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Yo folks!

Sorry for last week and the missed post.  I had an emergency situation with Rosie (what else?) which needed attended to but it’s all over now and everything’s back to normal.  If you must know, Rosie’s been in love with some dude who says he can make her happy but, as usual, he’s after her cash.  What, with down and outs following the’ bushy beards & tattooed’ look men follow these days, anyone can attract Rosie into the tentacles of their dubious love and I reckon that that’s what happened.  I took the dude by the side door and told him to F… off or bring me sister the diamond ring she badly needs and you know what?  Even before I’d uttered a single word, he gave me one look and ran.  I offered Rosie a luxury cruise to the Bahamas and went with her, that’s what.

So today we’re looking after young rosebud Emma Watson (Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson), born on 15 April 1990, a spicy (who said that people can’t be spicy?) and bubbly Aries.

Dearest, sweetest Emma, today tells me that all is not what it seems and that you’re being solicited on all sides for movies, gatherings and celebrations of all sorts is exhausting you.  Your nerves are at their wits’ end if you get my jest.  It’s too much for you, even if you’re strong, young and healthy.  There’s only so much one can attend to and take on one’s young shoulders.  Take a rest and take a piss and all will be well.  Fortunately, you’re very grounded and you’re soon going to apply those changes that need applied to your life to bring it to the level of consistency it requires, whatever that means and whatever it may be that I mean.  Thing is, life is bringing you changes on a silver plate with silver linings, whatever that means2 so that eventually (soon enough – let’s say within six months), you’ll meet the love of your life and will feel a lot more contented and happier (not that you’re unhappy but you could do with that closer bond with someone).

Your life is that of one under a bright and powerful star and there’s nothing much I can add to this beginning, except say that your life is blessed.

Love.  Aaaaah.  If you’ve been hesitating as to what to do and where you should be headed at the moment, what, with all these people around you wanting you here and there, take stock, Ms Watson-bee, love will bring you the choices you need to make in the shape of a handsome, healthy and hell-raising love feeling (in as much as love feelings are hell-raising but you get the idea, don’t you?) and choosing you won’t need to do any more or at least, you’ll no longer feel compelled to choose what must be done right here and right now and what is best because everyone will be able to notice that pink cheek glow and you’re being busy attending to most important matters, that of the heart, your heart.

Hmm.  Now, it seems, Emma-bean, that your concerns reside in impulsive moments.  You’re afraid to make snap decisions and dislike very much your instinct interfering with your thinking power at times as it not only contradicts it, but is also overpowering.  This means conflict within you and there are times when you feel the need to go away to think things by yourself and isolate yourself (not entirely, you always have one or two family members/trusted friends with you) to recollect your thoughts.  I think you ought to learn to trust your instincts better and let go of that need to control your life and your thoughts at times.  Such is life.

Well, well, well.  If I may again: well, well, well.  You’re right here Ms Watson-Flower, a mature man should be around you.  Your wish for one is about to be granted.  That or you already know him and life is about to take a big turn, the ‘expected’ turn, from your expectations’ point of view that is.  You’ve already had enough of all those fluttering and insignificant (yet gorgeous) youths pretending to be your next prince.  Besides, you don’t believe in prince charming nor in Potter magic except, perhaps, in the ‘hat that fits’.  Rest assured, Ma’am, that the man with the proper hat is on your doorstep.

Humph.  Emma, sweet-pee, you know, for such a young soul, it seems you’ve had your fair share of heartbreaks and unnecessary battles as far as your feelings are concerned.  All I can say here is that you ought to trust what comes next and soon as the unhealthy temptations and ties that crept up here and there in your relationships will be over and you’ll be able to commit to your work with a much lighter heart than ever before.  Be patient, as I said, it’ll soon be here for you.

Hey, if you still find yourself at a cross-roads trying to decide what’s best to do for now, take heart and let life bring you its magic: open yourself to surprises, even if only small and let the wonder of life get into you.  Sounds silly and wishy-washy but true, as your life is in a major change dilemma, let it happen and don’t act on it or try and control it.  Look at life through the eyes of the child you were not so long ago and all will be well, (remember that if your life has been nothing short of fortunate, you were required to grow up much faster than most and this isn’t easy at all).

Listen, you’re an open minded cherub who always considers the needs of others.  You’ve got great vision and you love to travel.  You’re very ambitious and nothing is going to stop you to achieve all that you wish for.  Let go of those fears that sometimes besiege you and catch you unawares: you’re never going to lose all and have nothing left.  You may be thinking a little too much of those who have nothing sometimes too and it brings anguish: how you could help?  What could you do?  I’ll tell you what Emma-Missa, forget about giving your life to others for now, and forget about being too caring, generous and altruistic because right now your heart needs filled.  Let life bring you what you need first and then, when you really feel you’ve accomplished much, much more and learned a lot more about yourself and life in general, then only can you begin to consider committing yourself to an altruistic cause, whatever this may be and be it looking after the earth’s cicadas or depraved children, sorry, I meant deprived.

So, to summarise and finalise this reading, I would like to point out that for now, Emma, Ma’am, you ought to stay put and do nothing: don’t think too hard and don’t let your thoughts control you.  Be more trusting too: those who are close to you are here to comfort you and help you out of frustrating moments even if you don’t know it.

All righty, on to your next movie, what will you be cast as?  I sense that you might play someone who will feel greatly for the poor around you (funny that) and that you might be playing a Robin Hood type of character.  Someone who does great deeds looking after the poor by stealing in a big way but who ends up being caught in a web of deceit created by her arch enemy, bad dude policeman Henry or whatever his name might be, and that you might die revered as a hero as well as in a pool of blood.

I hope you enjoyed your reading, Emma.