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Good Day, Folks!

What the fuck do you know, huh?  I thought I’d have read for Mr. Damon eons ago.  Even Rosie begged me to do it before and you know what, huh?  I forgot.  Such is life as an inspired flickering and enlightened bulb.  How could I?  How could the sexiest man alive be left aside as a vulgar piece of princely meat that he isn’t and be ignored?  We have much in common, you and I, Mate, and that is saying very little, even after casting aside any feeling of false pretence and modesty-that-can’t-repent.

So, without further ado, let us talk about this magician of magicians: the grandest, most illustrate and admirable man that has arisen after Bob Geldof’s advent: Matthew Paige Damon, born 8 October 1970, a Libran in all its splendour.  Matt, Mate, you’ve been bulbed!

Today, Matt, is a day of reckoning: you feel good about yourself, you feel as if you can guess everything as your intuition is at its strongest.  You have this appearance of being so civilised and knowledgeable – and you are, I don’t mean anything else, be patient, let me finish – but in truth, hidden from your public – except me and Rosie – there appears your love of all that is nature.  You enjoy walks in the woods and any exercise that may be done in fresh air, away from buzzing metropolises.  You draw a lot of your inspiration from being in nature and if you can have a breath of that God damned good bit of fresh air, then you don’t feel no good no more, no, no.  You’re enjoying success after success and you can’t believe your luck at times although you don’t like to linger on such thoughts for too long as you’re a great believer in the making of one’s own destiny.  You are signing contract after contract and applying unusually rigorous and sharp skills to this activity as if you sometimes feel replenished in using your brains in a ‘cool and collected’ way because usually, your heart and how you feel come first.  Well good on you.  However, there are matters that don’t always come to any good and you would do well in remembering that the wind, any wind, can be a moody bastard, so let it come and let it go, no need to feel upset about anything that may not work out at times.

Note that if you’re looking back at what you’ve achieved up until now, you would realise that your emotional state has contributed to where you’re at now and that your companion is the one who knows your heart best.  You love to follow her train of thoughts as she never seems to show you the ‘boring’ intellectual side you see yourself as having and it is essential for you to have someone who knows how to talk about how they feel close to you because she can conceptualise and verbalise your feelings in a way no other friend or family member of yours has been able to do.  You’re a very lucky man, Matty Mate.

Which brings us to the heart of this reading today: you wonder how you can take snappy decisions – which you thoroughly dislike – and not act in a conservative manner at the same time.  In other words, it is to act impulsively or not?  To go with the flow or not to go?  Hmm.  That’s a bit of a philosophical wonderment of a question, think you not, Matthew-Man?

I have two questions back for you here, as far as your fears are concerned:  why are sheer instinct and spontaneity such a drawback to you as well as what’s this issue with two of your kids?  In terms of the instinct and spontaneity question, I feel that you need to learn to trust these two parts of you again and let them out into your acting mode a little more, just as good as you may be at what you do and if I may.  And as to your kids, there appears to be (or will be) some permanent conflict between two of them who think and see the world from a totally different perspective.  This creates havoc at home at times because you can’t understand how, such young kids can already be at loggerheads as if they’d been each raised into a different religion.

Which leads me to say here that your hopes in that regard are rather unusual: you can’t wait for a feeling of defeat to come upon you to tell yourself ‘I told you so.’  It’s like you’re experimenting with your philosophy of life and the way you bring up your kids and you’re not quite certain that the outcome will be that successful, or should I say, a total disaster?  But Why MattyMan, why think in such hurtful way?  Be positive, you know better.

Look, there is a world of wonder within you that was brought to you by your Mum, yes Matthew-Boy-that-you-were, by your Mum.  You grew weary of her at some point because she’s a sensitive being, just like you, but especially because, as you grew up, she was so strong that you felt you had to compete, at some level, with her and show her how you thought things were best done for yourself anyway.  Well believe it or not, surely you know this, your Mum has been and still is an inspiring source of influence for you and you derive a lot of your strengths and weaknesses from her.  That’s why you never feel so close to her, yet you are in many more ways than you can/want to believe and admit.  That’s you told, Mate.

Currently, it seems therefore necessary to curb down your wanting to move fast or wishing to move anywhere quickly.  There is a need for stability in your life (location and rest) and you may wish to consider staying where you are without moving and observing, noting everything that is happening around you to take stock and let your conscience adjust to all this movement surrounding you and your family.  Take a break and a well-deserved rest if you need it, but at home only at this point in time, travelling not being something you ought to do for now.

Hey, Matthew-Man, I sense that acting is something you wish to leave aside for a while as you’d love to dab into writing/directing again.  Why not get Clint Eastwood and Ben Affleck together and devise some new activity plan?  There is a strong, lingering feeling that what you need at the moment is to attend to and focus on a new activity, be it writing, directing, producing, you name it, Mate, the whole game, your own game (not your altruistic game again – as nice as it is) but one game for you, be selfish mate, you don’t want to forget your own existence and remember that feeling good is a choice.  Bring back old skills long cast side-ways and/or invent something new.  Sometimes, philosophical quandaries are best resolved by moving into action, thoughtful action if you must, but action it must be or else you’ll be stuck in that mud for too long and it’s not worth it.  So be good, Matt, and act!

Lastly, Matt, you’re a good, Dad and just because you feel you may be reacting in an over-emotional way with your family, you needn’t fear that one day you’ll lose them all.  You have the tools to keep them all close to you and your emotions are essential to the needs of your kids, don’t be lured into thinking the opposite.  Yes, you feel that you may a little too heavy handed in giving your family a sense of direction and a purpose and you fear being too much like you Mum.  Well I’ve got news: don’t we all?  Yes, we often raise our kids trying to undo the mistakes our parents did with us and teach our own brood the opposite of those lessons we didn’t need, learn, or couldn’t be bothered with.  You’re not like this Matt, your partner knows it and I know it so act and be yourself, you’re doing just fine.

Hm.  What to do?  What to say?  I drew a reversed Devil and a King of sword here.  This suggests to me that you’re going to write intensely about a very clever man, so clever, so cold and calculating, yet with such gentle manners (like Christoph Waltz in ‘Inglorious Basterds’) that he will never, ever show his impulsive and sadistic side, that the world will take him for the next messiah when in fact, he’ll be anything but nice, gentle and altruistic.  It might be a play with lots of sub-plots, subtexts and clever word games.  Can’t wait for it, and, like I’ve done before unsuccessfully, I’d ask, if I may, if Rosie and I could have a couple of tickets to the Première, we’d be delighted to attend.

Hope you enjoyed your reading, Mate.

Good Day!