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Heya, folkys!

How’s da week been?

Today is no mince day.  You’d better be prepared ‘cause we’re gonna look at one of the grand dames of acting: Meryl Louise Streep, born on 22 June 1949, somewhere in the USA, planet Earth (for those of you in doubt), and a wonderful and gifted cancerodoplodocus.

– It’s my turn today and besides, grand dames are part of my job.

– Rosie, you promised… Look, I know you’re homesick so take your pill and shut up, will ya?

– It’s a long time since I’ve done any readings and I’m one of the best streeper Meryl can find around.

– Sis, be wise!  You’re sick.  Look, as soon as your health is given the all clear, I’ll book the tickets and we’ll be back in Oz in no time.  How’s that?


–         Good, Rosie’s taken her medication and she’s back to sweet dreamland, poor sod.  But true too, for once there’s no need to tie her up and gag her.  It’s to do with her heart: she’s far too emotional these days.  Lucky, I’m a man and can act like one.  No wishy-washy stuff in my life.  Besides, I need to focus on my psychic work.  So, now, Meryl, dearest, let me have a look at your cards.

Fuck, Ma’am, forgive me me first word, it can’t be helped.  You see, with three cards like the world, the chariot and the devil, there isn’t much I can say that you don’t know already, but let me try.  For example, you know already how smart and fortunate you are as you have been able to combine cleverness, talent and good fortune all in the one package.

Still, you have had your share of troubles with your loving and longing to be home with your family at all times and wanting to travel at the same time, for all sorts of reasons, not to mention the movie making business of course.  Ah, isn’t having it all a struggle at the best of times?  Not that there’s anything wrong with having it all, for sure.  This is never going to end.  Home and travel, travel and home and all I can suggest is that you ought not to let it get to you in any way.  Take the necessary rest needed and pack your bags when you feel the need to again.  You have that choice now, you don’t have to tend to every new opportunity that is presented to you as you’ll always have the choice, so Meryl, take a breath, take a break and have fun.

Clearly, there are presently two opportunities being presented to you and one involves travelling to some island, very far (like New Zealand), and the other travelling to Africa or some very warm and dry country again.  The first one represents changes and things that you love, all cool and calm but the second one would be a passionate decision, knowing that what you may find there is very different and full of temptations.  What do I mean by that?  I don’t quite know meself, but come back to me if you find later on that after choosing that option, there are new issues popping up in your life.  Oh, one word of caution: watch it when you travel, don’t move too fast and/or watch the state of the vehicles you step in else some bruising or muscle tearing may occur.  Besides, me tiny internal and badly assimilated code of ethics doesn’t allow me to extrapolate any further on the matter but rest assured there’s nothing of major concern.  So let us move on.

Meryl, Ma’am.  I don’t quite get your question here.  How can you wonder if you’re gonna get many more opportunities to work in the film industry?  What?  What if your energy levels go down?  You’re kidding me!  A God damned grand dame like you knows no limit: there’s plenty more coming your way and you too want to direct and product so get down to work, and work hard at it again.  The land of plenty is yours.  No need to doubt.  You’re all about work and loving work and we and I love you for it.  You’ve literally got a magic wand in your hand.  You’ve always known how to use it and there’s no reason to stop anything now.

In your house of fears, it appears you dislike, no, you hate all that is cold and overly calculated.  You may currently fear some legal matters that needs attended to and that may be stalling you.  It’s like someone around you is desperately trying to set you off balance for some reason, either some jealous young person or someone with a lot of grief in his heart who wishes to pursue some troubled state of affair and take you to court for it.  You fear this as you can’t be bothered with ridiculous and absolutely out of this world accusations.  You don’t need this and you’re not used to this either.  Don’t fear it, Mrs Streep, get your lawyer and don’t let it get to you more than necessary, it’ll all be over very quickly anyway.

You need time to reconsider where you’re headed at the moment and meditate and/or listen to music for inspiration, calm and dreams long forgotten to come back to the surface and to help you decide which path to follow.  It seems that you are also looking to bring substantial changes to how things are going and, quite possibly, you may wish to bring others (like students and/or scholars) in your new creations/schemes.  This is looking good as life is going to help you all the way in these endeavours.

Meryl, it is clear that your ear for music/singing has helped you a lot getting where you are at now.  Sometimes, it seems, you regret not to have been able to incorporate more of your love of all things musical into your craft but you’ve overcome this hurdle and are able to look at what awaits you with patience and great intuition and creativity.  I can only suggest to harness both these skills and not to neglect protecting yourself from getting hurt in any way when these ideas are rejected by others.  The motto here is do what you believe is what you want to do even if you’re confronted by rejection because your ideas will prevail in the long run.  Say, for example, that you wish for actors who are repeatedly typecast to broaden their acting range like you can do, then teach your method even if considered particularly particular and meticulous by some.  Look, I’ve seen you, like many, transform from a murdered whistle-blower (Silkwood) to any cold hearted bitch (The Devil Wears Prada) to a prime minister (The Iron Lady), not to mention a suicidal mother (Sophie’s Choice) and a sex and warmth deprived mature lady (Hope Springs) and many more.  Who the hell could doubt your ability to teach that skill, huh?

Currently, I would recommend that you forget about money issues and legal matters that can’t be overcome so easily to the extent that even if you lose or get defeated over your rights on these matters, then you’d say ‘never mind’ because in the grand scheme of things, there’s no particular dishonourable state in losing a little over stuff that shouldn’t have happened but that did anyway.  So, if and when this happens, let it out, Mrs Streep, let it out, show how you feel and how disappointed you are as it’ll go a long way in helping you vent it and show others that small unlucky turns of event can happen to you too but that it’s not worth letting it affect you more than necessary.  Your being vulnerable will give the message to people that sometimes life is unfair and that even the best of us can get caught in unreal and unnecessary stuff and that there’s never a bad time to move on.

Hey, Meryl, Ma’am, I sense a strong need for you to step out of your comfort zone and do something a little out of the ordinary.  Why don’t you?  It’s like sometimes, there’s nothing more that you love than a good battle ground and stir things up as far as acting is concerned.  Write that play, direct it and/or produce it but don’t linger and hesitate, it should be fun.  It’ll help you forget the small issues mentioned earlier.

And here’s more advice for you: Look, it’s perfectly fine, Mrs Streep, fine: if you don’t wish to rest, then don’t.  Don’t linger over anything and move on and do what you wish to do.  Besides, there’s someone close to you, your fourth child I believe, who wishes to tell you something.  That child may have an idea as well as an opportunity to do something new and be very creative.  Be on the lookout for it as this is unexpected and the child in question may be quite shy and nervous about asking you about it.

Hm, hm.  As we saw at the beginning, you’re facing a choice and even I can’t yet tell you what it’s gonna turn out to be.  On the one hand, you don’t wanna procrastinate and hesitate for too long and yet, for fuck’s sake, you don’t want to make a rash decision.  The waters behind you are calm and you can’t feel anything so may I suggest that you listen to your dreams as the moon is highly suggestive of the instinctive ideas that will pop into your head and of the direction that might finally show you the path you’ll most enjoy.

That’s it for today, Ma’am.  Do pop by sometime, if you feel like it, and pay us a visit.