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Good Day, Folks!

It is with immense pleasure that today, I’ll be reading for just another customary absent guest (I promise, one day, one of them will turn up): Mr. Robert Smith.  Yeah.  I don’t want to hear that word, got it?  No one is to ask ‘Who?’, even if the name is one of the most God damned unwittingly common name one could ever get.  For Heaven’s sake, Mr. Smith, why not use a pseudo for the pleasure of your fans?  Oh, I see.  You are who you are, duh.  I get it, one of the most original contemporary musician and singer of all times, all wrapped into one; one with the most moderate, unwittingly bland name that one could ever get on planet England.  Just imagine Robby-Rob, you as ‘50 Quid’, ‘Frankenweenie’s Cat’ or ‘Thomas-da-Tube-Onair’.  It would have been O so funny, it would have been O so delightful.  But instead… O well..  It’s some time back now but next time you wish for a good name, give us a ring, right?

Also, I reckon that within your birth date, 21 April 1959, there lies more than just a Taurean and Blackpool birth; after all, there is a sign that airy planets combined with very watering ones, giving us your unique combination of cells and out-of-this-world greatness (I didn’t say that, I merely wrote it).

Mr. Smith, look, there’s only so much missing the past fondly that you can do.  It’s not all hard work even if it’s beginning to feel like it.  The heart of the matter here is very simple: do what tempts you greatly but that you haven’t quite dared, up until now, to admit to wanting to do.  It seems everything is about finance around you and that this really, really dispirits you.  And that’s my point: get your spirits up again, do and create your music as you feel it, again, for the sake of fun if it must be, for free, for school kids who don’t think that they can even differentiate between the sound of a guitar poorly tuned and one at its best.  Whatever it is you’ve presently got at the forefront of your mind that bugs you.  No more procrastinating.  Turn around and do what you feel like doing.  Keep your independence.  It is essential that you stop looking at the past, or if you must look at it, then only do so to bring the inspiration you’re currently looking for, it’s on your doorstep.

Robby, Mate, look, I haven’t seen such strong combination of cards coming up.  The Fool and Strength, both upright.  What can I say?  Be a fool, step out of your inner comfort zone and into your outer zone (I mean, have you ever been one to have a comfort zone?) and do that thing: freedom, spirituality and creativity all present together at the very same time.  Actually, just as pleasant and enjoyable it is to have cards like these, it’s kind of boring… just enjoy life as it comes Rob, infinite creativity is on your cards.

So let us move on to what you might be afraid of, what might bug you, one way or another…: what?  No, impossible.  No woman would scare you like that.  You, losing your means in front of one’o’dem-chick?  You must be joking.  She’s just a she, a regular she-devil, even if a nice one.  What d’you see in her that I can’t see?  Ok.  It’s your business but then the cards want to display this present eccentricity of yours.  Get a grip and look at her for what she is, really: another lovelorn heart that hides itself behind many a trick and artifice meant to deceive you and attract you in its den… yeah, a lovely den.  Go for it but cut the creepy-crawly crap and be yourself.

Now, on another subject, it seems that your wishes and hopes aren’t quite as healthy as they should be as far as your choice of friends is concerned.  You love to surround yourself with people who end up more boisterous than you thought they’d be and you never know exactly how to tell them that, look, it’s way past your bedtime and tomorrow is another creative day for you.  Actually, Mr. Wordy-Smith, I even get this feeling that there are times when you just love seeing battles of all sorts around you, no sorry, tis more like you attract them and that you wish your karma or whatever it is that creates that sort of environment (I’ll get Rosie to work on your particles, to improve them, she’s good at that and she believes in it) would simply stop.

Currently, it is quite clear that you ought to do everything you do with your thinking cap on, not that you wouldn’t, but the spread of the cards around you point to you being spontaneous, spirited, creative and you ought not to forget about thinking through and approaching any new enterprise in a coldly intellectual and business-like manner so as to avoid any surprises.  If this isn’t you, then it may be a trusted advisor or business person around you who is being very business-like in his approach.  Just be careful not to annoy that person and make sure this man’s on your side.

Your early past was that of a typical English teenager, even though you came from Blackpool.  Ha!  Of course there’s nothing wrong with Blackpool.  Just felt like tickling your toe and see you sneeze.  And boy you did, ha! ha!  Ok.  Seriously, now, seriously.  Right, you had a past under the Sun and were able to create your own cavern of a thousand wonders.  Now isn’t far from before.  Count your blessings.  Keep going and shut up!

There is an amazing feeling that what you have at your disposal now is the right combination of elements and events that have gathered into your life for you to play with to enable you to use your inherent smart ass-of-a-mind.  So that’s you I saw earlier, the King with his sword and wits about him, ain’t it, Sir Rob-of-all-tricks?  It seems that there’s plenty an opportunity for you to be generous and help those around you that you wish to help without it being obvious.  C’mon, it’s not that difficult; use your grey and gooey brainy bits, by Jove!

And what better way to achieve your goal than to pretend you’re hurt to your very chore? That way, all those that you wish not to point their finger at you turn around and think someone else must have done it?  Ha! ha! ha!… you don’t fool me Rob, well done.  Besides, you’re a brave and valiant knight – in spite of your misleading make-up ‘a-la-Tim-Burton’ – and we all know that there’s nothing that entices your spirit into action more than to come to the rescue of anyone close to you who may be hurt, one way or another.  You’re a very generous soul.  Only those close to you know it, or used to because now everyone knows.  I told them.

Fuck, Robby!  Fuck!  I’m lost for words.  Two more, very, very, – this is truly a forsakenly good sucker draw of cards, a fucking good one; pardon me me language for today, (besides Rosie’s sound asleep full of psychic-dreamO tablets), so I can do whatEVER I want.  What was I sayin’?  Yeah, two more excellently and fantastically good cards, Mate, coming on your next endeavours, on your plans, on your future, on your outcome, on your Cinderella dreams, bang-on-dem!  O that is good stuff!  You want some details, don’t tcha?  Well, if it’s a new record, it’s gonna be out there on the charts sooner than you can finish reading past these last few words.  A stunner!  And if it isn’t, then it’s your intended secret-venture-of-the-moment that is to come out as successful as ever.  Which is it gonna be?  Yeah, I know I’m da damned a psychic who can’t make up his mind as to which it might be.  It happens.  Stuff it for today!  Love me or leave me.  That’s you told.

Sorry, Rob, you’re hell of a genius and you’re very lucky at the moment so do what you must do and remember to send me a couple of tickets, or more.  P-L-EASE?

Hope you enjoyed this reading, Robby-Mate.