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Heya Folks! how’s your week going?

Well, not too bad here, not too bad, thank you very much.  Rosie sends her greetings (she’s back in Oz checking out the large and fluorescent pink slugs that live in New South Wales since the beginning of times (or so it seems) as well as getting a sample of the recently found Russian mammoth’s blood [provided the journalist wasn’t referring to Depardieu’s newly found identity] as Rosie is currently studying prehistoric particles and their connectedness to life-before-life matters, i.e. past lives that date back to way, way back – go figure.


So today sees us taking on Sir Edward Harrison Norton, born on 18 August 1969, a discreet Leo (or as discreet as an actor and Leo can be), with his as blue as a blue lagoon eye balls and his gentle demeanour.

Edward, I’ve drawn three cards from the tarot de Marseille deck for you today, in an attempt to explain who the hell I think you might be to the world or, at least, explain a tiny particle size side of unfathomable you.  So be it!

1. Justice

Edward, Man, with this card coming up first, I’m 151.5% surprised that you’re an actor and not a lawyer, even though there’s barely any difference between the two (yeah, yeah, fuck the damned lawyers’ jokes but you know what they say:’ as long as there are lawyers, there are… ‘ err… that’s my secret) except, I believe, that actors can earn that much more and are usually MUCH NICER folks).  Having said that, I sense that, at present, you may be thinking and feeling that not all is fair in this world and that you are growing tired of having to fight for issues which should not even need to be fought for.  In other words, you don’t believe you ought to have to fight for the welfare of animals in a zoo when you are convinced that these animals should roam planet earth entirely free of ties of any types.

2. Judgment

That makes two cards that begin with ‘J’ that can be quite categorical and uncompromising in their genetic make-up and as far as cards are made up of genetic material.  Something has just happened that has settled a matter you’ve been fighting for for a while now and you’re feeling relieved to be seeing the end of it as well as an outcome that is turning the tide your way and quite unexpectedly.  It is definitely changing things for the better and you are going to be able to attend to other stuff that’s been put on the back burner for too long.

3. Moon

Well then, now you’re going to be able to let your imagination go wild and do what you want with it.  It’s as I said before: you’d been waiting to get the ‘thumbs up’ to realise one of your childhood dreams, if not several.  Also, it implies that you, Mr. Norton, are going to be able to travel the world in the manner you wish for.  With this card on your outcome, interestingly, I can observe how legal matters and business aren’t exactly what you want in life and that your artistic nature and endeavours must take over if you’re ever to lead a happy life (which you are).

In summary, your creativity is highlighted and you must keep the shining of your restless soul forever out there and up there to develop and embrace the amazing imaginary worlds you wish to bring to the bigger, outer world, through writing, directing and/or acting.

Edward, if you’ve ever been concerned that you might never reach your most heartfelt desire of being an all-encompassing artist, let me please (I can be polite) tell you that you should never doubt your ability and to do just that nor to believe that it will stop one day because it won’t.  Gimme five, you lucky man!  Opportunities and fun changes are a plenty and your inspiration makes me wish I could see you working in action.  You may not be green, you may not be huge but boy o boy you hold that Power within like no other.  Move aside Tarantinos, Cohen Brothers & Allothers!  Here comes Eddie.

Fortunately, you’re human and as fortunate and graceful your life may be, there are small issues you’d like me to help you attend to:  what to do with the intensity of your passions?  How to ensure that what you feel isn’t perceived as untoward and unwelcoming?  Loving oneself and others has your spirited soul on a high plane and the mundane realities of life on earth have you dismissing at times that a body has needs: drink, food, air and desires.  My suggestion here is simple: steep yourself into earthly matters, i.e. physical matters: move your body: walk, swim, and cycle, whatever but make it move and also do something with your hands: touch food/clay/building materials: cut, reduce, peel, mix, paint, and feel with your skin.  Once you feel that you can feel any element with your skin, your perception of earthly and spiritual matters will improve again.

How idealistic can you be, Eddie, Man?  You wish for the release of funds for all and you too want to get involved deeper and deeper into the sacro-saint world of charities and soul giving purposes.  It’s not that easy however and you need to bring in new blood and new ideas to inject into your own ideas on that subject, else you might end up nowhere.  It’s a bit of extra work, sure, and you’re busy, but you know that all you need to do is to manage your time and not to rush on the matter.

Your past is showing a place of successes and victories, abundance and balance.  There have always been several paths for you to choose from and although you haven’t taken them all (how could you?), you certainly have taken up a few of them through careful selection and brio.  It is clear that you have learned to make decisions after you’ve carefully considered all options, never or rarely rushing into anything and always bearing in mind the welfare and care of others.  You’re not only a born humanist but your environment has always highlighted this character trait of yours.

At present, it would be good if you brought a sense of calm around you.  Yes, you hear of others’ catastrophic misdemeanours and unexpected, accidental turns of events.  Don’t let it affect you too much even if you wish to show compassion.  Also, Edward, you, Incredible Hulk-for-all, don’t you try and be a hero and release all that you want to release to all.  Be choosy.  Select.  Give when you really feel the need to give, not out of others’ expectations which you feel too strongly sometimes (you’re an empathy after all)s.  Don’t get mixed up and don’t do things (such as give generously) only to regret it.  All righty, I understand: you wish to experiment and create new types of charities?  Don’t you give too much then, just experiment.  Don’t promise too much either.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  We’ve seen it before and here it comes again: the moon card.  Feel free to release your wild imagination to all purposes.  Don’t use the past and all that you know, but rather develop new ideas and dreams that are craving to come out at all time.  No, you’re not mad: you’re just very imaginative.  I reiterate: VERY!  Also, Mr. Norton de Norton, don’t let anyone influence you or tell you that your ideas are crazy because sooner or later, they’re (your ideas) going to gain momentum and acknowledgement from excellent sources and the general public (like me and Rosie) and we will be able to enjoy them fully.

We’re coming to the end of this reading, Eddie Green of Hulk-a-Bulk-Bulk, and all I’d like to add for advice is for you not to overly think about finance and to stop thinking you can’t travel where you want to travel for fear you may have to leave those loved ones behind.  You love to travel.  You love your loved ones.  What a predicament, Edward-Sir!  So here it is: 1. don’t let accountants and financiers of all kinds bog you down with their seemingly boring work on your finance – just find someone of trust whom you can delegate to handle all these matters.  2.  Take you loved ones on your trips with you, even if that means they must take turns because logistically, it might be impossible to bring everyone with you at the same time.  Just get organised, Norton-Hulk, that’s all.

As to your next movie, I sense that you may do one about dreamers of all kinds.  A movie that would be split into several sections, each time describing a new character who lives his/her life according to his/her beliefs and dreams and not having a care about the financial consequences of living that type of life and what happens to them.  Needless to say, the range of characters would be wide and extraordinary, based on real people’s lives and with you adding a touch of magic to it whilst at the same time not ignoring what representing the living one’s dream may result in in the real world.

Hey, I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do next, because there’s no telling!