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Good Day, Folks!

What daya know?  Today is another blow from the past another potential come-back-to-be-had.  I shall be reading for the most outrageously original singer of the 70s to come out of King Arthur’s abode: Kate Bush, born on 30 July 1958, a Leo, with its mane of a thousand sparkles, its roaring in-tune singing and it’s ethereal sense of purpose.  Yeah, a Leo, that’s right.  Are you even listening?

You’re born under a huge star and if I’m not mistaken, you might have been born in a barn, had it been a 25 December, 2013 years ago.  But that would be lacking in precision.  Your star shone, is shining and will shine for as long as you shall live.  Sorry, I’d like to cut the crap from this reading but the first card drawn is the Star, so let’s just say that your musical abilities, be it the creation of songs, music and singing are here to last forever.  They are accompanied with a wonderful energy and intuitive gift.  You may be experiencing small setback at work but your independence and spirit can keep everything balanced around you.  Don’t let yourself drawn into unnecessary battles and demeaning self-beliefs.

Now, if I’m not mistaken, you’re about to sign a huge new contract to re-launch your old songs into the stratosphere and to come back with new videos of the old songs together with a whole new set of fantastic songs sung in the company of other singers.  This is filling you up with awe and wonder (and me too) because it’s been worked at for a while now, it’s been kept secret and you’re o so excited and hopeful to see if the public’s reaction is gonna be what it should be.  It’s highly likely that you’ll be renewing your vows with your current partner, that and/or you will go on a long awaited second honey moon.

Your relationship is central to your well-being and to your creativity.  Without it, you’d feel lost in this big wide and wild world.

Currently, it appears that you’re no longer looking within because you’ve done enough of that and you wish to shed light on those who have less than you have.  Those who’ve never had and destitute kings are your target: you wish to give generously to them and to re-ignite their inexistent or lost passions by granting them new opportunities.

You are worried about lacking energy at the same time as you are worried your inherent creativity and will to create might just dwindle, fade and that you might wither without having created something great one more time, that one more time.  Sometimes having great energy brings on unwelcome impulses or ways of being which you need no longer abide by, possibly because it’s hurt you in the past.  This looks like something you can do without and quite possibly, Ms Katey, Ma’am, you might do well talking to someone over this issue.

Look, I’m having trouble understanding why you are so anxious and I sense that this could also be about someone who is unwell around you, someone who has lost their will to live as they used to and who has given up generally, and this, on top of everything else, may be getting you down a little more than it should.

Your anxiety is deep rooted Ms Bush, it comes from a time when there was never much and all was tight… such as watching how much time one spent on the telephone as well as how much heating was used in winter and how much all that would cost.  It comes from times when moving forward and being extraordinary wasn’t so welcome.  It wasn’t punished, it was barely talked about, but you could hear the hidden whispering and the thoughts that weren’t even meant to be thought of.  You could hear them loud and clear but still, you did your own thing and the world will always be grateful to you for that.  Pat yourself in the back now and again; it does one good, even if you don’t think you deserve any of it… You’re mistaken, you do deserve all of this, do acknowledge it Katey, Ma’am.  I do.

Now, even though the world is about to fall at your feet once more, it is recommended that you do not ignore smaller events in your life that bring new openings and opportunities for those other activities of yours that you love to look after.  Your family almost feels like it is complete.  I mean that you are preparing for private celebrations and you wish to ensure no one and nothing is missing or else you feel you won’t be able to enjoy yourself.  Well what then?  Get organised or get those around you help organise everything and all will be well.

Look, you know perfectly well at what stage of your life you find yourself.  You know what you can do and you know what you can’t do.  You know what you can have and you know what you can’t have.  It is time to take stock and realise that your dreams of a Cinderella ever after cannot be had in the same way one gets something out of a fairy tale.  I do love the way you love to day dream and you’re being a mixture of the downright-romantic-like-no-other-can-be-attitude interbred with one of the toughest business woman in the music industry.  I think that you should be quite content with what you’ve achieved and what you’re about to achieve once more.  Not only this, I think that you ought to motivate the younger yous of this world and infuse your drive and beliefs in those who’ve never had a chance to imagine that they could live their dream.  It would do you and them a world of good.

Ma’am, whatever is in the past, even recent past that has hurt you is gone and you’re moving on.  If you’re not yet moving on, then you soon will and this will be through making one of the grandest artistic entrance and come back ever.  Forget about Abba’s come back or that of the Rolling Stones-of-Age or Sir David Bow-Wow.  You do your bit, it’s long overdue and deeply wanted.

So like I was saying, Katey, now is no longer the time to hesitate.  Renew your inside, renew your outside, whatever, do what one must do and come back to us in your shiny armour.  I, we are waiting for ya, big way.  Use your spirit, you know it, get inspired and believe in yourself in the same way as I believe in you.  You’ll see then.

Hope me reading helped.


PS: If you insist, email me and I’ll give you my address for tickets, thanks.