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Good Day, Folks!

In this barely beginning sweltering Swiss summer of 2013, let me introduce you to someone you already know: Mrs Ruth Barbara Rendell, born on 17 February 1930, an Aquarian, most wonderful writer of our own kind, Rosie and I, same sign, same heart, same mind.  We too love to evolve under a pseudo.  You as Barbara Vine.  Ms Rowling as Mr. Robert Galbraith.  The list goes on.

–           Don’t you dare, Feralbulb!

–           Rosie!  What the hell are you doing here?  You’re in no shape to—

–           —Read for Mrs Rendell if you must but don’t compare yourself to her or anyone you’re not worthy of.  Try and incorporate some modesty into your—

–           —Whatever, Rosie, whatever.  You get back to your health farm and or forget about going back to dreamtime land.

–           You promised.

–           And you promised you’d get back to full health before you came back to be your usual self, a major interference in whatever I do.

–           How can I heal when you keep treating me like this, huh?

–           Deal or no deal:  ticket or no ticket.  Which will it be?

Ha.  She’s gone now.  See?  No need to tie her anywhere in the kitchen anymore, she goes away of her own accord.  This gives us a few more weeks respite and then…  But let’s get to talk about you dearest, sharpest of Ruth’s.

Mrs Rendell, your cards are those of a shining light that never fades, a pristine mind attached to the most refined understanding of how the human heart works.

You feel blessed by the Gods of mysteries and thrills at the worst of times.  Most of all, it is that sense of relentless movement that goes on within the confines of your skull that cannot be hushed or tamed which keeps you going to way you have and this is just as well.  Inspiration is your way of life: you’re an inspired person, one who cannot stop putting pen to paper or else you lose the meaning of it all.

There is a clear indication that more work is coming your way.  It seems that those who have been with you all along have new business to propose to you and that they may want you to be there to attend to the making of more series, more movies based on your books.  They need you to add that sense of weird & wonderful to the way the series and movies are being filmed because only you can recreate the spark, tension and much, much else that is needed.  Your revising any script is of the essence.

On another note, Ruth, it looks very much like that, as a person (not as a writer) you’re always sparkling and that your court is never short of admirers of all kinds.  There’s always one man or another wishing to take you out to dinner to probe and pick your brains and get some nourishment from it.  Sometimes, you wish you could pick up men’s brains in return but, what do you know, it seems you find it hard to find a match, even if merely to get a good conversation and so you’d rather stay home and write a good book, not to mention read one.

Ruth-Barbara Miss, your wisdom has reached a height difficult for us common mortals to ever reach, not to mention fathom and target, even for me, with all the modesty this implies on my part and regardless of what Rosie may think.  Your generosity and kindness you feel through your bones, deeply.  This is what keeps you going: believing that your work can help those who have less, on a big scale.  At the same time, this also gets you exhausted, even if you pretend to be as energetic as ever.  See, Mrs Rendell?  You can’t hide anything from me.  I understand your reasons for not wanting to display your energy being depleted at times, but don’t you think it’s about time that your public looked after you and became aware of your needs rather than the opposite being a constant?  Well, I’ve said it now and you have no choice in the matter.  Incorporate this in your wisdom.  This is you told.

There are conflicts within you even though you’re ever so careful not to let it show and I will respect your wish not to extend on the subject except to say that although your imagination rules, you needn’t fear as it’ll never let you down nor will you ever get confused between what is real and what isn’t.  Night inspires you and you love to work at night, yet at the same time, you’re afraid of the night, afraid of shadows that bring back old feelings and emotions to the surface as you get tired as you write.  You wish you had more choice over how you conduct your business but you no longer have the time and the inclination to do it all yourself.  You wish you could travel a lot more to explore other alternatives – like you used to do – and explore the world again.

There is an indication that you wish you knew where you’re going at the moment.  What?  You?  Not knowing where you’re headed?  It drives you quite mad, Mrs Vine, quite mad.  There’s an impulse, an instinct, a deep wish inside you that requests, no, begs for life to bring you surprises and novelty yet at the same time, you enjoy your life to be organised to a tee and you do not wish to be led blindly.

Currently, you’re not looking inside to drive your life in any direction.  You’re just waiting patiently as well as not so patiently to see where you’re headed even though you don’t like the present state of being.  Whatever comes your way, you’re not really scared – mostly annoyed – as you know you won’t be defeated in any way.  Besides, defeat isn’t a word you like to use, unless you make it appear in one of your novels.  You’re currently not being as constructive and decisive as you could be and you’re trying to ride the wave until you can get your acts together again.

You come from a place of little consideration as far as your presence was concerned.  Fortunately, ideas and perspective are what was instilled within you.  You are also born ‘on top of the hill’ for a better view and broad vision.  It seems that when you came into this world, you were given three gifts that grew along with you: these were the gifts of passion, understanding and transformation, the ability to transform using your hands to let the previous two generate and regenerate through your craft.  Also, you were taught never to hesitate for too long and never to let profits linger without purpose.  Especially, you quickly learned to use finance and education to help and inspire those who have less because you know all too well what having next to nothing means.

Right now, and because you’re not feeling exactly at your best, as if you can’t feel what you’re supposed to feel and being unsure where to be headed, you’d be best to attend family and friends’ gatherings as this would bring back some well needed enjoyment and fun.  There are many invitations in your letter box, chose carefully who you wish to see and have a good time, Ms Rendell-Wexford.

Me advice, Baroness, is to simply stop thinking for a while and take life as it comes.  Stop those nasty thoughts take your spirit away at times and stop dubious people around you steal from you.  What I mean here is to not let petty people steal your ability to enjoy yourself.  Don’t let any influence around you be overbearing and chose your company carefully, as I said earlier.  There are good times to be had so take them as they come until such time as you know better what you wanna do.

As to your next project, I believe you’re going to oversee an old novel of yours being filmed as a major block buster.  It isn’t exactly for now, but when it happens, you’ll feel on top of the moon again as you’ll have find your mojo to lead your blessed life where it’s supposed to go, which is, much like for most of us, forward.  This project will speak of someone being stuck in a miserable of a life, without any means to improve it and who therefore hides his/her resentment (it may be a couple), enjoying the darkest of thoughts and bringing them to life.  This would be about kidnapping people, young people, and raising them in the basement of their house, as prisoners.  One of them would develop some psychic skill that would same him/her in the long run.  I’d be pleased if you’d let me know when this takes place so I can be on the look out of that movie being released, even if in a few years.

It’s been good doing your reading, Mrs Rendell, hope you enjoyed it.