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Good Day, Folks!

So far, I don’t remember reading for a Virgo on this blog, even less so for a funny one, but there you are.  Today, I’m reading cards for Mrs Amy Meredith Poehler, who is born on 16 September 1971.

Well, munchkin, let’s get going, shall we?

First of all, there’s a definite explosion of ideas and activities you’re working on which cause you some dilemma: which to choose from and which to apply to your current working schedule?  Non-stop, huh?  Yep, thought so, you’re a workaholic.  It’s not bad, not at all: it’s just that your work provides you with so much fun it’s like it’s your first and only love and if I put myself into your shoes, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Yeah, babe.  What if your relationship(s) suffer?  Well, I reckon they’d better love you for who you are and what you stand for, right?  Right.  I know I am.  You met Whoopi Goldberg yet?  She’s your only true rival in life: like her, I want to marry you, ‘cause you’re that funny’.

–           FERALBULB!  Did I just hear what—

–           —Rosie… err.  No, I was just saying that—

–           —Get on with the reading or I’ll stop taking my medication, deal?

–           I’ll get on with the reading if you let me, sis.

–           Don’t ever ask any of our potential clients to marry you again or I’ll stop funding your endeavours.  Got that little brother?  And remember to spell check before you post, right?  It’s the F7 key on your keyboard!

–           Yeah, yeah, got that, Sis.  (whispering: grumpy old fart, sis, that’s all you are.  Spell check? Spell check?  What spell check?  Since when do free readings commit to perfection?  If any of you riders (or izit readers?) doesn’t like me speeeel-lleanng, well then, you know where to find the fuckity-fuckitydom world door, dontchya? I don’t mean to offend, just being honest.)

Ok, where was I now?  So sorry Leslie-Amy, Ma’am.  Let’s get back to you.

Amy, ma’am, it seems you may be churning on your memories, souvenirs and memorabilia over past events a little too much and that stepping back into the actual, the present arena to juggle all that you have to juggle is the way to go.  There is also an indication that someone around you (close to you) isn’t acting inspired, and I don’t mean on stage but in your private life.  I say this because it’s affecting your levels of energy as you sense what those around you feel pretty much, really, although you tend to shut this out at the moment ‘cause it may hurt too much.

Look, Leslie, I don’t know about you (or I do but I pretend I don’t) but it looks to me as if you’re not seeing things as they are.  There are great avenues and new possibilities for new ventures in your already jam packed life, if only you would look at them.  These new opportunities are much bigger than you give them credit for, so please, don’t ignore them and stop looking backward for what was and what may have been lost as you still have plenty to rejoice about and much to do.

What can I say?  Sometimes in life, it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.  I mean if bitterness gnaws at us at times because of such and such having caused us undeserved suffering, then tis best to look at it from a detached point of view and not vent our anger onto ourselves (not to mention onto others, but dat’s not like you).  Yes, Ma’am, not on ourselves, I insist.  Your health matters more than you think so confide in someone for relief, don’t let it bottle up inside you.  Besides, being the professional that you are, you don’t want your grief (big or small) to spill onto the work you love doing and that we love watching.  C’mon Les, just for us, what da ya think?

One way to handle your current difficulties/predicaments/issues, (the choice of words is entirely yours), is to 1) step forward even if you feel blind and do what must be done, follow your intuition (or the path of water on the ground which is shown on the card, the 8 of swords, get it?).  2), meditate, rest, meditate, rest, non-stop for now.  Yeah, that’s just it for this paragraph.

Well, Mrs Poehler, it seems that in your past things dragged on a little when you were young and you put on a brave face.  You used your inherent and inherited brain power to overcome the odds and create a kingdom of creativity for yourself and otherss.  You use your brain like no other woman I know except for Whoopi Goldberg.  Yeah, babe.

Now, I know I’m digressing a little here but I must ask:  did you know that one of me sister’s previous husbands’ surname was Spuehler?  Sounds very much like yours, ain’t it?  Is there a spelling mistake in yar name?  Did you use the F7 key like Rosie suggested?  In any case, if it is correct, then your name resembles that of the Swiss business man Rosie married and from whom she got all that she’s got today: zillions of bank accounts all over the place with zillions of bullions in dem (dat’s what she told me anyway).  But dat’s not me point.  Me point is: are you of Swiss origins?  Me sister isn’t always proud of that passport because of the way some of the states treat refugees at times and even though Switzerland takes on more than double the number of refugees than the rest of Europe does.  Rosie and I, we’re actually proud ozzies too but not so proud on the way they treat refugees there either.  Oh well, it’s a no-win, no-win situation anywhere on this planet, ain’t it?  Hey, I promise: I’m not depressed, just stating a fact.  Let me know where you’re from, will ya? PLLL-EASE?

Ma’am, look, you are going somewhere, regardless of whatever is happening in your life at present and even if you feel blind.  If I were you, I would currently try and incorporate the use of my emotional side a little more.  I know how hard that is for you right now.  It’s a matter or reconnecting with your inner self and feeling what’s inside your gut (listen to any signs your body gives you, any cues, may they be a twitch of one eyelash or even a gurgling sound and feel and act from it) as opposed to using your huge brain which, unfortunately at times, isn’t a good indicator of how you’re feeling but acts more like a ruthlessly intelligent war machine that can’t be affected by mortar and nuclear bombs.  In case of doubt, ask your doctor, a counsellor, a psychiatrist or come back to me and we’ll talk about this.

This leads me to conclude, and this has to do with your life outside your craft, Mrs Moehlmy, that your sense of fairness and justice may be thwarted – for now mostly – by your lack of commitment to your instinctual nature and your being a little shut out of usually ‘attuned-to-all-imaginable-signs‘ nature.  It may well be too, that people around you are behaving in a non-sensitive manner and that this is what’s hurting you as well.  I would suggest, Amy, dear, that you take a break, not just if you can, but as a must, to rest, ponder, meditate and dream all that you can dream to get back to your normal self.  A health farm that combines body & soul, that’s what you’re looking for.

Now, as to your next funny and creative endeavour, I feel that you will take that trip Down Under and see what that nation of natural-born larrikins has to offer to your sense of fun and inspiration as well as to your needing a break.  Dey got good wines down there, I know dat for a fact.

Dat’s it for today.  Hope me reading helped, dat you enjoyed it and dat you didn’t faind too many seplling mistakes innit.

Please, Ma’am, do send me tickets when you feel better (a couple will do) for one of your shows.  ZANK YOU!