarily) always seems bigger and at this point in time of your future-past, your next movie entails once again a woman throwing all caution to the wind in order to be with her lovers, only this time, it is regardless of her status in life and regardless of her kids still being young.  The film will examine the effects of her selfish actions on all those surrounding her.

Well, Susan, this is it.  I hope to meet you – ok, in my dreams but even that would be satisfying – someday.  I hope you enjoyed my reading.