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Good Day, Folks!

How’s September going?  Thank you, very well for us here.  Rosie is with me with a bad cold (she can’t utter a single word).  Thank you God for her virus infected vocal chords; it is more than generous and much more than expected.  Besides, can’t have a feminist try and infuse more feminist in another woman.

Today, it’s the word wielding magician master and crafter, the grand Margaret Atwood, born on 18 November 1939 – a Scorpio – that I will be drawing cards for.

Ms Atwood, from the three cards drawn, the World, the Empress and the Hanged Man, I deduct and conclude that you are most probably travelling the world and having your usual great fun attending conferences about word surgery and about the devising and creation of the latest new dictionary: a dictionary which you are compiling with a few friends and that would comprise and include all such new words as ‘squidtalk’ (where squids converse in outer space in a specific manner), and ‘squoodtick’, not to mention ‘squishysquidsquid’ (meanings of which will be found in the referred to new dictionary and for which I had a peek at thanks to my divine and awesome psychic skills) created in books of fiction.

On another note, things aren’t always as happy as they could be and there are times where all appears a little stuck.  However, you are one hell of a she-strong-headed-woman and you know that hollow waves are part of life.  Besides, you don’t mind because there’s always good stuff for you to attend to and your spirited approach to all that touches you is one I need a recipe for, please.

Let us begin now with what is currently at stake in your life as I can see nothing major.  Fuck!  What is there I can say?  Ok, there’s a strong sense of your awareness being such that there are no obstacles and difficulties you can’t overcome, at least mentally, and your strength and ability to float in outer space without the need to meditate is nothing short of outstanding, at least for me.  I guess I should name it the Atwood’s-state-of-continuous-levitation.  You’re enlightened and there’s much you can do to teach others and bring optimism and/or renewed optimism to all who listen to you.  You’re idealistic and your sense of wonder and approach to life is fresh, always fed by new ideas and enriching.

Hmm.  Err.  There’s much ‘love’ around you and it seems it is a source of something you fear.  Strange that.  Is it ‘luv? Or loooove? Or lovey-dove-dove?’  Dunno, something of the sort.  So many emotions exhaust you at times and you need to rest.  The appearance of the chalice in the midst of unexpected quiet waters is always a surprise.  It’s needed: renewed love that will give you a sense of peace, calm and longing like never before.  There’s a calling here.  I dunno what it is exactly but let me know when you come to it.

Now, Ms Atwood-of-da-woods, your hopes are raised and a new opportunity to be completely and utterly spontaneous is on your door step.  A sense of adventure is there for you to grab and have a lot of fun with and I sense that you will throw caution to the wind for that one, just for the sake of living and re-living and living again what it is you haven’t had in a long time.  You have great energy when it comes to your craft and representing it and if the opportunity you have in mind hasn’t occurred yet, then rest assured it is about to.

Ms Margaret, Ma’am, there are moments of boredom currently creeping in your life but this is soon about to end as you’re shining and sparkling-of-all-things-nice is about to be granted to you in a big way with the opportunity I mentioned earlier.  You won’t have much time to be home but you’ll be happy.

Now, on another note, Ms Atwood, I find it very interesting that in spite of your being organised and handling your craft and all that you do around it in a very detailed and planned manner, it feels so much as if, for a long time, you were frightened to be carried by life aimlessly.  Yet, at the same time, you knew exactly where you were going and which path to follow simply by concentrating on your subconscious and sheer instincts and intuition.  Competition has never been an issue for you and the way you express yourself through your writing has always been very much your own.  You found your voice early.

Currently, and in spite of the stuck feeling you might be subjected to here and there, it is good for you not to take a further step forward and let what comes to you happen (the opportunity earlier) as it is here or almost and I’d really, really like to be able to see exactly what this is about (yeah right, folks, nobody’s perfect, stop pointing your icky fingers at me and try being a perfect psychic yourselves, see what you come up with).  Success is here with the Chariot and it may be that one of your latest drafts submitted recently and which you didn’t hold much hope for will be published, one of your ‘dearest babies’, is gonna come through just fine.

So, as we near the end of this reading, Ma’am, me advice is to put your thinking cap on here and not let your intuition cloud your judgement to conclude the latest deal.  Trust your knowledge, even if it goes against the flow and even if it is against what I usually recommend, i.e. trusting your instincts.  Unless… unless of course I should read this king of swords and high priestess reversed as a recommendation for you to combine your intuition a little more with your thinking to help the flow of everything but this isn’t how I sensed it… you never know.  You make sense of it, Ma’am, I need a Gigantic, awesomely powerful coffee.

Finally, Ms Atwood, in regards to your next endeavour, I feel that this is going to be some play about a person who has so many choices in life that he or she no longer exactly knows on one planet he or she should live and we’re talking about ‘planet’ in it’s all encompassing meaning, be it the planet in one’s mind or, the one out there, a dystopian world of some kind.

Don’t hesitate to ask for me address if you wish to send me a book.

Hope you found some head and tail in this reading.