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Yo, Folks!

Well wadda ya know?  We’ve gotta one twin today and this is the twin to Katy… so I welcome on my real imaginary stage, Miss Duffy, known as Aimée Ann, born out of a new generation of soul British singers we wanna hear a lot-lot-lot more of.  Born on 23 June 1984, we have a water lily, a swimmer, a cancer: deep and meaningful, passionate and gifted, yeah babe.  What a voice… and those God damned unforgettable songs…  Rosie gets jealous… it’s ok, she’s not here… you wanna know what?  Rosie yodels.  You don’t believe me?  Does so, I’m telling you, the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth.  Ok, fine.  I know how to shut up.  On to Duffy-Duck now, then, and that’s you.

Duffy, babe, if I may (the ‘babe’ bit, cause that’s what you are with all the respect it deserves, I mean it as a compliment and you have no choice but to agree with it), you know that you’re good at what you do and that you love it.  You wanna do it forever but it seems you need a break for a little longer than expected although you’ve already started to work on your next project.  It seems someone, some older woman needs to be nurtured, it may be a member of your family, and you’re doing just that.  Still, that person, and I believe it may be your Mum, and if it isn’t her, then a mother figure, wants you to stop caring for her and move on to do your own things as she can’t keep you at her side and it’s not healthy for you either.  She’s still here for a while, she’s not gonna go anywhere, no, no, so Duffy, Sweetie, go for your stuff and bugger those unnecessary hesitations.

You’re looking at what you’ve already achieved to get the inspiration going again and that’s a smart move.  There are artists out there wanting to join you on concerts and shows and they have many an interesting idea to suggest to you.  This will inspire you so go for it.  What about the paper work?  C’mon Duffy-Miss, you’re not new at it.  Delegate, as per usual and if you can’t, then find a new manager, even if a temporary one.  Gwyneth might have someone to suggest to you, or her husband, or Bruce Willis, or Homer Simpson.  Sorry, what was I sayin’?

Dearest, sweetest lady… so the trappings of fame and fortune are already getting at you and making you far too unnecessarily anxious.  I know.  I see.  You’re a true blue BIG hearted and generous young woman and you wonder how the show can go on when it’s all ‘bout technicians, the right tune and the right dress?  Besides, when everyone goes home after a video shoot, there’s no one to hold your hand and ask you how you are and mean it at the same time?  That’s a bit harsh… there are people who mean it if you care to believe it and look inside their soul like only you know how to?  Yeah babe.  I understand… I mean it: I understand.  And yes I respect your wish.  We all do.  You’re a lady of many gifts so let me tell you one thing: use all of them…  yes, all of them.  And if and when you get tired of displaying so many gifts, take a holiday, take a break, have a coffee and don’t forget to breath.  Then you start all over again.  See? It’s just a matter of taking a deep breath.

Now, I sense that you wanna give it all up at the moment because there’s this powerful and creative man in front of you… He means well even if you feel that he’s blocking your path.  He’s very creative and imaginative and if only you’d listen to him you might find he has much to offer to you in terms of art and new ideas.  You’d do well in not ignoring him… Yeah, I know, you’re gonna do your own thing anyway and that’s ok too.

Basically, if I get you clearly, I understand that you’re gonna create your own opportunities because you don’t wanna be led blindly by a host of hot shot people who think of themselves as hot shot and trendy.  You create your own trend, your own fashion and you’ll stand by your belief that your songs and music are yours to create your own way and you don’t need anyone to take you on a ride.  Well you’ve got that going for you: independence and personality, I must say.  Hat down to you, Miss.

Hey, Duffy, listen to me.  You know, just because you get hurt once or twice don’t mean you should close your heart in order not to ever cry again.  Yeah, I know, I do understand ‘hurt’, but listen, I’m trying to tell you something: never, ever close your heart, especially not yours.  You see, your heart being bigger than most feels more pain than most.  And with such a heart, it is essential never to wrap it in a chastity belt (it would be the wrong place anyway, don’t you think?) and besides, belts and armour of all kinds have been out of fashion for a little while now.  And if you consider it, protection around anyone’s heart hurts more than it first appears, especially in the long term.  So if anyone has made you suffer, send them to me and I’ll teach them a lesson or two… I’ve been known to turn people’s faces into neat and sophisticated mash.  Anyway, you got the message, right?

What is lovely and gorgeous about you is how early you realised that you had a gift and worked at it.  Often, it was to make up for times you couldn’t travel as much as you wished.  You wanted the world to open to you very quickly but it wouldn’t, so you worked and worked until it happened and the world opened its doors to you and you’ve never looked back until now… already…  Let’s get into it, the advice I mean: Duffy-Darling, get a lady yoga teacher or spiritual guru of some kind to teach you the benefits of deep meditation to get you to get in touch with how you wanna feel again.  ‘Cause you will feel again the way you wanna feel…  don’t hesitate to get a little help.  It’ll go a long way in sorting all those thoughts in the right order and get your feelings to master your thoughts.

You know what?  You’ve got your clear thinking as a real advantage at the moment.  You don’t wanna feel?  Fine.  Pure thoughts.  Not always advisable but handy to use in circumstances as these.  Watching your thoughts go by and not doing anything about them, just thinking your thoughts and analysing them.  Deciding if they are useful or not.  Deciding if they are hurtful or not.  Hey, Miss, could they be fun too?  Remember fun?  Good.  So act on it, will ya?  PL-EASE?

Well, to the exception of meself, Duffy, I suggest you don’t bother listening to the older guys, say managers, in your life and rely more on information and advice from the younger groups of people who surround you.  Younger mean less pompous, les stuck in their way and more open to new ideas.  I know, not all are like that, mix with the young, say up to 40 yo maximum and listen to them for new suggestions.  This should get you going.

It looks like you might – finally – listen to someone and do what must be done: be crazy and listen to your heart.  Be impulsive as soon as you can and step into the unknown because only good things can happen:  you need to travel and see the world (I give you six months to do just that).  You need to sing to the world too and you can do all of those things.  Get your confidence going again and let your heart be open to new ideas, it that makes any sense.

… and do I dare say it?  Na.  Not this time.  It’s ok.  Enjoy yourself Duffy!