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Heya, folkys!

Well today, I shall concentrate on a realistic dreamer of a kind: Sir Gabriel Garcia Marquez, born 6 March 1928, a shiny, sparkly Pisces like no other.

Sir, if I may: what drove me today to read your cards is that recently, a fellow tarot reader told me that I tend to dream a little too much as well as blend the line between real and imaginary beyond what might be healthy.  And so on to magic-realism and its writers because to be honest, I live my reality as I bloody, God dammit intend it and no one in the right mind, tarot reader or debt collection agency, can tell me what is best for me as far as my imaginary friends and life are concerned, right?  So here is to living in a dream and living our dreams rather than dreaming our life and here’s to you, Mr. Marquez: Moet & Chandon!!  Let us raise our glass to us all (we still think of you Mr. Steve Irwin) before any sting abruptly ends any of our dreams.

We had Salman Rushdie some time ago, now it’s your turn, you, Sir Garcia, giant of all giants.

Mr. Garcia, you’ve hit heights of proportions no one, us common mortals, can even dream of reaching for imagination would fail most of us…  Currently, it seems nothing is easy and you are the prey to various conflicting passions and feelings that drive you nuts and make others around you interpret it as a sign of some malfunction within you.  But you know this isn’t it and that they’re wrong.  Indeed, you’ve just reached another of these moments where you feel like changing everything around you to meet new people and attend to new activities, only you’re not acting on it for now (but you will).  You even wish to write about ideas that have been around from the beginning of times and explored a billion times before but in a novel way, one that would again put you on the altar before us.  Well, let me tell you, Gabriel, that you will shine again and that there’s nothing really stopping you from doing it all over again, except your own mind.  So shed the unnecessary bits that are burdening your spirit at the moment and be free, once more, to do as you please.

Garcia-Gabriel-Man, look: since we’ve begun on this site, you’re the first to draw an Ace of Pentacles as the first card in answer to the first question (the main question, the one that holds your heart and your head at present, which I presently feel to be what we talked about earlier, and to cut a long sentence short – possibly – that question has to do with whether or not you can still shine out there as the gifted writer you’ve always been).  Sir Marquez, what kind of question is this?  YES, fucking-YES and re-fucking-YES!  O’course you can, fuck-fuckity-fuckitybum-for-YES’ sake.  Fresh and spirited ideas are your lot.  They’ve never stopped you before and you know that the excuse of the blank page is an excuse you’ve never had to resort to before.  Now isn’t the time either.  So C’mon, the freshness of your thoughts is all that the world still wishes to hear from, and especially to read about.  Bring it on Sir Garcia, Man.

Well, well.  There’s some reluctance to bring new ideas forward because you’ve been caught before and you’re afraid it might again, at several levels: you don’t want to be accused of stealing ideas, nor do you wish for your ideas to be stolen from you and the very idea that intellectual property lawyers might have to be involved in any of your endeavours still make you cringe and grind your teeth.  Besides, there is a reluctance to change the way you handle your business because it’s been established as it is for a while now and you don’t see why you should change it all again to accommodate but just a few new principles.  Well, yes, indeed.  What can I say?  You still have to protect yourself Mr. Marquez.

Your wishes are simple and brought down to bare basics: it’s like you’ve stopped the clock for you to keep things as they are right now and keep the writing at its best.  Also, you love the presence of soft hearted people and women around you.  You love being nurtured and looked after as some family members are able to do and you don’t wish for this state of affairs to ever end.  It is interesting to note that in spite of your need to often isolate yourself to write, you love nothing more than the company of family and friends around you and whenever you’re not attending to any task, you can’t help but to seek company.  Rest assured, Mr. Marquez, that this will not end and that your deepest wish as far as relationships are concerned will be granted to you.

Right now, it is suggested that you don’t go anywhere and open your ears and eyes to that new opportunity coming your way, a small opportunity by all means, but one that will get you where you wish to ‘go & get’ it again in terms of your writing.  So please take stock, Gabriel, your brain will never cease to be less than brilliant.  You’re staying put and where you are is the best course of action for you to write more and in the way you wish to write.

The cards show that your writing and the way your brain functions don’t come from a place where all things of an intellectual nature were taught.  It’s more like you were self-taught and that your heart registered every sensation there could be around you: smells, touch, sights, sounds, feelings, emotions, taste.  Stories were transmitted from elders down to you and you incorporated them into your daily life in the smartest and most creative way there can be, by writing them.  You’re an innovator.  There are still new ideas that you need to communicate to the rest of the world.  Bring it on.  We’re listening.  We’re ready to read more.

All right.  You feel stuck and unable to move forward at the moment, as if events and/or people in your life are making it difficult for you to attend to your deepest and present desires.  Take heart: you are seeing things clearly and you know that what makes you wait for now will eventually stop and that by listening to that small voice inside you, you will get back to where you were headed before it all started (i.e. may they be doctors, friends and/or family telling you to rest and avoid straining yourself in any way).  Besides, who said you had to strain yourself when all you wish to do is to put pen to paper.  Well do it, Gabriel-Man, just do it.

The best course of action, if you ask me, is to stop listening at dispirited insights that make you flinch.  Don’t look at the sad, uninspired stories the world brings to you any more, even if they’re too damned real to be ignored entirely.  I’m not saying to avoid those stories, but merely not to focus on them as your main bread & butter.  Instead, do just as you used to do and which you seem to have left aside a little too much: feel the stuff, feel life, imbue yourself again with all that gets to you through your skin.  Then only you’ll find the magic to write about life again and anoint us with your magic pen.  Let your own spiritual perceptions take over again and all will be well.

Sir, if I may, I believe that your next writing book is going to be about some unexpected shock a lot of people incur in the wrath of an imaginary dictator and how they react to their belief that this dictator-who-isn’t-a-dictator should be removed and put to death, thus reversing a situation where a gentle people with the wrong beliefs turn sadistic and end up ruling their own country with war on their mind.  Hm.  Well.  We shall see, won’t we?

Hope you enjoyed this reading, Mr. Marquez, and I look forward to reading your latest story.

This is it for today folks.