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Good Day, Folks!

Today, we’re reading for Mr. Stevie King Wonder.  Nah.  Something’s loose and it’s not ‘that’ loose screw in me head or that miniature wallaby punching me brain cells.  Hey you!  Are ya listening?  Good.  Cause all I got wrong is the order in that name, so sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry: it’s Stephen Edwin King, the boy Wonder of fantasy, horror, science fiction, you name it.  Mr. King-Man was born on 21 September 1947, a Virgo whose writing under that sign is typified in his novels by their numerous and scrupulous details although everything else is impregnated by airy Libra, Pisces and a dark moon in Bram Stoker (go figure).

Right, now, on to our sheep, Sir.

Stephen, mate, I understand that the heart is all that matters to you at this stage of your life.  Living and loving your family and friends is what is of the upmost important.  The thing is, and in spite of you not feelings that you can write as well as you used to and not in such a prolific manner either, there are still stories brewing within you and you can’t help it.  It’s not easy.  There is a discrepancy between what you think and what you think you should think.  You made a promise to yourself, one that most know about, but in doing that, you shut yourself out of your own world.  There are still things you would like to say, stories you would like to tell.  And yes, it would take you longer to put them out there.  So what?  Let me reiterate: so what?  Let that single thought come out to the surface, like a bubble bringing you the oxygen you need.  Bring it out and tell the light of your life about it and listen to her.  She will help you by re-enabling and re-creating the circumstances and surroundings you need for you to write again.  Once a writer, always a writer.  Not true?  You can’t help it, so face it and start working at your own pace but do me a favour and pick up that fountain pen from wherever it is resting and enjoy its smoothness once more.

At the centre of this reading, Stephen-phen-pen is your creativity, still coming out in force, and in drones (really?), and in waves and it is only a matter of time before you realise that you can’t let your need to express what you imagine linger and lie unattended right there before you.  What a waste!

Your fears are creating great conflict within you: on the one hand, the inspiration and the wanting are there for you to show the world, once again, relentlessly and pushing you towards writing again and it is clear that regardless of any health predicaments you may need to attend to, your brain is still functioning rather well, and by rather, I do mean blastingly and excellently well.  The conflict comes from nightmares and you’re overanalysing your own behaviour.  You say one thing and you stick to it.  No compromise, no grey area.  Such is your integrity and honesty towards yourself and others.  It creates anxiety, however, great anxiety.  You’re a perfectionist.  You need an outlet.  You need to forgive yourself and ask others to understand and forgive too.  How come you didn’t see it coming before?  You’re human, remember?  Don’t judge yourself harshly and create a space of understanding within you to enable you to move forward and accept your ‘failings’ (or what you believe them to be) and rename them as ideas from the past you’ve moved on from.  Right, Mate?

Stephen, c’mon.  Reconnect with yourself.  Fill the Holy Grail and it’ll fill you again.  Let yourself have peace, bring it back in and it’ll all come back to you once more, the inspiration, the need for magic, fantasy, horror and science to mingle and jolt you out of your comfy lily pad (sorry, I sometime thinks you look like a frog).

Let me tell you outright: no, you haven’t exhausted all the creepy crawly and bizarre stories science and horror have to offer.  You’d be advised to let go of past unhappy experiences, to stop the debates in your head and listen to how you feel.  That simple?  Yeah, that simple.

In your past, Sir King-O-Fright, there is a reversed wheel, as if, being the main protagonist of your own long life story, you came to live tough predicaments again and again.  Those obstacles and troubled invisible beasties that can’t help appearing here and there in your life are actually the lot of the rest of us on planet earth so take heart: you’re not on your own with your share of troubles and we all think of you and how hard it’s been and can still be.  But for now, listen to that young man still within you: he has much to inspire you with and he’s desperate to bring his songs out in the open once more.

Look, there’s no stopping your inspiration and imagination (I know, I keep repeating myself a bit at the worst of times).  And no, it’s not customary for me to be that optimistic so listen, you, amateurish tarot card reader: on your resources, I drew the Moon and the Star (both upright) and rather than telling you what these mean, I’d rather let you imagine it – now don’t think about those cards but let them HAPPEN to you, right?  And now, all you have to do, if you can’t find the fountain pen I mentioned earlier, is to get to your local Mart in Maine and buy one.

You need to let your inspiration shine again Mr. King, there’s no escaping it.  It’s in your bones, (aside your large nano-typographical-brain).  It’s so clear and so evident that I can’t help wondering what you’re waiting for.  Do trust your friends and family to give you the support you need even if that means admitting you’re coming back on your words of yonder years.  It doesn’t matter, stop beating yourself up for it!

As to your next book and movie (‘cause, yes that’s what’s gonna happen), I sense that you’re going to write about the last battle the world’s gonna fight until only a few people are left on the planet where everything starts from the beginning again, and where the main difference between then and now is that people have a memory of technology and although they have no means of recreating it again (yes, everything has been destroyed), they decide to use their awareness of the latest brain research they know of to change the way they communicate between themselves, using telepathy, teleporting through brain wave and much, much more.

I look forward very much to reading your next book, regardless of the time you’ll need to write it.  Let me know when it’s finished, that’s all I ask from you, so that I can order it and, failing my being able to order it, that I ask you to send a copy over here, PL-Ease, Mr. King.

Hope you enjoyed this reading.